[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Places To Hunt

Link regrets hunting bee hives.

[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Places To Hunt


What is Hunting and what should you Hunt for?

Link's famished, and Popeye's doesn't exist in Hyrule. He has to use his bow and arrow to hunt meat running away from him, and he doesn’t like it.

Help him hunt for the good stuff, such as squirrels, deer, buffalo, moose, foxes, wolves, coyotes, bears, and birds. Each region in Hyrule has its own variations.


What are the best places to Hunt in the game?

The best places to hunt in the game are sky islands, forests, woods, grasslands, plains, lakes, rivers, plateaus, valleys, mountains, snowfields, tundras, beaches, and wetlands.


10. Great Sky Island


Great Sky Island is one of the most reliable hunting places because the Forest Ostrich is a common animal that is easy to hunt.


Great Sky Island has many animals to hunt for. Its birds and Forest Ostriches like to spread out inland around trees, plains, or near water. On the west lake of Great Sky Island, you can find rare Blue-Winged Herons. In the center of Great Sky Island, you can find Forest Ostriches in bulk.


Why Great Sky Island is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • Great Sky Island is vast and offers more space for hunting. It’s gorgeous during the daytime as the yellow trees and grass blend in with the sun, making hunting easier. 


  • It has lots of Forest Ostriches! Forest Ostriches are a source of raw meat, recovering 1 heart. The best and most reliable way to hunt them is in the center of Great Sky Island or near the West River.


  • Common birds you can hunt here are Cloud Seagulls and Accented Pigeons. Both are a source of raw bird drumsticks recovering 1 heart. 


  • Rare birds you can hunt are near the west or south side. On the west lake, you can find two Blue-Winged Herons, which are a source of raw bird drumsticks. Between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m., you find golden sparrows resting on trees or grass. They’re a source of Chickaloo Tree Nuts.


  • In Great Sky Island, the essential ingredients to look for are Sundelions, Stamella Shrooms, Rushrooms, and Spicy Peppers.


  • Sundelions live in sunny spots and create gloom heart recovery meals. Stamella Mushrooms live on rocks or around trees and create stamina-recovery meals. Rushrooms live on cliff sides and help create Speed-Up meals. Spicy Peppers live on the snowy part of the island and create Cold-Resistant meals.


How to get to Great Sky Island: 

Fast Travel to any Shrine points to get to Great Sky Island. The best instant spot is the In-isa Shrine, in the middle of the best hunting areas without gliding into them. 


9.  Shadow Pass, Akkala Highlands


Shadow Pass is in Akkala Highlands, near the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower.


Shadow Pass is a diverse hunting area with animals like Maraudo Woves, Boars, and Herons. Rare animals here are Pink Herons, Rainbow Pigeons, Red-Tufted Boars, and Honeyvore Bears. It’s a beautiful place to hunt during the daytime, witnessing auburn-like trees with green grass. A few niches that make this place special are Dazzlefruit, Armorath, and Hyrule Herbs.


Why Shadow Pass is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • It’s a beautiful place to hunt during the day or evening. It’s an easy, small hunting area. Animals that live here are Pink Herons, Rainbow Pigeons, Red Tusked Boars, and Honeyvore Bears.


  • The birds that live here are Blue Winged Herons, Pink Herons, Wood Pigeons, and Rainbow Pigeons. Blue Winged Herons, Pink Herons, and Wood Pigeons are a source of raw bird drumsticks. Rainbow Pigeons are a source of raw bird thighs.


  • The deer that live here are Mountain Does and Mountain Bucks. Mountain Does and Mountain Bucks are sources of raw prime meat. Woodland and Red-Tusked Boar roam around, too! Woodland Boars are a source of raw meat, while Red-Tusked Boars are a source of prime meat. 


