[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Focii Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Focii in Guild Wars 2 do more than just focus your arcane energy to produce powerful magic.
Focii in Guild Wars 2 do more than just focus your arcane energy to produce powerful magic.

Many weapons in Guild Wars 2 feature strong offensive skills that can obliterate opponents with ease which may oftentimes be seen used on yourself. Offhand weapons like the focus or focii offer some much needed defensive options if the profession is more magically inclined and is in need of protection. While they aren’t usually given much attention in terms of having fun and awe-inspiring skins, the ones in our list have been chosen by the community for being the ones they personally see as awesome.


10. Tempest Focus

The Tempest Focus takes inspiration from the almighty power of wind and the overwhelming power it potentially wields. It also comes at a time when the elite specialization of the Elementalist, the Tempest, makes its debut to blow away its enemies. 

Why they are awesome

  • The Tempest Focus is designed to resemble billowing wind clouds.
  • If you take a closer look, the weapon surges with a tranquil blue that flows from the bottom to the top of the focus.
  • The purple grip's more simplistic design contrasts the swooping curves that make up the cloud designs and gold rings at the middle.
  • Upon being wielded, the Tempest Focus activates and a wind effect can be seen flowing through the weapon.

See the Tempest Focus in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get the Tempest Focus:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Purchasable from the Trading Post for roughly 7-12 gold.


9. Celestial Compass

Guild Wars 2 once featured the Design-A-Weapon contest which allowed creators to make their own weapon designs. Said designs would go on to become weapons that would be included in-game for players to collect and add to their wardrobes. The Celestial Compass makes its way back into the game in spectacular fashion and still has a newer, fresher look from its previous iteration in Guild Wars 1.

Why they are awesome

  • The Celestial Compass is, according to the Guild Wars 2 wiki, originally a fan-made design that won the 2007 Design-a-weapon in the original Guild Wars game.
  • Upon being wielded, the three circles on the compass begin to revolve on the face of the compass as the focus emanates a soothing blue light.
  • Take a closer look at the outer rim of the compass and notice that there are some symbols that glow and circle the weapon. The three symbols in the circular holes of the compass resembles 
  • The Celestial Compass is beautifully crafted and contrasted by the black detailing of the face.

See the Celestial Compass in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get the Celestial Compass:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Purchasable for 25 Black Lion Statuettes from the Black Lion Chest Merchant in the major cities and Arborstone, the Black Lion Representative at the Thousand Seas Pavillion, and by clicking the Black Lion Statuette.


8. Ambrosia

If you want a more fantastical weapon that looks incredibly badass, you can take your flaming, electrifying, or arcane weaponry to the battlefield. For those of us who adore the whimsical, silly, and fun side of the game, there is a literal stein of alcohol for all your roleplaying needs. Remember: Drink Ambrosia in moderation to avoid getting into fistfights with the Norn.

Why they are awesome

  • Ambrosia is literally just a focus modeled after a cold brew of ale.
  • The ale continues to froth and bubbles to the lip of the stein even while stowed but never seems to spill.
  • Ambrosia makes for an excellent item to take with you if you are keen on roleplaying with other players and looking to set a scene in a bar.

See Ambrosia in action:

TiffyMissWiffy’s YouTube Video

How to get Ambrosia:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, 10 Mystic Coins, 1 Stein of Highlander Beer, and 10 Orichalcum Ingots in the Mystic Forge.
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Purchasable from the Trading Post for roughly 15-25 gold.


7. Chimeric Prism

Sometimes, some weapons from the original Guild Wars game return in the sequel with a fresh coat of paint. Such is the case with the Chimeric Prism which was inspired from the Storm Artifact. Tune all your arcane powers through this focus and defend Tyria against its enemies.

Why they are awesome

  • The Chimeric Prism is designed after the Guild Wars focus, the Storm Artifact. While the Storm Artifact looks more like chunks of rough crystals that float randomly on the arm of the user, the Chimeric Prism is more pointed and jagged.
  • The prisms float magically on the arm of the user, as if imbuing them with arcane energy to focus their spells and skills with greater efficiency.
  • The Chimeric Prism is technically free as long as you made some progress on your Guild Wars account from back in the day, or are playing it on the side.

See the Chimeric Prism in action:

The Krytan Herald’s YouTube Video

How to get the Chimeric Prism:

  • Purchasable from Kimmes the Historian at the Eye of the North (instance version) and have 20 Hall of Monuments reward points.


6. Elegant Fan

Fans used in martial arts have become a growing trend across multiple video games and started out in the realm of beat-em ups and fighting games. In Guild Wars 2, the Elegant Fan enters the scene and makes for an awesome focus skin that gives your character a more mystical feel to them. 

Why they are awesome

  • The Elegant Fan skin turns your focus into a beautiful, oriental fan. The spikes along the top of the spines of the fan give it a feel for it being a tool for assassination.
  • The simple design of the fan makes this focus skin look awesome because it turns the ordinary magical weapon into something unexpected.
  • The Elegant Fan unfolds itself once the player wields the focus on their offhand and folds itself back when being stowed.

See the Elegant Fan in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get the Elegant Fan:

  • Purchasable from the Gem Store for 600 gems.
  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - rare chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - rare chance


5. Accursed Chains

It can be said that one of the stereotypical items that ghosts have on them are chains. Said chains were thought to be used by the ghosts by jostling, waving, and moving them around as it made creepy noises especially at night. While your player has yet to feel the sweet, merciful kiss of death (disregard if you’ve played through the Path of Fire story), you can use these Accursed Chains to bring torment upon your enemies that dare go against you.

