Guild Wars 2 New Elite Specializations Revealed [EoD] I.

Guild Wars 2 New Elite Specializations
The new elite specializations revealed!

It is finally here! The big revelation of the Elite Specializations for the upcoming expansion End of Dragons.

We’ve got ANet to reveal the first three of the bunch - Necromancer, Mesmer and Guardian!

You can even play them in Beta!

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Harbinger (Necromancer)

The new Necromancer capable of great damage through the use of a pistol.

The new Necromancer capable of great damage through the use of a pistol.

We get a Pistol wielding Necromancer, so the majority of the new skills will be oriented towards single target and range combat.

We also get a new elite specialization effect called Blight. This new effect is tied to Harbinger shroud skills and their Elixir skills. It decreases your maximum HP by 2% per stack.

Harbingers also consume life force to heal themselves, only while in combat and outside of the Harbinger shroud, though. This appears to be happening automatically and cannot be influenced by the player. 

What We Know About Harbinger:

  • Wields a pistol in the main hand
  • Has a new Harbinger shroud
  • Life force heals them outside shroud while in combat
  • Blight, a new effect tied to the Harbinger, decreases their maximum HP while in the shroud
  • Has access to Elixir utility skills

Virtuoso (Mesmer)

The Virtuoso switches clones for illusionary blades to achieve their goals.The Virtuoso switches clones for illusionary blades to achieve their goals.

For the mesmer’s elite spec, we get to use the Dagger. 

We also lose our clones, which is a big wow… Mesmer without clones?

Well, not to worry because we get blades instead, which hover around us and nothing can take them away from us. 

Virtuoso also gets access to Psionic utility skills, which focus on the psionic blades we got.

We can already imagine the huge amount of fresh air this will bring to the gameplay, especially to PvP matches.

Overall, this allows for some new and exciting gameplay. We no longer have to rely on summoning our clones that follow us around.

What We Know About Virtuoso:

  • Wields a dagger in the main hand
  • Clones are replaced by blades
  • Has access to psionic abilities, which are closely related to the blades

Willbender (Guardian)

The new Guardian chose the path of great honor in defending those in needThe new Guardian chose the path of great honor in defending those in need

Now for the Guardians out there, we have some great news. Willbender, which is the Guardian’s new elite spec gets access to a long-wished-for off-hand sword.

This effectively means that as a Willbender, you can now dual-wield swords and kick some serious butt. 

The whole vibe of Willbender seems kind of in the realm of martial arts, which is understandable since we are in the region of Cantha.

As for the Utility skills, the developers’ choice supports the theme of martial arts, as Willbenders get access to Physical skills.

If you ever have been concerned about the movement ability of your Guardian, fear no more. As Willbender, most of your skills will revolve around movement in one way or another.

Overall, the Willbender seems to be focused a lot on melee and close-range combat.

What We Know About Willbender:

  • Wields a sword in the off-hand (Yay!)
  • High movement ability
  • Has access to Physical Skills
  • Melee focused elite spec


What an awesome set of Elite specializations!

Do you play any of those professions as your mains?

Which trio of elite specs do you think will be revealed next?

Let’s start a discussion in the comment section below.

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