  • The canines here are Maraudo Wolves, Grassland Foxes, and Honeyvore Bears. Maraudo Wolves are a source of raw meat or raw prime meat. Grassland Foxes are a source of raw meat. Honeyvore Bears are a source of raw gourmet meat, raw prime meat, and Courser Bee Honey! 


  • The best things to scavenge around this area are Armoraths, Hyrule Herbs, Dazzlefruiut, and Silent Shrooms. Armoraths enhance Defense-Up meals. Hyrule Herbs increases the number of hearts in meals. Dazzlefruit is most useful to blind enemies! 


  • Several treasures surround this hunting place. You can get a Knight’s Shield and a Royal Claymore at the nearby monster camp. There’s a large stone pillar south of Shadow Pass. It has a Zonai chest containing a Zonaite bow. 


How to get to Shadow Pass: 

Fast Travel via the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. It’s the fastest way. If you haven’t unlocked the Skyview Tower, you can follow the path from the Akkala Span Bridge and take the left fork from the South Akkala Stable.


8. North Akkala Foothill 


North Akkala Foothill is close to the Jochi-iu Shrine and the East Akkala Stable Well. 


North Akkala Foothill may share some of the same animals as Shadow Pass. Still, it is much larger and has more Red-Tusked Boar, Deer, and Herons around the Heights and Ancient Tech Lab area. The hunting area is close to many important things, such as the Great Fairy and the Ancient Tech Lab.


Why North Akkala Foothill is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • Animals that live here are Mountain Does, Pink Herons, Blue Winged Herons, Rainbow Pigeons, Mountain Crows, Honeyvore Bears, Grassland Foxes, Bushy Tailed Squirrels, Common Sparrows, and Bright Chested Ducks. Bushy-Tailed Squirrels are a source of acorns. Bright Chested Ducks are a source of raw bird drumsticks. 


  • While hunting uphill, you will get a perfect view of the open ocean and the Eldin volcano during the daytime! You can spot animals easily when clustering around the colorful trees or BLoodleaf Lake. 


  • Hunt in various areas in the Foothills by the woods, including Bloodleaf Lake, Tumela Heights, and the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Area. Birds like to surround Bloodleaf Lake in the morning and noon. Many Red-Tusked Boars and Mountain Deer like to roam around the Heights or the Ancient Tech Lab.


  • There’s a cooking pot in Bloodleaf Lake! You can cook what you find instantly. Around that area, there are tons of Hylian Tomatoes worth catching. A Hylian Tomato recovers one heart. They pair excellently with meat, making Skewer meals that enhance hearts.


  • If you like to travel by horse through your hunting routines, look forward to meeting a Great Fairy, Malanya, who can upgrade or revive all your horses. Wake Malanya up by giving them an Endura Carrot. They can upgrade your horse’s strength, speed, stamina, and pull by giving Malanya meals. 


  • The Foothills is close to a Side Adventure, Presenting: The Travel Medallion! If you finish the adventure, you can earn Yiga Armor and the Travel Medallion feature. If you take down the Talus here, you complete Gralen’s Wanted: Stone Talus side quest.


How to get there: 

Fast Travel via the Jochi-iu Shrine. You can glide from the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower if it's your first time getting here.


7. Lanayru Wetlands 


Lanayru Wetlands is north of Kakariko Village and is near the Jonasau Shrine.


Lanayru Wetlands is a vast and easy hunting place with scattered trees, islands, and ruins. There are many herds of Water Buffalo and flights of Blue Winged Herons and Bright-Chested Ducks. It’s gorgeous to hunt during the evening when facing west into the pink sky. There's also a treasure chest in the sky! 


Why Lanayru Wetlands is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • The main animals that live here are Water Buffalos, Blue Winged Herons, Bright-Chested Ducks, Common Sparrows, and Islander Hawks! Islander Hawks are a source of raw bird thighs. It’s best to travel high up to Central Hyrule Sky Archipelago and glide-hunt them! 


