Top 15 Best Free MMORPGs for PC

MMORPGs have always been a staple for PC gaming, with Runescape being one of the oldest.

MMOs have been one of the longest standing genres of games to exist. They can be intimidating to jump into, and with a large amount of options available on the market, it can be hard to make a choice. Today we have organized a list of the top 15 MMORPGs to get into on PC to help guide your decision on what to download next!. 


1. Guild Wars 2

Check out this in depth beginners guide to starting your playthrough of Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 is a great option for those looking to get into MMORPGs on PC. It has an extensive player base, and being released in 2012, there’s a lot of information on the internet to help you get started. It takes place in the high fantasy world of Tyria, where players will take on various quests to help their chosen faction take on the Elder Dragons. With expansive PvE and PvP options, there's something for all fans of MMO’s. 

Hosting roughly 500k players daily and a total player count just under 20 million, Guild Wars 2 guarantees to give you the Massively Multiplayer experience of an MMO. It has 9 classes and 5 different races, offering players 45 different combinations for their character. . Aside from the main story, there are 4 expansions currently released that can add to the already expansive content available to the player, with a fifth untitled expansion slated for release this year. 

Team up with ten of your guild mates to take on enemies in GW2’s raids and earn that elite gear piece you’ve been waiting for.


2. STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™

This video gives a good look at the state of the game going into 2024.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the longest standing MMOs on the market, and for good reason. Released in 2011, the game has a dedicated developer team and fan base keeping it alive into 2024. Originally made as a love letter to pre-Disney Star Wars fans, it features loads of great content and stories that OG Star Wars fans will love. 

Dive into an evolving story where your decisions truly can affect the outcome of the game, and change things as you play. No playthrough is the same as the last as you traverse the galaxy and make decisions that affect the galaxy around you. Group up with a guild or go it solo, and tackle the forces of open space as you grow and evolve into the hero, or villain, you want to be.

Shape your own story, as your decisions affect the world around you and change how you play the game in Star Wars: The Old Republic


3. RuneScape ®

Here's a video to help any new players get a strong start in Runescape if you decide this the game for you. 

RuneScape, developed by Jagex, is a modern, updated version of the old school classic we all know and love (more on the classic later). If the low-poly count graphics of Old School Runescape isn’t for you, RuneScape 3 might be what you’ve been waiting for. Jagex gave us updated graphics and gameplay,bringing the world of Gielinor into the modern gaming day. 

With an expansive skill tree system derived from the classic, there's plenty to do when you first spawn into the game. Thankfully with tutorial island being the default spawn, you’ll have a decent grip on what to do when you first pop into the starter town of Lumbridge. Whether you’re looking for a guild to join, or hunt other players in the PvP zone, RuneScape offers hours of content for you to explore. 

A large map is available for players to traverse as they explore the world of Gielinor, bringing multiple cities to life with NPCs and quests for you to take on. 


4. Albion Online

For the best start possible in Albion Online check out SwoleBenji's video above!

Albion Online is a large MMORPG, having almost 5 million registered users. Its unique “classless” approach to character builds helps keep the game fresh, where players' abilities are based on the gear they wear. It offers PvE and PvP content, with better gear being offered at higher levels.

The player’s actions greatly affect the game world. For instance, the economy is 100% player driven, with all gear on the marketplace being player-made. Take on any role you wish to help develop the world of Albion. Whether you supply craftsmen with materials, or take to the black zone, and take other players' inventories, your decisions will have an effect on the world of Albion.

Guild gameplay expands options for players greatly. Group up with other players, and achieve your goals faster!


5. Summoners War: Chronicles

For the ultimate start in Summoners War, check out the video above!

Summoners Wars: Chronicles is a sequel to its predecessor by the same name, and brings the classic feel into the modern day. Players can choose from and customize 3 summoners: Summoner of Healing, Guard, and Magic, each offering different playstyles and strengths. Collect monsters to summon and help you protect the world against the threat of Tefos’ conspiracies. 

