[Top 10] Horror Games Like Alien Isolation (Games Better Than Alien Isolation In Their Own Way)

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Alien Isolation is a sci-fi survival horror game in which you explore an abandoned space station. Unfortunately for you, you aren’t alone in the space station, which becomes apparent as you encounter the well-known xenomorph.

Alien Isolation is a game that perfectly balances the psychological horror and survival horror gameplay. It makes you hide and avoid the alien which produces a very stressful atmosphere, but it also allows you to have fun with some shooting combat.

We will look at games that either have a sci-fi setting, similar psychological horror gameplay, or some similar shooting combat!

10. Hollow 

Hollow is another game that has a lot of similarities with Alien Isolation, but it has a lot of flaws, so only the bravest should consider this game. It takes place on a mining station near Jupiter. It has that great sci-fi horror vibe, but it's ruined by subpar mechanics.

The game is visually stunning, it has great enemies and beautiful graphics. It even has a good plot. But the gameplay leaves something to be desired. It's still a playable game that can give you a fun time, but beware that you’re not getting into a polished game if you decide to play it. 

9. Layers Of Fear 2

Layers Of Fear 2 is a psychological horror game. It’s a first-person exploration game that follows the story of a movie director gone mad. The game dabbles with surreal storytelling and atmosphere.

It’s not too similar to Alien Isolation, but rather, it amplifies the exploration aspect of Alien. There are also a lot of chase sequences that will have you panicking as you’re trying to find the correct way, but the main focus is on the slow and impactful storytelling.

8. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most loved horror games that exist. It’s regularly praised for its atmosphere, story, and gameplay. And it was probably one of the games that inspired Alien Isolation.

In both games, there’s a big emphasis on hiding from the evil monster that lurks around the same place as you. The setting in Amnesia is phenomenal and the game just gets better the more you play it.

7. Outlast

Outlast is a first-person psychological horror game in which the protagonist decides to explore and document what he finds in the remote asylum. He proceeds to be hunted by the crazy inmates. You only have your camera to see in the dark as you run around, trapped in the asylum.

This game has some brutal scenes and some very, very tense moments. The gameplay consists of you exploring the crazy house and trying to stay alive. The franchise has an overall good story that's fun and keeps getting built on. During the whole duration of the game, you feel hunted just like in Alien Isolation.

6. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is a survival horror game that takes place in a Baker family household. After our protagonist Ethan goes to the house because he received a message from his missing wife, he soon finds out that a lot of things are not as they should be.

During the game, you will constantly be trying to avoid the Bakers. They are all supernatural and strange humans with strange motives and powers. The game also involves shooting and action sequences. I think the gameplay is at least slightly similar to Alien Isolation, it just takes place in a vastly different setting.

5. Blair Witch

Blair Witch is a game that takes place in the Black Hills forest. You and your dog bullet are exploring the forest to find a lost child but you become haunted by the forest and the grim spirits of the past. It's a great game with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving.

This first-person survival horror game has a great story that takes a bit of time to piece together and unique action sequences where you’re using light to fight off minions of the titular witch. If you liked Alien Isolation for its exploration, this game will amaze you.

4. Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is a survival horror game that takes place 20 years after a global nuclear holocaust. You travel through the metro stations of Russia as you have gun fights with the mutants and enemy soldiers. Ammo is scarce, so you better watch out for how you use it.

Metro 2033 has a lot of action and a lot of scary sequences in dimly lit corridors. I also found the story very interesting and I would maybe even say that the main antagonist is similar to the Alien.

3. Dead Space

If you’ve enjoyed Alien Isolation’s sci-fi setting, Dead Space offers you all that and more. Dead Space is a survival horror game franchise that takes place in the 26th century in outer space. It focuses a lot more on shooting and action rather than the psychological horror of Alien.

The shooting is one of the most unique combat systems I have seen in a survival horror game. Every gun is different and interesting and you can combo weapons together. The whole franchise features some of the best sci-fi horrors and it’s certainly worth a try.

2. Soma

Soma is a game with a beautiful story and a lot of ethical problems. You'll come across a lot of rusted robots who, as you'll soon discover, have a person's consciousness implanted in them. The game frequently poses philosophical concerns, but the main one is whether the robots are truly living beings if they have human-like consciousness.

Soma is a game with a powerful and gripping tale. You'll also need to move stealthily and approach different enemy kinds with different techniques, as they all have different patterns and skills. The game offers a gloomy and scary ambiance, but it also contains some riddles that slow down the pace.

1. Syndrome

Syndrome is a game that is quite similar to Alien Isolation both visually and gameplay-wise. It takes place on a drifting spaceship where something went wrong. Now you have to continually explore the ship, fighting humanoid robots, to find out what happened and survive.

It’s a survival horror game that has a lot more combat than in Alien Isolation. It has a lot of creepily designed enemies and a beautifully designed spaceship interior. It's a good choice for anybody that enjoys sci-fi horror games. 

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