  • Stock up on lots of Water Buffalos and Blue-Winged Herons. Water Buffalos are sources of raw prime meat and raw gourmet meat. Blue-Winged Herons are sources of raw bird drumsticks. 


  • Other items worth catching are Fleet-Lotus Seeds and Splash Fruit. Fleet-Lotus Seeds recover half a heart and make Speed-Up meals. Splash Fruit recovers ¼ hearts and makes Swim-Up meals. They also wash off gloom! 


  • It's a whole treasure island! Most of them are by the monster camps. You can find Rupees, weapons, Zonai devices, and arrows. Above the Wetlands, there’s a small sky island. The treasure it has is an old map of the location of the Cap of the Wind.


  • If you want more weapons and minerals, you can fight the Stalnox in Zauz Island. Fall through the Zauz Well to confront the Stalnox.


How to get there: 

Fast Travel via the Jonasau Shrine. It’s the closest shrine to Lanayru Wetlands.



6. Tabantha Snowfield 


Tabantha Snowfield is near the Orochium Shrine and the Snowfield Stable. Wear Cold-Resistant armor, it’s freezing! 


South Tabantha Snowfield is home to many creatures worth hunting, although it is not the place for hunting birds. Come here to hunt big animals such as Tabantha Moose and Grizzlemaw Bears! Track Snowcoat Foxes to find worthwhile fruit such as Wildberries or Ice Fruit. Most animals to hunt are by the Tabantha trees or roaming the snow.


Why Tabantha Snowfield is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  •  Shield-surf or use a Zonai sled on the snow while hunting! It may take some time to roam around to find rare animals, such as Grizzlemaw Bears.  


  • You can hunt Snowcoat Foxes, Mountain Does, Tabantha Moose, and sometimes Grizzlemaw Bears. They all like to hide around the pine trees, while Snowcoat Foxes like to hide in various snow areas. 


  • Snowcoat Foxes and Mountain Does are sources of raw prime or gourmet meat. Tabantha Mooses are sources of gourmet meat and raw prime meat. Grizzlemaw Bears are sources of raw prime meat and gourmet meat. Grizzlemaw Bears sometimes drop 3 gourmet meats! 


  • You can scavenge Wildberries, Spicy Peppers, and Cool Saffina near trees or shrubbery. Chillshroms are common around the Tabantha trees. Ice Fruit tends to isolate itself and grows on small yellow-leaved trees.


  • Wildberries recover half a heart and help enhance simmered fruit meals. Cool Saffinas is an herb that enhances Heat-Resistant meals. Spicy Peppers and Chillshrooms both recover half a heart and make Heat-Resistant meals. Ice Fruit recovers ¼ of a heart and makes Cold-Weather Attack-Up meals.


  • Tabantha Snowfield is next to one of the great side quests, Zelda’s Golden Horse, where you get one of the best horses in the game. The Snowfield is near a Great Fairy, Mija, who can upgrade your armor.


How to get to Tabantha Snowfield: 

Fast Travel via the Orochium Shrine or the Osho-zan-u Shrine. Alternatively, use the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower to glide there.


5. North Necluda Sky Archipelago


North Necluda Sky Archipelago is above Kakariko Village and near the Josiu Shrine. 

North Necluda Sky Archipelago is one of the best places to find rare birds, such as Cloud Seagulls. There are many of them there because Cloud Seagulls love flying super high. You can find other resources around it, such as Sundelions. This Archipelago is special because it has 2 old maps and a Sages Will.


Why North Necluda Sky Archipelago is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • There are lots of Cloud Seagulls! They’re a source of raw bird drumsticks. To make hunting more manageable, use a Zonai spring to jump high and shoot them when they are directly above the archipelago and 100% drop onto the archipelago. You want to collect the raw bird drumsticks, not chase them!


  • Extra birds living here are Blue-Winged Herons and Pink Herons. They are close to the sky island with a little pond. They are a bonus find, adding to your raw bird drumsticks collection.


