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LOTRO Best Race
Pushing the Nazgul away

Match your race and class for the best benefits.

Lord of the Rings Online has consistently released new gameplay in the form of quest packs, expansions, races, and classes. Believe it or not, the race of your character can have an impact on how well the class you choose plays through your active and passive skills. The best combos of races and classes might make your decision a little easier. 

1. Race of Man

Creating your Race of Man character

Having the shortest lifespan and easily falling for dark emotions of betrayal and ambition, the Race of Man may seem like the weakest race. But they are considered the most courageous and honorable of the races, as well as having the highest survivability in battle. They are destined to rule and their racial skills prove it. 

Race Bonuses:

  • Strong Men: +15 Might 
  • Gift of Men: +15 Fate
  • Easily Inspired: +5% Incoming Healing
  • Diminishing of Mankind: -7 Will

Best Classes for Race of Man:

  • Warden - The Incoming Healing bonus along and the additional Might gives the Race of Man an advantage when it comes to Wardens. Wardens have high morale already, which means additional Might will reduce incoming damage and increase any outgoing damage. Healing also gets a huge boost, which will keep your Warden in the fight longer.
  • Captain - Tanking is easier with the additional healing boost. There’s even less worry about running low on morale. Add in the Fate, which increases in-combat morale and power regeneration, and a Captain with this race is even stronger.
  • Champion - As Champions are all about the AoE, having the incoming healing and morale regeneration from Fate can help you fight longer. The additional trait of high survivability can be crucial when overwhelmed by many enemies.

2. Elf

An Elf Hunter attacking their prey

The naturally long lives of the Elves have made them both wise and cautious of the world. They have been through many wars and have seen the devastation they bring, which caused them to seclude themselves from the world with many leaving Middle-Earth. They may be subject to increased sorrow, but their increased resistance to disease and their remembrance of the Eldar has given them enough to fight with.

Race Bonuses:

  • Agility of the Woods: +15 Agility
  • Fading of the Firstborn: -7 Fate
  • Sorrow of the Firstborn: -20 Max Morale, -60 Non-Combat Morale Regeneration
  • Suffer No Illness: +1% Disease Resistance and Poison Resistance

Best Classes for Elf:

  • Hunter - By far, the Hunter and Elf are the perfect match. They get a 5% bow damage skill that no other race possesses. Their increased resistance to disease and poison works well with the Hunter skill of Purge Poison. Increased Agility provided by the Elf is also a huge bonus.

3. Dwarf

The Dourhands stand no chance

Their greed has a way of getting them into trouble, but you would never have to worry about a dwarf running from a battle. Deep places are where many dwarves have found their homes, especially in places where treasures lie. Their craftiness in weaponry rivals some of the best blacksmiths in the world. 

Race Bonuses:

  • Sturdiness: +15 Might
  • Stocky: -7 Agility
  • Lost Dwarf-Kingdoms: -7 Fate
  • Unwearying in Battle: +30 In-Combat Morale Regeneration, +30 In-Combat Power Regeneration, -60 Non-Combat Morale Regeneration, -30 Non-Combat Power Regeneration 

Best Classes for Dwarf:

  • Guardian - The increased might and in-combat regeneration help make the Guardian a great class to play. Having a shield half-the-size of your character is always a fun addition. 
  • Champion - Might and AoE are complementary to each other. Having increased  Might means stronger damage output and lower incoming damage. Champions are known for their strong attacks and with increased regeneration, this means a higher chance of survival.

4. Hobbit

Preparing for elevenses

Hobbits are often seen as simple folk, those who enjoy parties, smoking, and eating. Their Hobbit holes are where they enjoy life and where many ignore the ongoing war in Middle-Earth. Though small in stature, they have a strong heart. They have a natural resistance to fear and corruption, making them the perfect race to go into battle and come out on the other side.

Race Bonuses:

  • Hobbit Courage: +1% Fear Resistance
  • Hobbit-Toughness: +15 Vitality
  • Rapid Recovery: +60 Non-Combat Morale Regeneration
  • Resist Corruption: +1% Shadow Mitigation
  • Small Size: -7 Might

Best Classes for Hobbit:

  • Minstrel - For DPS and healing, the Minstrel is a great fit for a Hobbit. Playing songs to weaken enemies, like Cry of the Valar, suits the nature of a Hobbit. The increased resistance to fear and corruption is very important when in the heart of the enemy’s territory.
  • Burglar - As a debuffer, a Burglar reduces the strengths of the enemy. A Hobbit already has resistance to fear and corruption, so they could go against strong enemies and come out on top. The increased Vitality will keep your Burglar alive longer to keep your Fellowship together and defeat your enemies.

5. High-Elf

Hailing from Beleriand

Possessing the beauty of Valinor, these graceful elves have mostly gone to the Undying Lands to live out the rest of their days. Some remain behind in an effort to see the world rid of the evil that currently corrupts it. They prefer the quiet of peace where their regeneration is the strongest, but their strength will push them through every fight. 

Race Bonuses:

  • Peace of the Eldar: +20 Maximum Morale, +60 Non-Combat Morale Regeneration
  • Fading of the Firstborn: -7 Fate
  • Sorrow of the Undying: -7 Will
  • Suffer No Illness: +1% Disease Resistance and Poison Resistance

Best Classes for High Elf:

  • Warden - With the already high morale on Wardens, the extra 20 Maximum Morale is a huge boost. Increased resistance to disease and poison works well with the Warden skill of First Aid, which removes one disease, poison, wound or fear.
  • Captain - High-Elves are natural leaders, making the Captain class a suitable combination. They would do well with buffing, like the skills Words of Courage and Escape from Darkness. Higher morale is beneficial to the Captain class.
  • Guardian - The High-Elves that stayed behind want to protect the world and as a Guardian, that is what they would do. Increased morale and morale regeneration give these tanks more reason to keep fighting. 

6. Beorning

A Beorning ready to take on the enemy

If your hatred of orcs is strong, the Beorning race may be the one for you. They are descendants of ancient Man, prefer living in the wilderness away from others and love all things nature. Widely known as Skin-Changers, they are the only race who can change into a bear at will. This also means the only class available is the Beorning class.

Race Bonuses:

  • Might of the Wild: +15 Might
  • Few in Number: -7 Fate
  • Natural Resistance: +1% Poison Resistance
  • Thick Hide: +15 Vitality

Best Class for Beorning:

  • Beorning - It may be the only class available, but it is well-suited to this race. The extra Might reduces damage inflicted on your character. The additional Vitality boosts your morale, giving you more life. 

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