[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Bows (Ranked)

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Fan’s of The Legend of Zelda will never forget the first Breath of the Wild trailer that flaunted the franchise’s new bullet time mechanic. The slow motion combat mechanic that is activated by drawing a bow while airborne promised to give players the ability to match the combat potential of the traditional sword and shield with a bow and arrow.

When the first Zelda game came out in 1987, players were rewarded for there willingness to explore with inventory items that shifted the way they could approach the game. This system was incredibly innovative for its time, but there wasn't a single hidden item that could compete with the Master Sword and the Hylian Sheild. It wasn't until Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom introduced bullet time that players were able to confidently slide their Master Sword into its sheath and approach combat with one of 30+ uniquely powerful bows. 

10. Phrenic Bow

Phrenic Bow, TOTK, Link, InventoryTOTK Bow and Arrow inventory details the Phrenic Bow

The Phrenic Bow is hardly powerful enough to make it on this list, but its unique ability to zoom in when pulled makes it a worthwhile tool in the hands of a skilled archer. Archery is first and foremost a ranged combat option, so when considering the vastness of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Phrenic Bow’s zoom mechanic makes it incredibly useful as both a weapon and a pair of binoculars. Players looking to upgrade the iron sights on their bow can find this weapon in the chests dropped by the Like Likes in East or West Necluda. 

  • 10 Base Damage
  • Zoom mechanic allows players to act as a scout and an archer at the same time.
  • Zoom mechanics makes it easier to aim for an enemy's weak points.
  • Assess the battlefield with the Phrenic Bow to make it easier to approach stealthily

9.  Knight’s Bow

Link, Knight's Bow, TOTK

In the past, Kings gifted these bows to the most talented archers in the land. Now they can be looted off Moblins

The Knight’s Bow is a well designed weapon with a high durability and a high base damage considering how common they are dropped as loot. Players looking for a reliable bow that won’t break after just a few uses should keep a Knight’s Bow in their inventory at all times. The game describes this bow as the weapon of choice for the knights of Hyrule and its bright in-game model and consistent damage output help explain why Hyrule’s greatest warriors would favor it.

  • 26 Base Damage
  • High Durability makes it a reliable option when a player's inventory is low. 
  • Its lack of unique abilities makes it one of the easiest bows to master.
  • Easier to loot and more durable than the Royal Bow.
  • The design pairs well with the Master Sword and Hyrulian Shield.

8. Zoanite Bow

Zoanite Bow, TOTK, ShrineHanded down through the ages and still in tip top shape!

The Zoanite Bow is a new addition to The Legend of Zelda franchise and shouldn’t be overlooked. This bow, which can be found in a chest within the Kikakin Shrine, has the ability to vary the distance it launches its arrows by pulling from a player's battery cells while drawn. The longer a player holds their nocked arrow, the farther the arrow will fly, making this weapon as versatile as it is powerful.

  • 30 Base Damage
  • By holding a nocked arrow, players can extend the bow’s range  and attack enemies at great distances.
  • The ability to vary the bow’s range makes it easier to counter bullet drop.
  • Matches the design of the Zoanite Armor Sets.

7. Forest Dweller’s Bow

Forest Dweller's Bow, TOTK, Best BowA gift from the Great Deku Tree

The Forest Dweller’s Bow is one of the most well designed bows in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Its ties to the Korok Forest also hint at the fact that more than one iteration of Link has trained with and mastered this bow! 

After completing Walton’s Treasure Hunt Quest, the Forest Dweller’s Bow will be added to the player's inventory alongside its matching sword and shield. Soon after it is acquired, players will quickly learn  why experts consider this weapon to be one of the best early game bows in TOTK.

  • 15X3 Base Damage
  • With every arrow nocked, three will be loosed, making the bow’s damage output 3 times better than the majority of early game weapons.
  • Clear crowds of enemies by aiming the horizontal spread carefully. 
  • Show off the carefully carved wooden design by wearing this bow on your back at all times. 

6. Royal Guard’s Bow

Royal Guard's Bow, TOTK, Best BowJoin the Royal Guard Today!

Of all the bows in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom without a unique ability modifier, the Royal Guard’s Bow packs the biggest punch. Designed to be used against Calamity Ganon, this bow can be trusted to take down any enemy that thinks themselves powerful enough to take on Link in single combat. Players looking for this weapon can find it in Princess Zelda’s Study in Hyrule Castle.

  • 50 Base Damage
  • Its low durability serves as a reminder to use it sparingly. 
  • It’s in-canon description reminds players that the world of TOTK is tied directly in with the world of BOTW
  • Its lack of unique abilities makes it easier to be consistent with than many of the other bows in the game.