  • Other useful resources are Sundelions, Stambulbs, Apples, Skyshrroms, and Dazzlefruit. Sundelions create gloom heart recovery meals. Stambulbs create stamina-recovery meals. Apples recover ½ a heart. Skyshrooms recover ¼ of a heart. Dazzlefruit is most useful for blinding enemies.


  • There are 2 old maps! North of the Archipelago, near the pond, is where you can find the location for the Tunic of Time. South of the Archipelago, on the arc, is where you can find the location for the Trousers of Time. 


  • The Sage’s Will is on the large glowing Luminous Stone Deposits. It’s in between 2 fancy lights. 


How to get there: 

Fast travel via the Josiu shrine. 


If it’s your first time, glide from the Saharsa Slope Skyview Tower. 


Glide east, and you’ll make it! 



4. Hyrule Great Plateau 

The Great Plateau is southwest of Hyrule Field, and the best shrine to Fast Travel is the Riogok Shrine. 

Come here to hunt lots of Woodland Boars! Other animals may be shy, such as the Bushy-Tailed Squirrels and Wood Pigeons, when spotted with a careful eye. The plateau has many treasures and is close to one of the best side adventures. 


Why Great Plateau is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • There are many Woodland Boars here! They are a source of raw meat. You can find them mainly around Hopper Pond and the Forest of Spirits. Bushy-Tailed Squirrels and Wood Pigeons surround those areas, too.


  • Other resources here are Hyrule Herbs, Apples, Gold Apples, Blue Nightshade, Stamella Shrooms, Hylian Shrooms, and Armoranth. All of them are spread. Gold Apples are better than regular apples, restoring 1 heart and a 1/2 heart. 


  • There’s treasure here! You can find a variety of weapons, such as a Royal Broadsword, Ancient Blade, Royal Shield, Arrow x5, Stone 2-Handed Axe, and an Eightfold Longblad. Few are items such as Bomb Flowers, Ruby, and a Spicy Elixir. The best treasure here is the Yiga mask located south of the Temple of Time Ruins. 


  • The Great Plateau is close to a side adventure called a Call from the Depths. The reward for completing it is either a heart container or a stamina wheel. 


How to get there: 

Fast Travel via the Riogok Shrine. If it’s your first time, glide from the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.



3. East Hyrule Field


East Hyrule Field is east of Lookout Landing and near the Yamiyo Shrine. 

East Hyrule Field has the best balance of many animals, such as Mountain Doe, Mountain Bucks, Woodland Boars, and Pink Herons. There are plenty of Hyrule Herbs and Apples in bulk. The Yamiyo Shrine is close to a couplets of Fire Fruit! Also, there’s valuable treasure hanging around. 


Why East Hyrule Field is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • Hunt Pink Herons, Blue-Winged Herons, Grassland Foxes, Woodland Boars, and Mountain Deer! The best animals to hunt in this area are Mountain Does, Mountain Bucks, and Woodland Boars because they have the most meat and frequent all of Hyrule Field’s forests and grasslands.


  • During the day, you hunt in the most beautiful places of the game. The sun brings out Hyrule’s true green colors, and Link stands out in the plains like a hero.


  • Resources you can get here are Apples, Courser Bee Honeys, Hylian Shrooms, Hyrule Herbs, Armoranth, and Hylian Pinecone. You can find other Fire Fruit locations on boulders. 


  • Treasure you can find are Arrows, bomb flowers, a Hinox Hammer, a Large Zonai Charge, Time Bombs, Wings, a Throwing Spear, and an Opal. The little sky island above has Zonai treasure, another Large Zonai Charge. 


How to get there: 

The best way to Fast Travel to East Hyrule Field is through the Yamiyo Shrine. 


Marked approximately with red, green, purple, dark blue, and light blue, are the best places to hunt in East Hyrule Field. 


2. Dalite Forest


Dalite Forest is directly west of the Outskirt Stable and is close to the Usazam Shrine. 