Why they are awesome

  • The Accursed Chains are basically links of chains that resemble the stereotypical item that classic ghosts use to scare people with.
  • The actual chains move exactly how you expect them to move. Wherever your character moves and holds the chains, it will move in that direction.
  • The Accursed Chains are part of another recipe to create the Spirit Links chain which is the same weapon but spectral. The community, however, likes the normal version more.

See the Accursed Chains in action:

LegionOfGamers66’s YouTube Video

How to get the Accursed Chains:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, 30 Mystic Coins, 250 Steel Ingots, and 50 Orichalcum Ingots in the Mystic Forge
  • Purchasable from the Trading Post for roughly 53-92 gold.


4. Magical Focus

Magical Girls just want to have fun in Tyria, folks! In Guild Wars 2, they are honored by the Magical Weapon set and have been designed by fans of the genre. Tons of great care has been put into these fun, whimsical weapons to make you become the magical girl you always wanted to portray.

Why they are awesome

  • The Magical Focus is basically a pretty pink heart with slittery stars in the center that is enveloped with a golden heart and wings casing. It is topped off with the pretty pink bow below the heart, accentuating its cuteness.
  • The Magical Focus emanates a beautiful pink and gold aura around the wings and central jewel.
  • The long part of the ribbon moves and sways in the same direction that you move your character, giving it some life.

See the Magical Focus in action:

AuroraPeachy’s YouTube Video

How to get the Magical Focus:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - rare chance
  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 12-15 gold.


3. The Anomaly

The best skins in-game aren’t always the ones where they design the most complex and intricately ornate weapon. There are times where all you really need is to use some good, old-fashioned, particle effects to make it seem like your hands are magic.

Why they are awesome

  • The Anomaly is basically a small shining ball of energy that features a neat little particle effect that makes your hand shine with purple magic.
  • Whether The Anomaly is stowed or wielded, the particle effect keeps going and continues to shine on your character.
  • The particle effect of this skin is not as blinding as other effects that make your character look like a ridiculous disco ball.

See The Anomaly in action:

Legends of the Sacred Light’s YouTube Video

How to get The Anomaly:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, 100 Mystic Coins, 250 Glob of Ectoplasm, and 1 Bloodstone Shard in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 135-280 gold.


2. The Minstrel

There truly was something behind the creation of the first generation of legendary weapons. It was as if the developers who made The Minstrel looked at a random picture of a rooster and immediately thought to themselves, “now THAT is the definition of a legendary weapon!” An offhand legendary weapon needs just as much fun and whimsy if you want something truly ridiculous to be a part of your growing collection of awesome skins.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, The Minstrel is basically a harp in the shape of a funny little golden rooster.
  • Upon wielding The Minstrel, a purple aura surges from you as musical notes emerge from the focus. 
  • While you have The Minstrel on your character, you leave behind musical notes which are emitted from the harp and small paint effects on the ground as your footfalls.
  • Your character’s arm is wrapped within a soft aura and white swirling energy when wielded as the strum of a harp could be heard.

See The Minstrel in action:

Roelski’s YouTube Video

How to get Bifrost:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • The Bard - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of The Minstrel
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,550-1960 gold.


1. The Binding of Ipos

Not all ancient tomes are created equal, and the Binding of Ipos proves this old saying to be true. This legendary focus brings to you only the most powerful and sinister of spells to use on your enemies and make them fall to their knees. Just don’t go around trying to cast armageddon spells or unleashing the princes from the Ars Goetia and we won’t have to deal with another world-ending calamity, Commander.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, The Binding of Ipos is a freaky demonic tome with a purple eye that looks around the area as if it is observing everything. 
  • There are many intricate details in the book itself, from the creepy demonic hands to the glowing text within the pages, to the ability to see the text while in the dark.
  • When The Binding of Ipos is unsheathed, a sinister violet burst of energy swirls from the ground and up toward the sky as the book slowly floats in front of the player and opens itself up.
  • As the book opens, your arm that usually holds the focus is enveloped in a sinister void-like aura and is transformed into an evil claw.
  • The text on the tome glows a sinister violet and can be seen while in the dark.
  • You may or may not hear faint, ominous whispering while The Binding of Ipos is being wielded so only the bravest among players should use this weapon.
  • As you are carrying the weapon on your character, you leave behind small pools of dark liquid as footfalls as you move across the field.
  • An additional effect that whenever you swing The Shining Blade, you leave a trail of purple and gold energy behind.
  • All of the projectiles that come from this weapon are changed from the standard model to being that of a creepy eye with a sinister viscous dark violet energy trailing effect.

See The Binding of Ipos in action:

Roelski’s YouTube Video

How to get The Binding of Ipos:

Unlike the first and third generation legendary weapons, second generation legendary weapons need to be crafted from scratch and need the following materials in the Mystic Forge:

  • The precursor weapon, Ars Goetia
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Ipos
  • Gift of Maguuma or Desert Mastery


Closing Thoughts

Focii may not have the most number of awesome skins out of all the other weapons in the game currently nor have the flashiest of effects, they still deserve to receive tons of love from both the developers and the fan base. They are awesome offhand weapons that lean more on supportive, defensive magics to keep you and your team alive and prove that they have their place in the game. We can only assume in the future that more skins make it in the future that make us see focii in a better light and make us think they are even more awesome.


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