[Top 10] Greedfall Best Weapons And How To Get Them

Greedfall Best Weapons
Death in my hands

10. Fencer’s Stiletto

Sharp and light, quick kills with the Stiletto

We start at the low end with The Fencer’s Stiletto. This weapon is good for melee and stun damage. The Fencer’s Stiletto does good damage but has a high requirement of 5 agility to equip. The upside is, it is rather easy to obtain.

Why Fencer’s Stiletto is great

  • Good damage (341)
  • Easy to obtain

How to get Fencer’s Stiletto:

You have to travel to Cwenvar, The Tall trees. Make your way to a ruin with a stone chest in Cergsaunsei, in the stone chest is the Fencer’s Stiletto. You have to head there pretty late in the game, before that, for storyline reasons, a boulder will be blocking your path.

9. Dunncas’ Peacemaker Mace

no one can protect themselves from this mace

Dunncas’ Peacemaker is pretty awesome for physical damage and armor damage. Unfortunately, by the time you get it, it’s near the end of the game. Still, annihilating foes is pretty easy with the awesome mace.

Why Dunncas’ Peacemaker Mace is great:

  • High armor damage (36)
  • Great physical damage (344)
  • Really nice stun

How to get Dunncas’ Peacemaker Mace:

Near the end of Greedfall, you will get a chance to make an NPC king of Teef Fadee. If you make Dunncas’ king, he will reward you with this mace.

8. Large Cleaver

Cleave'em in two!

The Large Cleaver is a great one-handed weapon that is fairly easy to obtain and does an awesome amount of damage and is a one-handed weapon so you can have something in your off-hand as well to switch off to. 

Why Large Cleaver is great:

  • Easy to obtain
  • Awesome damage (359)
  • Really good at stunning foes so you can hit them with a powerful attack

How to get Large Cleaver:

To get the Large Cleaver you simply have to become “friendly” with the Congregation of Merchants and it will show up in your loot chest at camp.

7. Sacrificial Sword

Cut them down!

The Sacrificial Swords takes some work to get, but it is an awesome weapon. It does pretty good damage and stuns very well.

Why Sacrificial Sword is great:

  • Good damage (376)
  • Good stunning

How to get the Sacrificial Sword:

You have to go up the Theleme questline to get this one. You have to travel to Vedvilvie during  “The Origins of Theleme” quest. Head east and you will come to a guardian in front of a cave. Take that big boy down and the sword is yours.

6.Light Flamberge

The stylish Flamberge

Another good one-hander, the Light Flamberge is a pretty cool-looking weapon that does good damage. It does take a lot to get it, but it’s worth it to be able to cut through bandits with this awesome sword. 

Why Light Flamberge is great:

  • Great damage for a one-handed weapon (384)
  • OK stun damage
  • Stylish weapon

How to get the Light Flamberge:

To get the Light Flamberge you have to go to Wenshaganaw, the Singing Waters, and fight the deadly group of bandits there. Once you defeat them search around by a rock surrounded by bushes, you will find the weapon there.

5. Great Scythe

The Great Scythe is a massive two-handed weapon that does more armor damage than most weapons on the list. And it gives that grim reaper style that many find fun to have. It does great damage and cuts down armor pretty fast.

Why Great Scythe is great:

  • Does heavy damage (387)
  • Does great armor damage (22)
  • Will find during the main story

How to get Great Scythe

While on the quest called the Quest for Panacea you end up going to Frasoneigad, The Ancients’ Woods. While there you go to the Roots Passage and inside it, there is an altar, the weapon is by the alter.


...because some watery tart threw a scimitar at you?

We break 400 damage per swing with the Scimitar. What is great about this weapon is that it has a low agility requirement and deals a lot of damage. Also, it is not very hard to get.

Why Scimitar is great:

  • Deals great damage (409)
  • Only 2 agility to equip

How to get Scimitar:

You have to head to Glendgnamvar, The Shore of the Tall Bones. In the southeastern part of the map, you need to find a broken bridge, beneath that bridge is a corpse, loot it to find a key. Take the key up to the broken bridge and cross it, on the other side you will find a chest that has the Scimitar.

3. Broadsword of the Deceased King

Rule with the sword of a king

The Broadsword of the Deceased King does some serious damage, and although getting it is simple, it isn’t easy to get. It is a great overall weapon, does awesome damage, great armor damage, and does great stunning.

Why Broadsword of the Deceased King is great:

  • Awesome damage (517)
  • Awesome armor damage (24)

How to get Broadsword of the Deceased King:

To get this sword you simply must win all challenges in the Arena and the sword will be awarded to you, but it’s no easy task.

2. High King Vinbarr’s Sword

Cut throught them all with this armor piercing blade

Doing a little better than the Broadsword of the Deceased king is High King Vinbarr’s Sword. It is just as good but does a bit more armor damage. Another great overall weapon.

Why High King Vinbarr’s Sword is great:

  • Awesome damage (517)
  • Awesome armor damage (25)

How to get High King Vinbarr’s Sword:

Near the end of the game, you loot this sword off a boss when you complete the quest Vinbarr’s Sanctuary.

1.Forgotten Grand Sabre of Al Saad

A sword that should never be forgotten

The sword is a force to be reckoned with. The Forgotten Grand Sabre of  Al Saad does a ton of damage and does great armor damage. It is a long sword, so it does swing a bit slower, but if you want to hack your foes in half, this is the weapon

Why Forgotten Grand Sabre of Al Saad is great:

  • Most damage from a melee weapon in the game (536)
  • Good armor damage (22) and stun

How to get Forgotten Grand Sabre of Al Saad:

You have to complete the Attack on San Mattheus quest late in the game. Then you loot it off a boss.

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