[Top 15] Destiny 2 Best Exotic Quests

Destiny 2 Best Exotic Quests

15. Ace of Spades

Why is Ace of Spades Great?

The Ace of Spades shines through as a balanced weapon that excels both in PVP and PVE; its perk combination combined with Memento Mori makes the Ace of Spades a powerhouse.


  • Exotic: Memento Mori
  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: High-Caliber Rounds
  • Grip: Smooth Grip
  • Trait: Firefly

Reasons to do it.

*Spoiler for those starting Destiny 2*

The most important reason to do this quest is to finish off Cyde-6 storyline. The weapon itself is fun to play with and dominates the battlefield for those that enjoy a great hand canon.

14. Thorn

Why is Thorn Great?

Thorn dominated PVP; its soul devourer feature excels as, after a hit, the enemy slowly loses life force, similar to a poison effect. The weapon shines with powerful blows and great accuracy. 


  • Exotic: Mark of the Devourer
  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Grip: Textured Grip
  • Trait: Soul Devourer

Reasons to do it.

This iconic gun has been around since the first Destiny. It’s featured status in the Destiny lore, and the quest itself is fun to play. Those looking to complete their collection should take a whack at this challenging quest.


13. The Chaperone

Why is The Chaperone Great?

The story behind this weapon makes it worth the while. It shines a light on Holiday, a character that rarely sees any character exploration beyond her role sitting in the hanger. The lore behind it is worth it, especially for those curious about who's the mechanic in the field.


  • Exotic: Precision Slug
  • Sights: Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Trait: The Roadburn
  • Trait: Hand-Laid Stock

Reasons to do it.

This shotgun dominates the battlefield. It feels more like a long-range rifle than an actual shotgun. The damage output is impressive and easy to get used to—a welcome change to the close quarter combat usually associated with the shotgun. 

12. Tractor Cannon

Why is Tractor Cannon Great?

This shotgun feels like something out of a mega man game. It features a great damage output and a charged shot! Yes, hold down the trigger and let go for a variant shot that causes explosion damage. It is just a fun play. 

  • Exotic: Repulsor Force
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel
  • Battery: Particle Repeater
  • Trait: The Scientific Method
  • Trait:  Composite Stock

  Reasons to do it

This weapon shines and is a welcome addition to any collection. The quest itself is not any more difficult than any other and is well worth the time invested. Weapons like these are welcome additions. They add a greater level to the Sci-fi element present in the game.

11. The Last Word

Why is The Last Word Great?

The last word excels as a hand cannon in PVE. It is another fun weapon that allows the player to be the most space cowboy they can. The fan fire perk and the awesome shooting sound effects take the players to experience to the next level. 


  • Exotic: Fan Fire.
  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds.
  • Grip: Hip-Fire Grip, Textured Grip.

Reasons to do it

The quest itself is long and challenging, but the story behind it makes up for the effort. This exotic quest presents the other side of the Thorn storyline and explains away the duel between guardians. 

10. Sunshot

Why is SunShot Great?

Exploding headshots. I really don’t think there is much more to say. Exploding headshots, period.


  • Exotic: Sunburn.
  • Barrel: Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Grip: Textured Grip
  • Trait Sun Blast

Reasons to do it

It is effortless to obtain and adds a great solar weapon to the collection. The perks of having this monster cannon. While it is a farming exotic activity, the drops for it are generous enough. 

9. Xenophage

Why Is Xenophage Great?

The Xenophages rate of fire has it stand out as one of the most rock and roll guns in the game. The weapon is really too much fun in PvP or gambit, where it just points and clicks the enemies away. 


  • Exotic: Pyrotoxin Rounds
  • Barrel: Full Bore
  • Magazine: High Caliber Rounds
  • Stock: Composite Stock
  • Trait: Range finder.

Reasons to do it

The most important reason is the weapon is just fun to wield—the definition of a one guardian army. The difficulty in obtaining it is not that great and can be done fairly quickly than other lengthier full step exotic quests. The payoff is well worth it.

8. Lord of Wolves

Why is Lord of Wolves Great?

There is an old boxing expression that refers to a boxing combination called the one-two punch. The second strike is a powerful blow. Well, the lord of wolves is all power blows. This weapon tears apart enemies, especially in close quarters combat. 


