The 15 Best Games With Female Protagonists

Games With Female Protagonists
This is All About Us Ladies!

This is all about us ladies!

We have come so far, especially in the gaming world, and so many games present some of the most beloved, strong, virtuous, and impactful female protagonist, taking us to new heights of independence and courage.

Let’s show these strong men that our delicateness goes deeper, and that we can hold our own in the most precarious adventures.

15. The Last of Us

You two are the last.

It is a treacherous journey, fighting against the fungal plague that has wiped out most of the human population. Venture off to find a possible cure, and the hope of sustaining all who remain during this apocalyptic infection. You are teamed up with your apathetic male companion, knowing that you very well may be, the Last.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It has a terrific storyline, filled with terror, survival skills and tests, as well as challenges around every corner, making sure that you’re never bored.
  • Test your patience and team skills as you must work alongside an emotionally impenetrable man, that is pessimistic and could care less about you. This can be quiet nerve racking but very amusing.
  • A very entertaining and cinematic styled game, that truly makes you feel as if you are not only watching an action, suspense movie but creating and living it.

Such a young girl, in a strange and troubling world, escaping the chaos around her, by playing some peaceful tunes.

Is he as closed hearted as he portrays, or is he just thriving from ‘survival of the fittest?

14. Undertale

Break the barrier and save humanity.

It will take 7 human souls, to break the magical barrier of the dark, underground world of monsters and mayhem. What will you choose, lose your soul or sacrifice another? Maybe fuse with a monster and see if you can exit alive, the choice is yours, ladies.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • As the lead lady, you get to decide whether you will spare the monsters you encounter or kill them by utilizing that sensitive female morale.
  • It has a unique and quirky battle style, with a moralistic twist.
  • If you enjoy reliving or recreating your childhood concepts of gaming, the old graphics in this game will exceed expectations.

A very self-depicting image of Undertale’s consistent question, deciding between love or hate, life or death.

To kill or be killed is usually the case, yet here, it seems to be, why kill at all?

13. A Plague Tale: Innocence

Not all forms of innocence are weak.

 There is no turning back, and no quitting in this heart trembling adventure of survival, youth, growth, death, and fear. Test your strength as an innocent young girl, guiding and protecting a young child through the rat infested, apocalyptic environments that has consumed the world you once knew and loved.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • As you play this game, you are not simply playing the story, you are living it. It has such a vivid, realistic and emotionally attached atmosphere, that will get you attached to the characters and their experiences.
  • It has a morale vibe that questions your humanity as well as your courage to either kill or spare a life; whether it’s a rat or human being.
  • You get to live and see through the eyes of children, who are no longer innocent but still hold a carefree, and lively spirit, all simply trying to survive and enjoy their youth.

It is up to you, young Amicia, light the way.

You are his only hope, his only friend, and his only chance of survival; protect him.

12. Her Story

An investigation caught on tape.

If you enjoy murder mysteries, and investigative work, this game is meant for your game collection. Live through a real-life murder investigation, examining interview recordings of the female suspect. Every consistent or inconsistent clue will be considered and questioned, a

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • This game will test how strong your critical and analytical skills are, through solving a realistic but untrue murder mystery.
  • It helps you see both sides of the case and be open minded to every scenario, for not everything is at it seems.
  • It is a highly interactive and imaginative game that allows you to do more than just play the story, but study, socialize and live the story as characters who are not always what they seem.


It Is her story, but which version and what answers do you believe?

 Every minute of the tapes are key to solving this case, don’t let your guard down.

11. Fran Bow

Such a scary life for such a sad little girl.

Having to live with a dark and tragic fate, that was so undeserving, little Fran Bow now lives a life of disorderly anxiety with a dark imagination. Her little Black Cat is her only friend, and every monster in her imaginary world, is either a guide to peace, or a foe leading to death. Don’t lose your way little Fran, for your mind is your greatest weapon.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • Dive into a very imaginative world filled with various odd creatures and obstacles.
  • Live through the eyes of a child fighting anxiety and disorderly emotions, gaining a humane understanding of mental illnesses. It will soften your heart.
  • Enjoy the creepy, horror cinematic game play.

