[Top 15] CoD Warzone Best Settings for Visibility

Yeah, this is how the game should look like

In any FPS game, to have a competitive advantage over your enemy players, it is important to have skill and movement. But to master the game, you need to see the entire map with clarity. To make it happen in Warzone, you need to make these 15 changes to your settings.

These settings that I am about to talk about will focus solely on visibility and not the FPS in-game.

Graphics: Display

1.  Resolution: 1980 x 1080

1080p (1920 x 1080) is one of the most common resolutions that are used in games. This is because it gives you the much-needed clarity in the game and prevents the map from looking pixelated.

You can do a little experimenting with his setting. If you have a monitor that supports higher resolutions and a good enough graphics card, you can set this to your monitor’s maximum resolution. If you experience frame drops and lag, change this back to the recommended 1080p.

2.  Render Resolution: 100%  

The render resolution is the resolution of the 3d objects in the game, such as houses, guns, enemy players, etc. to get the best visibility in the game, you need this setting at 100%. This will render the objects on the same resolution that you have set for the overall game, and you will have the best clarity.

A lower than 100% render resolution (for instance 50%) will run the game itself in the native resolution (e.g., 1080p), but the objects, such as that one camper with an HDR in the new ATC tower, will be rendered in 50% resolution.

3.  Refresh Rate: Maximum Level

Set this to the maximum level that is supported by the monitor. This setting will make the game smoother. You will feel the clarity of the game and the smooth movement etc. when you enable this setting.

You don’t want the game to feel slower and you certainly don’t want the frames to tear up. To prevent both of these from happening, you should set this to the maximum possible level.

4.  Brightness: 55

The default setting on Warzone is 50, but you will find the indoors very dark with low visibility. Unless the enemy player is rocking some bright camo for the character and the gun, you are going to miss him in the darkest of rooms.

By setting this to 55, the game will appear a bit clearer and the darker areas of the map will have more visibility. Don’t make this any higher as it will make the normal open map a bit too bright.

5.  Field of View: 120

You want the field of view, or the FOV, to be at the maximum possible level. This will give you additional information and a higher area of visibility. This setting is a must-have if you want to achieve higher visibility on the map.

6.  ADS field of view: Affected

This setting is important as it reduces the zoom-in while ADS on weapons with 3.25x zoom or less. When you are shooting at someone at close range, you want to be able to see the background as well. If you have downed someone, you need to be able to see the sides, so that if someone jumps into the frame, you can see them.

Set this to affected, so that you don’t lose any visibility when you are in a gunfight and you are aiming down the barrel.

7.  Texture Resolution: Normal (for 8 GBs V-RAM GPUs), Low (for less than 8 GBs V-RAM GPUs)

This setting will make the game sharper, and that is important. If you happen to have a GPU with 8 GBs of V-ram, you should turn this setting to normal. Setting this too high does not make much of a difference, and takes up additional memory space.

Set this to low if your GPU has less than 4 GBs of v-ram. Otherwise, set this to normal and you’ll see the objects, especially those that are farther away, clearer and sharper.

8.  Anti-Aliasing & Filmic Strength: (Variable)

Anti-aliasing sharpens the edges of all the objects (near and far) such that they don’t appear blocky. However, the higher the setting of Anti-aliasing, the lesser FPS you will have.

For low-end PC: Disabled or SMAA 1X, Filmic Strength: 1.00

If you have a low-end PC, set this to SMAA 1X for better visuals. Do note that SMAA 1X will cause a slight decrease in the average FPS of the game, as compared to disabled, but will give you more clarity.

If you have AA set to Disabled or SMAA 1X, set the filmic strength to 1.00. This will reduce the visual noise and the game will appear much clearer.

For Medium to High-end PC: SMAA T2X or Filmic SMAA T2X, Filmic Strength: 0.00

Higher-end PCs can handle the anti-aliasing well. You don’t want to give up some graphics for an extra few FPS if you are already getting good FPS.

With this setting, you can reset the Filmic strength to 0.00. You will not experience any visual noise as the game will already be as clear as it can be

9.  Depth of field: Disabled

Depth of field means that the game will focus on one object (what the player is focusing on) and blur the rest of the background. To have the best visibility of the map, and keep the important information regarding what’s happening in the background, keep this setting disabled.

10.  World Motion Blur: Disabled

World Motion Blur is activated when the player is in motion, i.e., running or walking. During these actions, everything around the players is blurred to symbolize running.

This setting does not make any sense to me. When you are running, you always have to keep an eye out for a scope’s glint, or enemy players passing by on your side.

For maximum visibility, set this one to disabled.

11.  Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled

What this setting does is that it blurs the world when the player has the weapon zoomed in and moves to aim at another target. This again is a useless setting. You don’t want everything to blur out when you are taking that flick shot.

To keep all the crucial information available to you, set this to disabled as well. This will turn off the blur effect, and the map will appear as it is when you are flicking or moving around while in ADS.

12.  Camera Movement: Least -- 50%

Camera movement refers to the time when you are close to a grenade that blows up, or you are getting shot at. Setting this to the least – 50% setting will allow you to have a rather stable camera while you are trading shots with someone.

This prevents the loss of visibility and keeps the camera and interface, steady. 


13.  Colorblind Type: Deuteranopia

If you want the game to pop up a little, that is, be more vibrant, you need to set this to Deuteranopia. This will make the overall game more saturated, giving you a fresh feel for the game. You might also see the enemy players comparatively easily.

You can also check out all the options and choose what is best for you. Deuteranopia is the option that is most commonly used among streamers and professionals of the game.

14.  Minimap Shape: Square

This one is pretty obvious. Two options are available to the players regarding the shape of the minimap on the screen, circle, and square.

The problem with the circle is that it leaves out a huge chunk of the area and crucial information. Imagine calling a UAV and having a circular minimap, pathetic.

What you want to do, is set this to square. This will take the minimap to its maximum possible size and you can get the best out of the UAV you just called.

15.  Horizontal & Vertical HUD: 25.00

This setting does not affect the visibility of the map directly, however, it will affect the accessibility of the information. You need to have this setting at higher than 0.00. Set it to whatever works for you best, I recommend 25.00.

When you are in a gunfight, or you are rotating after getting shot at, you need to be able to see the information faster. You don’t want to have to look around the screen for all the info regarding your gear and health etc.

Set this to 25.00 or whatever you feel most comfortable with.



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