  • Exotic: Shrapnel Launcher
  • Sights: Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Extended Mag
  • Trait: Release the Wolves
  • Trait:  Composite Stock

Reasons to do it

The number one reason to have these four barreled monstrosities is to dominate PVP. As soon as that range is closed, the battle is over. The difficulty of obtaining it is minimal compared to the damage output the player could be dealing with on the battlefield.

  7. Devils Ruin

One of the easier weapons to obtain to bring up against champions. Wielding this powerful sidearm became the answer against these rages inducing shield regenerating enemies. The rate of fire is decent, and the perks are it works well enough. The main thing here is to have to bring forth those particular frustrations. 


  • Barrel: Extended Barrel
  • Battery: Projection Fuse
  • Trait: Pyrogenesis
  • Trait: Combat grip

Reasons to do it

It the easier to find exotic to help bring down champion level enemies. It is a must, and it is honestly one of the more fun sidearms to have in combat.

  6. Black Talon

Among the swords, Black Talon stands out with one of its features. It can shoot out a tracking beam of energy. It might not be the greatest of all swords, but it features a variant that makes it fun to use in combat.


  • Exotic: Crows Wings
  • Blade: Tempered Edge
  • Guard: Heavy Guard
  • Trait: Tireless Blade

  Reasons to do it

It brings a different approach to combat with swords. It is also a great weapon to bear against PVE. The weapon shines among the collection for its particular feature, and considering the easy level of finding this weapon, it is well worth the time to find.

  5. Falling Guillotine

Why is Falling Guillotine Great?

Fallin Guillotine dominated the Destiny 2 landscape for a while. Simply stated, this weapon generates great impacts, and its Vortex Frame perk truly clears an area of enemies with ease. To sword enthusiast, it is a must-have in their collections.


  • Exotic: Vortex Frame
  • Blade: Enduring Blade
  • Guard: Heavy Guard
  • Trait: Energy Transfer
  • Trait: Whirlwind Blade

Reasons to do it

To possess the best sword in the game, it is that simple. The questline to obtain it is admittedly convoluted with steps but well worth the time invested. There might be multiple steps, but they are not that difficult to pull off. Once in hand, this weapon truly makes a difference on the battlefield.

  4.Whisper of Worm

With this sniper rifle in hand, players will be playing round after round, after round in enemies in PVE; it is great to take on raids and nightfall strikes. It is also powerful on the PVP front with its ability to claim spent rounds.

Why is Whisper of Worm Great

  • Exotic: White Nail.
  • Barrel: Polygonal Rifling
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Stock: Fitted Stock
  • Trait: Mulligan

Reasons to do it.

The questline is fun, it does have multiple steps, and many will find them challenging; the time spent playing is well worth it for those players looking for a workhorse of a sniper rifle.

3. Bad Juju

Why is Bad Juju Great?

Bad Juju is honestly on this list for completions and nostalgia. This scout rifle's questline is fun enough, and its performance on the battlefield is still respectable enough. It does shine in the PVE front, so run this exotic quest; it not difficult at all.


  • Exotic: String of Curses
  • Barrel: Hammer Forged Rifling
  • Magazine: Steady Rounds
  • Stock: Short Action Stock
  • Trait: Hip-Fire Grip.

Reasons to do it?

Nostalgia, this weapon will soon lose its exotic quest associated with it and will be readily available for purchase. So, go out there and finish this one before it's gone if it's not gone already.

2. Izanagi's Burdon

Why is Izanagi's Burdon Great?

Though a multi-step fetch quest feels like a pain to do but you would be hard-pressed to find a better sniper rifle, it features accurized rounds and a chambered compensator for great targeting.


  • Exotic: Honed Edge
  • Barrel: Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Stock: Composite Stock
  • Trait: No Distractions

Reasons to do it.

Some might argue the black forge quest produces the best sniper rifle in the game. It does great work against high-level enemies and packs a very accurate punch. A great option for those who are looking for a powerful weapon and have a strike team that can help them pull off the last few steps.

1. Lumina

Why is Lumina Great

 The first healing firearm in the game. So, it makes a welcome addition to a different form of gameplay. As it reads, a player will be able to shoot at their companions to either heal or buff them.


  • Exotic: Noble Rounds
  • Barrel: Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Trait: Blessing of the Sky
  • Grip: Polymer Grip

Reasons to do it

This exotic quest finishes off Thorns' storyline. Fans of the weapon will want to know how the Thorn changes from a soul-devouring weapon to a weapon that grants health or buffs.

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