[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Elixirs (Ranked)

Link's arm is apparently exploding from Zonai power
"Oh dear god no! This must be why Zelda said only one elixir at a time!!!"

Good (insert time of day) everyone! I’d like to take a minute to talk about one of the more indispensable tools in the *massively expanded Hyrule that is Tears of the Kingdom; elixirs! While there are far more than 10, this *is the internet, so a top 10 list is what people want. We have a couple of new additions, but most have been carried over from Breath of the Wild. I’m going to teach you what they do, how to make them, and a few other tips and tricks you likely won’t find anywhere else. Are we ready?

Let’s jump in...

10. Sneaky Elixir

The Sneaky Elixir does exactly as its name suggests and temporarily increases Link’s stealth to the maximum level. The length of the effect varies depending on the strength of the ingredients you use.

I’ve given this one the number 10 slot for a couple of reasons. While it *can be extremely useful, there are obviously 9 elixirs that I find even more so. The big reason is that there is a very affordable clothing set (two actually) that makes it completely obsolete.

The best times to use a sneaky elixir are when trying to catch wild horses or fairies, or when trying to sneak up on enemies such as sleeping monsters. Sometimes, if you’re both lucky and clever, they can be used to avoid Lynels as well. 


  • Reduces noise by as much as a full stealth armor set
  • Easy to craft
  • Parts are relatively easy to come by

Stats: (N/A) 

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Sunset Fireflies
  • Any Monster Parts


9. Hasty Elixir

Hasty Elixir is often overlooked due to the sheer size of the map, but it can be incredibly useful. As you might guess from its name, the elixir grants a temporary haste effect, increasing Link’s movement speed.

As I said, I feel this particular elixir is overlooked due mostly to the staggering size of the TOTK map. Granted, a temporary boost in movement speed is all but useless when considering traveling a great distance, that doesn’t mean it’s completely without purpose. 

The best time to use this elixir is without question when swimming or climbing. It doesn’t change the decay speed of the stamina wheel, so you can get more out of one wheel than at normal speed. This can be a massive help in long climbs or swims, as it shortens the time required to move a set distance (like the Climber’s and Zora armor sets).


  • Increased movement speed
  • Decreased cost of stamina spent 
  • Relatively easy to come by ingredients

Stats: (N/A)

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Hightail Lizard and/ or Hot-Footed Frog 
  • Any Monster Parts


8. Bright Elixir

Now for the first brand new elixir on our list, the Bright Elixir. You won’t find this elixir of much use anywhere but the Depths of Hyrule (and select few shrines). But in the Depths, it is second only to good weapons in terms of usefulness.

The Bright Elixir grants Link a glow effect that illuminates his surroundings. It will save you time, mobility, and hundreds of Brightbloom Seeds. As an alternative to traditional illumination methods-especially torches-it really can’t be beaten.

As I mentioned, the best place by far to use a Bright Elixir is in the newly added Depths of Hyrule. It will give you upwards of nine minutes of illumination, leaving Link’s hands free for attack, defense, and paragliding.


  • Hands free illumination
  • Over nine minutes effect time
  • Very easy to farm ingredients

Stats: (N/A)

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Deep Fireflies
  • Any Monster Parts


7. Sticky Elixir

Another newcomer to Hyrule in TOTK, the Sticky Elixir aids one of the more frustrating problems in the history of the Breath of the Wild franchise: climbing in the rain! As there was no workaround for this in BOTW (apart from simply waiting out the rain) we all warmly welcome the introduction of this elixir.

I almost literally jumped for joy when I first stumbled across a Sticky Elixir (or rather the ingredients for it). While there is still some slipping, the elixir greatly reduces it. Which can save you literal hours in some climbing scenarios.

The best time and place for the Sticky Elixir is obviously when climbing in rainy areas of the map. However, there is another fantastic use for this elixir that you may not think of at first: climbing ice walls! That’s right, for the first time ever we now have a way to scale those shiny blue horrors.


  • Climbing wet surfaces
  • Climbing icy surfaces
  • Ready to use in case of spontaneous rain
  • Effect lasts up to 11 minutes (excluding Dragon Parts)

Stats: (N/A)

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Sticky Frog and/ or Sticky Lizard
  • Any Monster Parts


6. Electro Elixir

On top of base damage, electric attacks have the added disadvantage of causing Link to drop his sword/ shield/ bow if they’re not all wooden. The Electro Elixir grants temporary shock resistance of varying lengths of time (depending on their strength). By the way, did you know that adding a Dragon Part to any elixir will lengthen its effects to 30 minutes??

This elixir is a personal favorite of mine. As a Zelda fan dating back to the ‘90s, I ALWAYS carry the Hylian shield in both BOTW and TOTK. Electro Elixirs negate the problem of constantly, repeatedly needing to pick it up during fights in areas containing a lot of electrical attack based enemies.

The best time to use these elixirs is when traveling through areas which contain more than a couple enemies with electricity based attacks. Additionally, I find they’re good to have on hand when traversing areas full of shallow water (ie Rabella Wetlands). Electric arrows can be a nasty surprise in places like this.