5. Mighty Lynel Bow

Might Lynel Bow, TOTK, Best BowMighty Lynel or Mighty Link?

Many players will be hesitant to go toe-to-toe with a lynel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The 4 legged monsters are incredibly fast, powerful, and more durable than may  seem fair, but the loot they drop makes taking one down more than worth it. 

The Mighty Lynel Bow is just one piece of loot that can be picked up off a Lynel and it completely changes the way a player will approach combat from a distance. Those looking for a bow that can clear an entire wave of encroaching moblins should get their hands on the Mighty Lynel’s Bow as soon as possible. 

  • 20 X 3 Base Damage
  • Shoots 3 arrows in a horizontal pattern that makes it possible to damage three enemies at once. 
  • Use at close range to hit your enemy with a shotgun blast of arrows that deals 60 damage.
  • Don’t worry, each draw only pulls one arrow from your quiver so using this bow won’t pull from your inventory any more than usual.

4. Dusk Bow

Dusk Bow, TOTK, Best BowFace the darkness with a Bow built for the princess of Hyrule

The Dusk Bow was once wielded by Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and returns in TOTK as a reliable bow with incredible range. On top of connecting the lore of TOTK to TP, the Dusk Bow stands out as one of the easiest bows to find at the beginning of the game. Players interested in adding one of the best bows to their inventory only need to climb to the top of Hyrule Castle to find it. After that, it will  take a few practice shots to get used to the bow’s extended range, but once it’s been mastered the dark creatures that lurk around Hyrule will be quaking in their boots. 

  • 30 Base Damage
  • The Dusk Bow’s incredible range makes it possible to dispatch foes before they see you  coming. 
  • Connecting the lore of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess adds to the dense lore that already exists in TOTK.
  • If it’s good enough for Zelda, it’s good enough for Link.

3. Great Eagle’s Bow

Great Eagle's Bow, TOTK, Best BowTake to the skies with a quick draw bow crafted by the Rito

Everyone of the regional weapons that can be unlocked after progressing through the story of Tears of the Kingdom is worth collecting and the Great Eagle’s Bow is no exception. After completing the main quest in Rito Village, players will be given the opportunity to craft the Great Eagle’s Bow after speaking to Teba. Like the other bows crafted by the Rito, the Great Eagle’s Bow is built for aerial combat and its quick draw-time pushes the game's bullet time mechanic to its limit. 

  • 28X3 Base Damage
  • The Bow’s incredibly fast draw speed makes it the highest dps bow in the game.
  • Fast draw speed minimizes stamina usage during bullet time. 
  • Horizontal spread makes it capable of taking out three enemies at once. 

2. Demon King’s Bow

Demon King's Bow, TOTK, Best BowTurn the Demon's tool into a weapon of justice

There is a good reason that this bow is named after the Demon King himself. Despite only firing a single arrow at a time, the Demon King’s Bow is able to keep up with the other weapons on this list because of its passive ability to do more damage based on the number of heart containers a player has unlocked. Though it may start at a measly 12 base damage, it maxes out at a whopping 60, giving it the highest damage per arrow of any bow in the game. 

  • 12-60 Base Damage
  • Damage depends on the player’s own strength, making it a weapon that scales with the player's progress and motivates them to grow stronger. 
  • The bow’s in-game model is unique when compared to the other bows in the game making it as fashionable as it is functional. 
  • To unlock, players have to prove themselves worthy by defeating Phantom Ganon. 

1. Savage Lynel Bow

Savage Lynel Bow, TOTK, Best Bows

Become the Beast!

The Savage Lynel Bow is one of the hardest bows to collect in TOTK, but it is well worth the effort. With the same 3X modifier as the Mighty Lynel Bow and a higher base damage, the Savage Lynel Bow will eviscerate the majority of enemies before they even get close enough to threaten the Hero of Hyrule. 

Players looking for a quick way to carve through monsters will find this to be a worthy weapon, but in truth, the Savage Lynel Bow is overkill for the majority of enemies in this game. Best save it for your boss fights or risk losing it before putting its damage output to good use. 

  • 32X3 Base Damage
  • Too powerful for most base enemy types. 
  • Horizontal spread makes it possible to wipe out an encroaching moblin horde with a single shot. 
  • Potential for 96 damage before fuzing materials to the arrowhead.
  • Certain Savage Lynel Bows come with a 5 shot burst perk, even further increasing its damage output.

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