[Top 5] Greedfall Best Armor And How To Get Them

Greedfall best armor how to get them
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5. The Major’s Collard Doublet set

Be in charge Go to war

The Major’s armor is a great set of armor, mostly because it can be found fairly early in the game and offers a base armor bonus of 156 for the full set (Armor, gauntlets, and boots). It does require an endurance of 2 to use though. It doesn’t offer any bonuses besides the armor bonus, but still a great set.

Why the Major armor set is great:

  • Offers great armor bonus (156 base)
  • Can be obtained fairly early in the game.

How to get the Major set:

    For the armor and gauntlets, you have to travel to the Hot Springs of Magasvar and defeat a guardian in the Vale of the Great battle. After you defeat the guardian you will find a dead coin guard who has the armor and gauntlets on him and a key. The key, you take to the wooden tower by the alliance outpost. You go to the top of the tower and open a chest to get the rest of the set.

4. The Warrior King’s outfit set

Armor fit for a king

The Warrior King set is pretty easy to get and you can get it pretty early in the game. It gives almost the same total bonus (158) as the Major set, but it is better because it has no endurance requirement, you can just pop it on. It also gives great element and poison resistance

Why The Warrior King’s outfit set is great:

  • Great armor bonus(158 base)
  • Has no endurance requirement
  • Gives element and poison resistance

How to get The Warrior King’s outfit set:

You have to go west of  Vigyigidaw village in Cerghanes, there is a path that leads through a tunnel, stay on the path until you find a chest to get the boots and the gloves. To get the armor you have to defeat a guardian. The guardian you have to defeat is in Steigar Falag at the Rocky Steps, defeat the guardian and loot the chest for the armor.

3. Merchant Prince’s armor set

Kick them in half, in style

The Merchant Prince armor is next on the list, better than both the previous armor sets and tags in at a total of 189 base armor bonus if you have all three pieces. Thankfully, with this set, all three pieces you get at the same time. Also, this set is pretty stylish, in my opinion, it’s the best looking of all the sets on the list.

Why Marchant Prince armor set is great:

  • Great armor bonus(189 base)
  • Still only need an endurance of 2 to use all three pieces
  • You get all three pieces at the same time.
  • Very ornate, stylish set

How to get the Merchant Prince’s armor set:

To get this set of armor you have to go to Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters. Off the beaten path, in a wooded area, you will definitely see the guardian there, waiting to pummel you. This one is pretty tough so you need to level up a bit before you get to him, (level 17 or so). You defeat the guardian and you have to find the dead body of a merchant that is in the area where you fought the guardian. You will find a key on the merchant, after that go to the nearby river and follow it north till you find a chest, in that chest, is the Merchant Prince set.

4. The Commander’s Armor Set

The Commander’s armor set does boast the highest base armor bonus in the game (total 242 base), but a real downside to it is that it requires 5 endurance to use it. Honestly, it is easier to go with the Saint Matheus set that only requires 4. But it does have the best armor bonus and is a great legendary set of armor. You may not get it till way later in the game, but it is worth it.

Why Commander’s Armor set is great:

  • Best armor bonus in the game (242 base)
  • You get the entire set in one location
  • Don’t have to fight a guardian to get it

How to get the Commander’s Armor set

To get this set you have to complete Kurt’s loyalty quest with the coin guard. In a warehouse of the coin guard in San Matheus, you will find a chest, in the chest is the whole set. You can pick the lock if you have level 3 lockpicking, otherwise, you have to complete Kurt’s entire questline with the coin guard to get the key.

5. Saint Matheus Armor set

The Saint Matheus set does not have the highest bonus in the game, it does have an awesome base armor bonus of 241. Even though there is armor with a higher armor bonus, you only need an endurance of 4 to wear the armor and it has magic resistance, which is awesome.

Why Saint Matheus Armor is great:

  • Only need 4 endurance to wear
  • Great armor bonus (241)
  • Comes with magical resistance

How to get Saint Matheus armor set

To get this armor you have to travel down to Vedvilvie. In the Origins of Theleme quest you find a cave during the Footsteps of Saint Matheus quest. The armor is in that cave. 

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