With over 200 monsters available for summoners to collect, there’s plenty to unlock as you progress, which makes the game more satisfying as you build your collection. Choose three monsters to battle alongside you, using monsters with abilities that compliment your own. Including equipment options for yourself, and Runes for your monsters, the possibilities for your team build are expansive to say the least.

Take on some of the fiercest enemies the Rahil kingdom has to offer with your monsters, and with friends!



STALCRAFT has alot to learn for new players, get a step ahead by watching the video above which outlines the best way to start the game!

STALCRAFT was originally developed as a Minecraft mod, and received so much praise it was developed into its own game. It’s an MMO with FPS gameplay and RPG progression. With settlements and various NPCs scattered across the map, players are pushed to explore the wasteland freely. While encountering these NPCs there are two main factions for the player to side with if they choose: The Stalkers, or The Bandits. 

Dodge anomalies and fight against the mutants of the wasteland as you level up your skills and find better loot. Craft the weapons you want to use, or take them off of bandits you thwart on the way. Be careful as you traverse the wasteland though, as other players may try and take you out, taking your gear with them. With a host of PvP skills available to you, tailor your skills to your playstyle and conquer the wasteland. 

Curious horrors await the player in the wasteland. Will you survive or thrive as you tackle the mutants and other stalkers?


7. Star Trek Online

Watch the video above for a great 101 crash course for Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online released in 2010, and was made free to play in early 2012.Taking place 22 years after Star Trek: Nemesis, the alliance between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire has collapsed. You’ll need to help the galaxy fight back against the Klingon forces.

You’ll captain your own ship, and be in charge of its engineering and tactical systems. Player’s will beam down to various planets to engage in combat with their enemies.. With the options of the fast paced ground combat and the tactical space combat, there's something for every player to enjoy.

Take to the ground and defeat your enemies while you complete missions and help stop the Klingon threat.


8. The Lord of the Rings Online™

Here's a fresh take on the state of the game coming out of 2023 for any players who may be considering jumping in. 

Fans of this long standing franchise will thoroughly enjoy the next entry on the list. The game takes place during the War of the Rings. The player takes the role of a citizen of Middle Earth caught in the midst of all the conflict created by the plot of the movies. Help the citizens of Middle Earth quell the various threats that wish to take advantage of the chaos created by the war.

LOTRO is a massive game, encompassing a lot of the fan favorite locations from the stories. Since its release in 2007 the game has received 11 content expansions, offering players even more content to dive into, and expanding on the story. Jump in, level up, and help Gandalf take down Sauron in this immersive Lord of the Rings story. 

Take on classic enemies from the world of Middle Earth such as Trolls, Wights, and Goblins. 


9. Realm of the Mad God Exalt

Here is the ultimate beginner's guide to jumping into Realm of the Mad God Exalt.

If you’re a fan of the 8 bit art style, Realm of the Mad God Exalt may be for you. It's a “bullet-hell” style MMO that takes place in the realm of Oryx where the mad god Exalt has transported the player to be food for his many twisted creatures. Players will have to fight tooth and nail to survive, because if you die, player death is permanent. 

Experience is dropped and awarded to every player present, so group up with friends and take on the realms strongest to level up and get better gear. If you die however, you’ll lose all of your items, and the character itself. Make sure to store some decent items for your next character before going out to fight. 

Gain experience and level up as quickly as possible to become strong enough to defeat the worst of enemies, and avoid losing your character.


10. Neverwinter

Above is the ultimate beginners guide and class breakdown for new players in Neverwinter.

Neverwinter is based in the Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter. With its story and setting based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, players are in for a treat as they jump into what is essentially DnD Online. Players have 9 classes to choose from when making their character, filling one of three roles: DPS, Healer, and Tank. As with most MMOs, you’ll need to group up with other players to take down some of the hardest enemies Neverwinter has to offer. 

Take on dungeons, raids, or even other guilds as you push your hero to the top. As you play you’ll unlock more equipment, increasing your strength, and as you get further you’ll need to tailor your gear a little more meticulously to get the perfect set. Shape your destiny and help the city of Neverwinter rebound from the attack by Valindra Shadowmantle.

Neverwinter has received a massive 27 major content updates since release and shows no sign of slowing down. 


