[Top 15] Destiny 2 Best F2P Weapons To Have

Want exotics but you don't want to spend money?

If you weren’t aware, Destiny 2 is a free-to-play game. Shocker, I know: by the amount of money people spend on it, you’d guess that the amount matches that of a World of Warcraft subscription. But maybe you’re just getting your feet wet, eh? Just dipping your toes in the pool of Destiny 2. You don’t want to invest anything in D2 just yet, so you’re still poking your head around.

Doubtless, however, you’ve heard of the juicy yellow-backgrounded ultra-powerful weapons known as exotics. Your interest is probably piqued as to which ones are worth chasing after and which ones are less valuable. Well, look no further than this guide! I’m about to give you the top ten Destiny 2 Free-to-Play Exotic Weapons that are currently in the game.

15. Polaris Lance


Polaris Lance is a good entry-level exotic weapon with a fun perk. Who doesn’t want to make things explode at long range? And since the recent Scout Rifle blanket buff, Polaris Lance is better than ever for both PvP and PvE, at least for free-to-play players of Destiny 2.

Polaris Lance full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/3413074534/polaris-lance/

14. MIDA Multi-Tool



Did I say something about Scout Rifles being good again? Well, MIDA never really was bad to begin with, and now it’s even better now that it synergizes with the newly un-sunset CALUS Mini-Tool, which is also available to free-to-players. Pick this one up if you haven’t yet.

MIDA Multi-Tool full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/1331482397/mida-multi-tool/

13. Sturm



Sturm is a 120 RPM hand cannon, and widely considered to be the best for quite some time. To tell the truth, it’s got a good perk combo and synergizes well with Baroque Drang or regular Drang for those who like to use double primaries in PvP. It makes for some fun wombo-combo stuff, so don’t sleep on Sturm, or Drang for that matter.

Sturm full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/2907129556/sturm/

12. Vigilance Wing 



You want to rise above all the common, 3- and 4-burst Pulse Rifle simps? Well, why don’t you try the incredibly chad 5-round Vigilance Wing burst? This weapon has always been strong but historically slept on for bad reasons. The truth is that this gun is a great weapon and is useful for those 1v3 situations.

Vigilance Wing full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/3628991659/vigilance-wing/

11. Sweet Business



Sweet Business is for people who love their job. (hence the flavor text…) This was a weapon built for Titan mains, and it goes especially well with the free-to-play exotic Actium War Rig for Titans. What are you doing here, soldier? Get out there!

Sweet Business full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/1345867570/sweet-business/

10. Rat King


Rat King is a 100% fun exotic. It’s a gun that gains a rate of fire and damage increase with each guardian using a Rat King in close proximity. If you’re thinking that it might be fun to cheese Iron Banner with a six-stack of all Rat King-users, Cayde would be proud of his favorite guardian (but not Saladin).

Rat King full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/2362471601/rat-king/

9. Sleeper Simulant


I would have said this is a top-tier DPS option for free-to-players, but with the addition of the Taipan-4 that’s no longer true. The Taipan outclasses this gun in almost every respect, but Sleeper Simulant is your best backup option as a free-to-play player. Carry this in raids, and no one will yell at you.

Sleeper Simulant full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/4036115577/sleeper-simulant/

8. Telesto


Ah. The original meme gun. A lot of people actually underestimate this gun’s potential to be good, both in PvP and PvE. It plays best with the trapper-mindset (my favorite PvP playstyle) and you can pull off some pretty wacko plays with it, and the gun looks good and feels good. But if you find a bug, know you’re not the first.

Telesto full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/2208405142/telesto/

7. Thunderlord


Thunderlord remains an add-clear monster, and it’s still completely viable in settings that require you to thin the herd. Especially in non-boss encounters with a ton of adds, like in Vault of Glass, King’s Fall, and Vow of the Disciple. It really shines in the Queenswalk encounter of the Last Wish raid, and is just really fun to use. And there’s an exotic catalyst added this season…clicking for you yet?

Thunderlord full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/3325463374/thunderlord/

6. Riskrunner


Arc damage? Never fear. Riskrunner is here. Taking arc damage with Riskrunner hyperpowers you into a chain-lightning-ing monster, slaying all adds in your path with righteous fury. It’s good for high-level content with any kind of arc damage, so be sure to secure a copy to stick in your vault.

Riskrunner full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/3089417789/riskrunner/

5. The Whisper of the Worm


The Whisper goes way back, all the way to Crota’s End in D1. It’s been a top-tier DPS option since the original days of Oryx. However, it does have a pretty high learning curve involved, so mastering it does take a little practice. Using it correctly, however, will elevate you to the most manly of chads in the Destiny community.

The Whisper of the Worm full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/1891561814/whisper-of-the-worm/

4. The Jade Rabbit


If you had told me that I ranked Jade Rabbit at #4 more than eight months ago, I would have called the cops on you. Jade Rabbit was an absolutely terrible exotic and especially so in PvP. Due to a recent buff, however, the Jade Rabbit has elevated to a state of PvP superiority, and this one is worth snagging if you want a reliable weapon to use in the Crucible.

The Jade Rabbit full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/3844694310/the-jade-rabbit/

3. Vex Mythoclast


Ah, the Vex. As of writing this article, I have finally claimed the Vex Mythoclast for myself (here’s to losing my mind after 54 runs!) and I can tell ya, it’s fun as heck. Plus the clout that comes with it will instantly make you become legend. A gun worth chasing down, especially for free-to-play players.

Vex Mythoclast full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/4289226715/vex-mythoclast/

2. Outbreak Perfected


Outbreak is my “old reliable” when it comes to not equipping an exotic heavy. It’s good for add clear, boss DPS, and it’s just a fun, easy-to-use weapon. The weapon is widely slept on in PvP but is actually pretty good there too. Snag this weapon if you’re F2P, and that might even convince you to buy some DLCs.

Outbreak Perfected full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/400096939/outbreak-perfected/

1. Touch of Malice

The Touch of Malice is back... and Better than Ever... - YouTube

Here’s where I would start jammin’ “The Touch” by Stan Bush (ah, I long for the vintage Transformer movies of my youth). Touch of Malice is great everywhere, but lacks in add clear what it makes up for boss DPS. It’s more powerful than Outbreak in that respect, but you’re going to want to build around it before it reaches its full potential. Plus, it’s a raid exotic, so think of all that glory that comes with it. Now, go and gather thy exotics, brave F2P adventurers!

Touch of Malice full details: https://www.light.gg/db/items/1802135586/touch-of-malice/

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