Guild Wars 2 PvP Tier List in 2021

Guild Wars 2 PvP Tier List
Find out which are the best PvP classes right now

Guild Wars 2 PvP is all about balance. That is why there are frequent balance patches, which may affect a lot of information in this list.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the current Tier List for Guild Wars 2 professions for PvP Gameplay.

S tier

The S tier is where the Supreme professions are. These are the best of the best and are part of the current PvP Meta.


A great PvP profession, Heralds bring everything to the table. They provide excellent permanent support while also being able to fully focus on dealing high damage. An excellent choice for PvP.


Scourge provides huge amounts of barrier, is incredibly tanky, can be very supportive, has great crowd-control (including Fear) and it is an incredible Condition damage dealer on top of all that. A great choice for PvP.


Reaper excels at direct Power damage, crowd-control and it also has TONS of HP.

It has the best use of the Lich Form elite skill out of all the Necromancers and a properly executed Gravedigger (Greatsword 2 skill) is basically a KO. An amazing duellist option for PvP.

A tier

This is considered to be the top, right after the S tier. While only the best belong to the A tier, these are not quite as exceptional as those in the S tier.

Make no mistake, these are certainly very capable and polished PvP professions.

Guardian (Core)

A great option that is extremely versatile. You can play both Support or DPS as a Guardian and you can play them really well.


A power profession that is quite an outstanding duellist. Offers great power damage with an amazing cleave.


A superb class when it comes to PvP Gameplay, however, it does lack some of the versatility of Herald, so it does not make the S tier.


The saving grace for all Engineers, Holosmith is a great duellist. Its damage output is very significant, especially when using the Grenade Kit. Definitely worth checking out.

Thief (Core) & Daredevil & Deadeye

All of the Thief family are great duellists. They are an excellent choice, however, these days they can be overshadowed by some other professions which sends them to the A tier.


While it loses the focus on the companion, Soulbeast is able to merge with the pet to greatly increase effectiveness and damage output, making it a very capable duellist specialization.


A brilliant duellist. Whether you play Fire or Air, a Weaver hits really hard. 

Its only downside is the difficulty of the gameplay and the fact that it has (as any other Elementalist) a low HP.

For that reason, it belongs to the A tier.


Out of all the Mesmers, Mirages are the best suited for PvP game mode.

They have tons of confusion and dazes, great Condition damage and lots and lots of Evades.

They move between the S tier and the A tier, mostly due to the strength of other classes. A very viable option if you are into PvP.

B tier

A pretty good tier. These can be considered PvP professions, however, they usually need a little extra push in the right direction in the form of a good team, for example.


Unlike its other Warrior siblings, the Spellbreaker has an advantage of a decent DPS output as well as a combat advantage in the form of its Full Counters. While not an amazing option, it certainly is much more competent at PvP Gameplay.


While a reasonable choice, it is overshadowed by its siblings. Everything a Firebrand does, the other two can dow ay better. For that reason, it is not ranked as high.

Ranger (Core)

Ranger makes for an interesting PvP Gameplay thanks to the use of its pet. While it is quite competent, it lacks the full potential of some superior classes to be placed any higher than the B tier.

Necromancer (Core)

One of the few core professions that still hold some value in PvP to this day. It is a very good choice for dealing AoE Condition damage and also has access to a lot of boon corruption or removal.

It can also, to an extent, be a supportive role with the use of Blood Magic traitline.

However, since its brothers, the Reaper and the Scourge, are so amazing in PvP situations, the core profession is often left behind. The elite professions have simply much much more to offer.


In PvP game mode, Tempests mostly serve the functionality of a Healer/Support and they are very good at that. 

When it comes to damage output, the Tempest is a pretty good choice, however, there are much better options out there.


As a Chronomancer, you are a great duellist. It is a good idea to utilize your great power burst damage, crowd-control and boon removal.

Clones can also come in handy for confusing enemies.

However, you really need to rely on the support of your teammates to keep you standing. That’s why it goes into the B tier.

C tier

Somewhat mediocre PvP performance. While they are not bad, they are not exceptional either. However, if you are left with no choice, they can do the job.

Warrior (Core)

While the Core Warriors can be used for one on one PvP and can provide reasonable damage output as well as some form of support, they are definitely not the ideal option.


The same story as the core Warrior simply lacks the performance to make it to the top tiers.

Revenant (Core)

While not a bad option per se, it is quite redundant to choose to play PvP as a core Revenant due to how strong and capable are the elite specialisations.


It can be used as a duellist or take on a support role, however, there is nothing exceptional about the Scrapper gameplay when it comes to PvP. It is not necessarily bad, it just doesn’t shine.

Mesmer (Core)

Not bad, not really good either. It is one of those Core professions that are overshadowed by their Elite counterparts. It still has some viability for PvP Gameplay because of the use of clones, which is quite handy in a PvP scenario.

D tier

Lacking in performance when it comes to PvP Gameplay. These classes are generally not recommended when one aims to play PvP.

Elementalist (Core)

While not necessarily a bad performer, unless you don’t have access to the expansion’s elite specializations, there is really no reason to pick Core elementalist.

And even in that scenario, you are better off with another profession.

E tier

Completely incapable of any reasonable PvP Gameplay, reserved only for out-of-place professions.

Usually only used in PvE game mode.


While it had some okay PvP gameplay in the past in the form of Condi Druid, it now really has nothing to do with its former self. It is not advised to play Druid in PvP game mode.

Engineer (Core)

There is no reason to pick core Engineer as a PvP class today since it simply lacks in any real efficiency when it comes to PvP Gameplay.


So that’s it. This is our tier list for Guild Wars 2 for PvP-

Do you agree with our list? Was it what you expected?

Let us know in the comments.

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