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Greedfall best companion
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A review of all companions and who to choose

1. Siora

Siora is out for revenge!

The islander with a fiery passion, Siora. Siora is a great companion. She can heal you and your other allies, and also buff you with spells. She uses spell attacks at range and light weapons. She also helps you with the natives of Teer Fadee, almost all situations with islanders go better when she is around. Plus, you get her early in the game so you can quickly get the benefits from being allies with her.

Why Siora is great:

  • Great healer
  • Helpful with natives of Teer Fadee
  • Friendship made quickly

Pick Siora if:

  • You are a warrior and need a healer
  • Want to advance your relationship with the natives
  • Need a strong long-range attack character
  • Want a bonus to Vigor

2. Kurt

Kurt, your mentor and ally

Kurt of the Coin Guard. Kurt is a heavy melee character and is a good support if you are playing Magic or Technical. Kurt is your first ally so you build him up quickly, this makes him more durable. He likes to use two-handed weapons, so he is good at smashing enemies for you. Also, heavy damage characters get the attention of bosses, so he can be a good distraction if you are using Magic. Since he is with the coin guard, he can help you build ties with that group.

Why Kurt is great:

  • Can do heavy melee damage
  • Is tough, will last longer than most in a fight
  • A good balance for a Magic character
  • Is with the Coin Guard and can help you build a relationship with them

Pick Kurt if:

  • You need a heavy melee character
  • Need durable back-up
  • Want to build your relationship with the Coin Guard 
  • Need a bonus to Craftmanship

3. Vasco

Vasco, ready to stab poison into you!

Vasco, the Naut. Vasco is a fighter that uses poison, which he talks about all the time, and one-handed weapons. The poison he uses is a good DOT (damage over time) attack and helps kill off your enemies quicker. He moves around the battlefield faster than most other allies and uses guns, so it would be good if you are using a large weapon character who usually moves slower. The Nauts are very secretive and very private, if you are not a Naut you have a hard time getting anything out of them, Vasco, being a Naut, helps a lot with that.

Why Vasco is great:

  • Fast melee fighter who uses poison and guns
  • Helps with the secretive Nauts
  • Good balance for a heavy melee Warrior

Pick Vasco if:

  • You need a warrior to deal damage quickly
  • Want to build your relationship with the Nauts
  • Need an intuitive stat bonus


The scheming old goat from Theleme. Petrus uses shadow bolts and wears armor, meaning he is durable and stays out of the fray. For this reason, he lasts pretty long in a fight. His shadow bolts can stagger enemies, giving you an opening to deal some serious hurt. 

Why Petrus is great:

  • Uses shadow bolts that ignore armor
  • Has staying power with his heavy armor
  • Can create an opening by staggering enemies

Pick Petrus if:

  • You need an ally to bypass armor
  • Need an ally to last the fight
  • Need a charisma bonus

5. Aphra

Aphra, gun-toting grenadier from the Bridge Alliance. Aphra uses rifles and tosses bombs, this makes her great for crowd control. One bomb from Aphra can deal crazy damage and be a distraction for a boss fight. Aphra tends not to defend herself so she can go down pretty easily, so your character has to be the muscle with her on the team.

Why Aphra is great:

  • Can deal great damage with guns and bombs
  • Great for crowd control
  • Can be a great distraction

Pick Aphra if:

  • You like area attacks and crowd control
  • Need a science stat bonus 


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