In a scary imaginative world, you will encounter the darkest of fears and demons that enchant them.

Not every monster is evil, some will give you a key to escape.

10. Remember Me

Don’t let your memories be your downfall.

An intense futuristic story, of memorabilia and technology, where human beings are robotic life forms with no trace of any of their memories. Fight your way through areas of high security with eyes on your every move, and even your every memory, trying to gain what was lost. You are now the Memory Hunter.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • A fast paced, fighting-adventure, with a humane storyline of what is valued most, humanity or immortality.
  • Discover, save and recover the memories of your past as well as all of the human race.
  • A hand to hand combat game, that reinforces old school, fist fighting, combating skills.

Every memory is in the fate of your hands. No pressure or anything.

What memories and truths will you discover and recover?

9. Alien Isolation

You are in space completely isolated.

Cut off from civilization, trapped on an abandoned space station far from home, and missing your little girl, you are now Ellen, space explorer and scientist. Having alien eyes on your every move, will put a damper on the beauties of scientific studies and galactic beauty. Fight to survive, so you can return to your little girl, and whatever you do, don’t get eaten and use your oxygen wisely.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • You feel as if you are living the very realistic alien invasion with no one around to save you or help you, making the game feel like you are inside of a sci fi horror film.
  • Fight off hundreds of aliens on an abandoned space station in outer space! It always makes combat more challenging and fun.
  • It gives the realistic feeling of fighting to survive and keeping a promise as a mother, to her daughter.

It will be dark, dangerous, and silent, be vigilant and listen for their presence.

These ugly, nasty, beastly, extraterrestrial monsters have one mission, to rip you apart and eat you alive, with a smile on their face!

8. The Cat Lady

A dark tale of vengeance and a cat.

It finally happened, ladies, your worst fear has come true, you are a psycho cat lady. Live the immortal, tragic life of the crazy cat lady, fighting to avenge her lovers’ untimely suicide. With an Imagination running wild and a granted life of ridding the dark world of psychopaths, you will use your senses and your feline friend, to figure out exactly why He killed himself.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It may sound very dark and disturbing, but you get to live the life as an immortal woman, ridding the world of killers, psychopaths and evil doers.
  • Travel the environments with a clever feline friend.
  • Solve a suicide mystery and get in touch with your deep and inner desires as an imperfect and vulnerable woman.

Very dark, very gruesome, you are a woman out for vengeance, answers and blood.

Your little black cat is your only friend, so love and use him wisely.

7. The Walking Dead: Telltale series

Zombies are everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Zombies are at every turn, and you have nowhere to run or hide. Live the Apocalyptic tale and fight the zombie hordes that have over-taken humanity but can you rely on others or just yourself to survive? The living may not be trustworthy, while the undead army around you, just wants to feast on your flesh.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • An open world that throws you into survival mode, where you must use all your senses and skills in order to find your next meal, safe place of refuge, so you can rest, eat and hide from the flesh eating, brain thirsty monsters.
  • Fight off hordes of zombies with any melee weapon you can find, from household items to a baseball bat.
  • It is a game packed with endless obstacles, environments to explore and various challenges to solve.

Trust no-one but don’t fight alone, the flesh-eating zombies outnumber you.

Enhance every skill that you have and learn to fool the monsters with your own resembling disguise.

6. Life is Strange

Life indeed is strange.

Friendship is hard to come by and even harder to keep, so imagine losing your greatest friend, unsure of why she was killed and who did it. You now control time, with the power to rewind and solve the mystery, but remember, time is tricky, and it should not be tampered with. Is changing time worth returning a friend from death?