  • Full electricity resistance
  • Easy to remember recipe
  • Can be found in some shrines

Stats: (N/A)

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Thunderwing Butterfly and/ or Electric Darner
  • Any Monster Parts


5. Fireproof Elixir

Here’s one that’s absolutely essential. We all know there is one particular area of Hyrule that is constantly, fatally (unless you happen to be a Goron) hot: Death Mountain. Until you find and purchase the Flamebreaker armor set, a Fireproof Elixir is the only way to explore most of the Eldin region that hasn’t been covered over in the Upheaval.

The Fireproof Elixir grants Link a temporary Flame Guard buff. This prevents Link *not any wooden weapons/ shields/ bows he may be carrying* from catching fire when the ambient temperature rises above the ignition point. This is the only buff in the game which cannot be achieved through cooking meals!

I personally would not recommend exploring the Eldin Region at all without having at least one Fireproof Elixir on hand, but it can be done with relative ease. Goron City has been temporarily covered over with some kind of concrete-looking stuff that has cooled the area to a point any Hylian can walk in and out as they please. That being said, it is *absolutely essential in getting to the Death Mountain Crater and related boss fight.


  • Protection against the extreme temperatures of the Eldin Region
  • Only cooking method of achieving the Flame Guard buff
  • FAR cheaper than the Flamebreaker Armor set
  • Effective for up to 30 minutes .

Stats: (N/A)

  • How to brew (at any cooking pot):
  • 1-4 Fireproof Lizard and/ or Smotherwing Butterfly
  • Any Monster Parts


4. Energizing Elixir

Now that we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, I’m going to share a trade secret with you. Did you know that you can add food to an elixir to add heart recovery to its effects? While you can use anything, food of the same effect type boosts the power of the elixir (for example Stamella Shrooms added to an Energizing Elixir brew).

Which brings me to what is hands down one of the most useful elixirs in the world of Hyrule: the Energizing Elixir! Whether you’re climbing to the top of Mt. Lanayru, or trying to set a new paragliding distance record, an Energizing Elixir is irreplaceable for restoring stamina. 

The best time to use an Energizing Elixir is any time you’re concerned you might run out of stamina. They’re especially useful when swimming, since Link will drown if he runs out of stamina mid-swim. Another handy use most people don’t think of is when battling monsters. If you run out your stamina mid fight, you can’t use charged attacks, bullet time, or run.


  • Instant stamina recovery at any time
  • Can save you from drowning and/ or falling fatal distances
  • Ingredients can be found all over Hyrule

Stats: Replenishes up to one full stamina wheel at a time

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Restless Cricket and/ or Energizing Rhino Beetle
  • Any Monster Parts


3. Mighty Elixir

As you can likely guess from its name, this elixir increases Link’s strength. Specifically his attack strength. This one is very useful for those battles you don’t realize you’re not quite prepared for yet until they’re already under way.

The Mighty Elixir grants Link a Might Effect which directly affects Link’s base attack power (and thereby that of whatever weapon he’s wielding). Speaking of ingredients, here’s another tip: the strength of an elixir is based on the number of critters it contains, and the strength of the monster part(s) used.  

This elixir was MADE for Lynels. It’s extremely well suited for situations where you’re outmatched. Other good examples are boss fights, and those times when you stumble upon a new tier of enemy while exploring.


  • Increases attack power
  • Weapons last longer (decay rate stays the same)
  • Can mean the difference between beating an enemy and..well, dying

Stats: (N/A)

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Bladed Rhino Beetle
  • Any Monster Parts


2. Tough Elixir

A Tough Elixir is another that can mean the difference between life and death. It grants Link a temporary defense buff, which can be a boon at any time. Whether fighting a Bokoblin or the Demon King himself.

I found this one useful from the start. And by that I mean the start of Breath of the Wild, back in 2017. A boost of your base defense stats is fantastic, then add the stats from whatever armor you have equipped on top!

The best time to use Tough Elixirs is when facing enemies with higher attack output than you’re prepared for defensively. Good examples are meeting black and silver tier enemies early on in the game, Lynels, and the horror that is Gloom Hands *shudders*.


  • Boosted defense stats
  • Armor buff = added defense
  • Can change the likelihood of defeating an enemy from impossible to probable

Stats: (N/A)

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Rugged Rhino Beetle
  • Any Monster Parts


1. Enduring Elixir

And here it is, at number one (for good reason), the Enduring Elixir! This elixir refills your stamina just like the energizing elixir, but it also temporarily grants Link an extra stamina wheel with a varying amount of reserve stamina (based on its strength) AND, restores hearts!!!

This is-in my opinion-hands down, the most useful elixir spanning both Breath of the Wild AND Tears of the Kingdom. It manages on its own to do the job of three elixirs at once. The addition of heart recovery is what really sells me on it.

The best time to use this elixir? Any time! Running, jumping, climbing, swimming, fighting, gliding, even at a complete standstill, this elixir can be a HUGE benefit! And here’s one last tip (that applies to other elixirs as well): adding food to this elixir’s brew increases its existing heart recovery effect! 


  • Stamina recovery
  • Added bonus stamina
  • Heart recovery 


  • Up to two full extra stamina wheels
  • Up to 15 hearts recovered

How to brew (at any cooking pot):

  • 1-4 Tireless Frog 
  • Any Monster Parts 

***12 heart recovery recipe: 1 Tireless Frog, 2 Endura Carrot, 2 Moblin Guts***


And that's a wrap everyone, thanks for playing along! :)



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