Dalite Forest may share some of what East Hyrule Field has, but it has a Honeyvore Bear! You can hunt plenty of Mountain and Grassland foxes. It’s also close to a Great Fairy, who can upgrade your armor. 


Why Dailte Forest is an Excellent Hunting Spot:

  • It has lots of Mountain Buck and Doe, including Grassland Foxes. Occasionally, there are some Woodland Boars.


  • There are 2 Honeyvore Bears! One is deep south within the forest, and the other is by Dalite’s wet pond area. Honeyvore Bears are a source of raw prime meat, raw gourmet meat, and sometimes Courser Bee Honey! Courser Bee Honey restores 2 hearts and creates stamina-recovery meals. 


  • There are lots of Wood Pigeons, which are a source of raw bird drumsticks. There may be a few herons, but they like to be outside the forest.


  • Other resources around here are Blue Nightshade, Armoranth, Hyrule Herbs, and Hylian Shrooms. Blue Nightshade enhances Stealth-Up meals. Armoranth enhances Defense-Up meals. Hyrule Herbs restore 1 heart and increase the number of hearts in meals. Hylian Shrooms restore ½ a heart.


  • Dalite Forest is one of the largest and most beautiful forests in Hyrule Ridge to hunt in during the daytime when there's no thunder or rain. It’s close to a Great Fairy, Kaysa, who can upgrade your armor. The forest is also within walking distance to the Outskirt Stable if you’d like to cook what you hunted as soon as possible. 


How to get there: 

Fast Travel via the Usazum Shrine. If it’s your first time, follow the path from the Outskirt Stable and travel straight from the Manhala Bridge. 


1. Satori Mountain 


Satori Mountain is near the Sonapan Shrine and is directly west of Hyrule Field.

Satori Mountain is an excellent hunting ground because there are many Pink Herons, Woodland Crows, Water Buffalos, and Mountain Goats. Depending on the time of day, Pink Hereons and Woodland Crows are easier to find when it's not raining. The area has plenty to explore within its spread-out woods, lakes, and mountain valleys. On the very top of the mountain, Satori is waiting to give Link a special present, and you’ll love it. 


Why Satori Mountain is an excellent hunting spot:

  • The best animals to hunt in Satori Mountain are Pink Herons, Water Buffalos, and Mountain Goats. Pink Herons are a source of raw bird drumsticks. Water Buffalos are a source of raw prime meat and raw gourmet meat. Mountain Goats are a source of raw meat. 


  • There’s a special place to find Pink Herons in bulk! Go to the pond south of the Sonapan Shrine during the daytime when it’s not raining before 4pm. Shoot a shock arrow to get all the Pink Heron there! 


  • Water Buffaloes are easier to find when it’s raining, and you can find them quite literally by water. Sometimes, they like to stroll on the lower part of Satori Mountain. 


  • Woodland Pigeons, Grassland Foxes, and Mountain Crows live here. During the day, there are many Mountain Crows all over Satori Mountain. They are a source of raw bird drumsticks.


  • Collect all the apples near the Sonapan Shrine! Many of them include golden apples, which are better than normal apples because they restore one and a half hearts. Southwest of the shrine, near small tree shrubbery, you can find a Honeyvore Bear.


  • Other best things to grab are Silent Princess, Armoranth, Hyrule Herbs, Blue Nightshade, and Endura Carrots. Silent Princess and Blue Nightshade enhance Stealth-Up meals. Endura Carrots restore 2 hearts and boost Link’s stamina beyond his maximum limit. Hyrule Herbs restore 1 heart and enhance the number of hearts in meals. 


  • Go to the top of Satori Mountain and drop an apple on the stone statue right by the cherry blossom tree. Satori will reveal all Bubul Gem locations! 


How to get to Satori Mountain: 

Fast Travel via the Sonapan Shrine. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, glide in the sky from Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.


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