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • Be able to travel back in time and change whatever you feel is necessary.
  • Test the bonds of true friendship through this game and its emotional sacrifices and challenges.
  • An open world adventure game that is filled with more than just friendship skills but social skills.

You control time, rewind it and create the outcome.

A friendship as free flying and timeless as a butterfly, can come and go in the blink of an eye. Cherish it.

5. NieR: Autómata

Android Robotics never looked so good!

In a world run by mechanical life forms that over-took the planet, mechanical combat and lack of emotions, will be key to surviving. Androids are not allowed to have human emotions, it is a flaw, yet the search for the cure to an incurable disease has led one robotic humanoid to link to its inner humanity.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It is an action packed, robotic battle, that will test the speed of your combat skills.
  • It has Great graphics and character designs.
  • Get in touch with both sides of mentality, humanly flawed, and robotic control; this shows a symbolic meaning of what it is like to be human and how humanity can’t be controlled or consumed like a robotic life form can.

With a woman and man resemblance, these humanoids fight like a machine.

Unleash and coil your greatest powers and take down even the strongest of opponents.

4. Until Dawn

It starts with eight, how many will survive?

There are eight of you, and you are not as alone as you thought. Trapped in the dark black mountains of what began as a retreat vacation, you are now faced with a game of life or death. Something is haunting your minds as well as your surroundings, testing your mentality. Who can be trusted, and who will make it out alive? Only the dictating monsters haunting you will decide.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It is a twisted version of The Saw Movie franchise, with some comparable blood and gore, where a game of life or death is the hand of your answers to questions and choices.
  • It is a game that makes you question every question and live the emotions of the characters.
  • The game comes with twist, turns, and mysterious obstacles to help you survive, and solve the mystery of the monster hiding in the shadows.

The mirror on all that you once knew, is shattering. Whose reflection is true?

What in all the gaudy nightmares is this thing? Be afraid, be very afraid, for they watch your every move.

3. Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrifice

Sacrifice brings greatness.

Love always comes with a price, so what would you do to save the soul of your lover? Live the honorable romance of the Celtic warrior Sensua, on a mission to save and return the soul of her fallen love. The journey of saving her lost love seems very real to the female warrior, but you begin to question if it all lies inside of her head.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It is linked to the storyline of the Hellblade films
  • Play as a beautiful Celtic warrior out for vengeance and a greater understanding of life and death.
  • A beautiful, dark open world concept with constant battle and discovery.

She brings fire and blood; she is a warrior.

She lost her lover, so she seeks for blood in order to save his soul.

2. The Longest Journey

Every journey is long, this one seems endless.

Trapped in a back and forth phase of two worlds, the world of reality, driven by science and technology, and the world of dream, held by a veil of sleep, magic, and imagination. Travel with two mischievous twins, as they journey through both worlds of chaos and magic, unsure of which is a dream, and which is reality.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It makes the real look surreal to where it could be imaginary, and it makes you think that the imaginary is real. A very mysterious, brain teasing puzzle game.
  • Solve puzzles to gain more truths and magical essence; it will make you feel powerful.
  • The beautiful, double open world leaves room for random exploring.

The journey between worlds.

You are the eye between two worlds.

1. Tomb Raider

Let your adventure begin, Lara Croft

Your father’s legacy lies within his discoveries, his adventures and within you. You are now the bold, beautiful and brave explorer, Lara Croft, on an adventure to discover all the pieces to her father, and what he left behind, and what he had yet to discover. The elements will test you and your virtue will win you.

3 Things that Make this Game Fun to Play

  • It is the full epic tale of Lara Croft and her treasury adventures.
  • A beautiful, realistic open world, that is filled with a multitude of challenges, obstacles and missions.
  • It will test your humanity and your emotions, leaving you feeling as if you are Lara Croft.

You are a Bold, beautiful, and renegade woman with nothing holding you back!

There are insane obstacles every where you go, don’t let it stop you from your mission.

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