11. EVE Online

EVE Online is a very detailed game, use this beginner's guide to get a strong start as you jump into EVE Online.

EVE Online is one of the largest space MMORPGs to be released. It has a large player base, and hosts the Guinness world record for the Largest Multiplayer Video Game Battle (8,825 players) and the Most Concurrent Participants in a Multiplayer Battle (6,557 players). Players are free to choose their profession, with mining, manufacturing, trading, piracy, combat, and exploration as available options. 

With over 7,800 individual star systems to visit, and almost 300k daily players, it has a living world ready for the player to explore. You’ll have to engineer your ship to fit the profession you want to pursue. Join up with other captains and maximize your profits as you explore the massive galaxy available to players. 

The largest multiplayer battle ever seen was on EVE Online, hosting up to 6,000+ players led to the destruction of up to 2,900 players' ships. 


12. Lost Ark

Get a step ahead of the competition with this beginner's guide for Lost Ark from Sywo.

Lost Ark is a well developed MMO, released in North America by Amazon in 2022. Its primary focus is PvE, but does have some PvP available to players who want it. The Ark once put an end to the bloodiest war seen in Arkesia, and society has forgotten. With an impending threat closing in on the world, they must put their faith into the Ark once again. 

Jump in as one of 24 classes and help search for the twelve pieces of the Ark as you assist the warriors of Arkesia. With a good story and a decent guild system, there's plenty of things to do for new players. Party up with your guild and eliminate any threats to your advancement as you search for the Lost Ark.

After finding your squad, will you be able to tackle Arkesia’s biggest enemies, or will you be crushed under the pressure?


13. Blade and Soul

Take a look at this video which covers the latest update to Blade and Soul and helps give tips for players who are just jumping into Blad and Soul.

Blade and Soul is a martial arts combat MMO where players are dropped into a world divided into three realms: The Earthen Realm, the Divine Realm, and the Dark Realm. Choose from 14 classes as you create your character and prepare to dive in. With vast PvE content and two ways to engage in PvP, there's something for both types of MMO players. 

Join Master Hong as he sets out to avenge the destruction of Hongmoon. You’ll fight against the forces of Jinsoyun as you complete quests for various NPCs across the realms. Featuring a unique art style that mimics its TV show counterpart, get lost in the beautiful animation and gear up to be the hero the world needs.

With an extensive amount of skills at your disposal, it's up to you to take down the enemies you’ll encounter in this beautiful world. 


14. DC Universe™ Online

Check out the video above to see a veteran players take on the state of the game for DCUO heading into 2024.

DC Universe Online is set in the world of DC comics, with players being able to explore Metropolis and Gotham city in the base game. You can jump in and create your own superhero, choosing your own superpowers, and deep customization options for your outfit. Content is divided into episodes that offer different stories at different levels of gameplay. There are episodes for solo players, duos, or full on raids with up to 8 heroes. 

Grind to level up and acquire the best gear for your hero, taking your power levels as high as possible. You’ll run into all of your favorite DC superheroes and supervillains as you explore various locations from your favorite comics. Jump- or fly in, and help combat the evil forces that plan to take over the DC Universe in this MMO love letter to DC fans!

Take full control of your appearance with endless options available for you to choose from as you create your own hero!


15. Old School RuneScape

For an in depth guide to match the detail of the game, check out Josh Strife Hayes' ultimate beginners guide to OSRS.

While Old School Runescape is the oldest entry on this list, being released in 2001, it’s one of the strongest. Set in Gielinor, players are dropped into the starter town of Lumbridge and given free reign over their next steps. With 29 skills available for players to level up, what you do in the world of Gielinor is incredibly open ended. 

You’ll need to find ways to get the best gear, make plenty of sweet, sweet gp (gold for the uninitiated), and tackle some of the strongest monsters the world has to offer. Runescape is such a strong MMO, it serves as the example for a lot of developers when they approach designing their own. Your story is yours to create, so jump in and start exploring the world of Gielinor!

Boasting almost 3 million concurrent players even 22 years after release, the world of Gielinor is teeming with other adventurers such as yourself.


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