[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Backpiece Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

From backpacks and banners to wings and glowy bits, these back pieces need a place in your wardrobe collection right away to give your characters an upgrade to their looks.
From backpacks and banners to wings and glowy bits, these back pieces need a place in your wardrobe collection right away to give your characters an upgrade to their looks.

You've got your armor pieces all shiny and nice, and now you've even oiled your various weapons. You feel prepared to make your characters rock Fashion Wars 2, but feel that something is missing. Ah yes, the all important backpiece that ties it all together! Backpieces or backpacks are technically still a part of your armor slot and has stat points like your rings, amulets, and earrings, but can be visibly seen on your character. There are so many designs to choose from, so we asked the Guild Wars 2 community what their thoughts were on the best back pieces that are freaking awesome.


10. Quaggan Backpack

Quaggans are the friendly, peaceful, and oh-so adorable amphibious race that can be considered to be one of the mascots of Guild Wars 2. These social creatures are incredibly polite and want nothing more but to live in harmony. With the Plush Quaggan Backpack on you, have pq a fun time exploring the waves and celebrate these awesome little critters. Warning: Do not threaten or harm quaggans if you don't want to be pummeled in their rage.

Why they are awesome

  • The Plush Quaggan Backpack is designed after the adorable sentient blubbery beluga-like folk in their child-like forms.
  • The various limbs of the Plush Quaggan Backpack, as well as the tattered button eyes, move and sway as your character moves.
  • The backpiece comes in three variations: the pink quaggan, green quaggan, and black orca backpacks.

See the Quaggan Backpack in action:

Grignox N Nimnee’s YouTube Video

How to get the Quaggan Backpack:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance


9. Quiver of Swift Flight

Isn't it odd how players can use both the long and short bow without any arrows or any evidence of any arrow storage on their character? With the Quiver of Swift Flight, the realist in you will not have to be tormented by that thought any longer. All you need now is to see the arrows visibly running out for you to truly feel even more immersed.

Why they are awesome

  • The Quiver of Swift Flight is a realistic-looking quiver which holds four arrows and resizes to fit any playable race.
  • The quiver is designed to look like it was made from leather and the detail is spot on.
  • The Quiver of Swift Flight is an ascended backpiece that has the option to be used in the Mystic Forge to craft an Infused version of itself.

See the Quiver of Swift Flight in action:

pariahdevalis’ YouTube Video

How to get the Quiver of Swift Flight:

  • Combine a Vial of Condensed Mists Essence, 240 Philosopher's Stone, 50 Glob of Ectoplasm, 250 Vial of Powerful Blood
  • Combine 250 Pile of Bloodstone Dust, 240 Philosopher's Stone, 50 Glob of Ectoplasm, 250 Vial of Powerful Blood
  • Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence, Gift of Ascension, 250 Glob of Ectoplasm, Quiver of Swift Flight for the Infused version


8. Mawdrey

Mawdrey is the reward you get for completing a certain questline in The Dragon's Reach: Part 2. You cultivate a Pet Seed and turn it into Mawdrey and it becomes your pet for life. Wherever you and your Mawdrey go, it will surely have your back, literally.

Why they are awesome

  • Mawdrey is basically designed after the vine enemies you see all across Dry Top but is much friendlier.
  • Mawdrey, by itself, is simply an animated backpiece and doesn't really do much, but becomes useful due to the item it comes along with: Mawdrey II. Mawdrey II is a gizmo that eats Piles of Bloodstone Dust in your inventory and converts them into loot bags 3-6 times a day.
  • Similar to other ascended back pieces, it can become an infused version of itself.

See Mawdrey in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get Mawdrey:

  • Find the following items: Mists Stone, Pile of Elemental Essence, Water of Rhand, Heart of the Destroyer, Box of Captured Light
  • Craft 6 Bloodstone Brick
  • Craft a Mists Infused Clay Pot
  • Craft a Package of Elementally Charged Plant Food
  • Craft a Package of Rhand Blessed Plant Food
  • Craft a Powerful Grow Lamp
  • Craft a Destroyer Heated Stone
  • Use the items with a Pet Seed in the following order: Mists Infused Clay Pot, Package of Elementally Charged Plant Food, Package of Rhand Blessed Plant Food, Powerful Grow Lamp, Destroyer Heated Stone.


7. The Wayfarer's Henge

The Wayfarer's Henge is a symbol of Melandru, his did, and the forces of nature.  No matter the challenge you're faced with, wield the mighty, raw power of nature to defeat your foes. Just be sure to collect the leaves that keep falling off of this item.

Why they are awesome

  • The Wayfarer's Henge resembles branches that are attached to a rock in the middle with sprouting leaves and fire orchids.
  • It is one of several back pieces that feature particle effects with The Wayfarer's Henge featuring leaves and orchids floating in the air.
  • Because some of the materials used to make this item are time-gated, it takes 16 days to complete it. 

See The Wayfarer's Henge in action:

RiTheRaven’s YouTube Video

How to get The Wayfarer's Henge:

You need to complete the hidden achievement that becomes unlocked from completing "Sprouting the Druid Stone. Collect these 33 items to be rewarded with The Wayfarer's Henge:

  • Blooming Druid Stone
  • Heavy Houndskin Mantle
  • Element of Aestus
  • Aestus Runestone
  • Element of Ignis
  • Ignis Runestone
  • Element of the Desecrator
  • Desecrator Runestone
  • Destroyer’s Rest
  • Element of Fire
  • Volcanic Runestone
  • Element of Water
  • Glacial Runestone
  • Element of Air
  • Charged Runestone
  • Element of Earth
  • Earthen Runestone
  • Elemental Rest
  • Druid’s Vision
  • A Storm Bouquet For Kodama
  • A Frozen Bouquet For Liriodendron
  • An Earthen Bouquet For Broadleaf
  • An Infernal Bouquet For Rosewood
  • Dierdre’s Orchard
  • Maquuma’s Orchard
  • Melandru’s Orchard
  • Seaside Propagation
  • Wind Rider Ledge Propagation
  • Rata Arcanum Propagation
  • Seaside Ledges Propagation
  • Nu II Propagation
  • Ancient Hollow Propagation


6. Mark Y Golem

We go from a nature-themed backpack like The Wayfarer's Henge, to a more sci-fi themed skin that goes with a lot of aesthetics. The Mark Y Golem backpack is similar to the larger, more lethal version minus the charming personality.  Whether you choose to let it accompany you on your Tyrian adventures or not is completely up to you, but who can say no to this little guy?

Why they are awesome

  • The Mark Y Golem backpack is based on the various forms that the asuran faction, The Inquest, have designed to defend their bases 
  • The dark colors of the back pack are scented by the red lining on the design and shows its Inquest origins.
  • The Mark Y Golem backpack features top parts that resemble antenna. It channels energy and glows from red to orange and eventually a light yellow color.
  • Every so often, the Mark y Golem will raise its hand and wave at you, making this backpack feel alive.

See the Mark Y Golem in action:

mVaskys' YouTube Video

How to get the Mark Y Golem:

Complete the Redeeming IG-6417 Collection Achievement by collecting these 22 items:

  • Cadet Rescue Recording
  • Hostage Rescue Recording
  • Skritt Rescue Recording
  • Zephyrite Rescue Recording
  • Deadhouse Rescue Recording
  • Vanquish Wyvern Recording
  • Vanquish Branded Recording
  • Grave Defiler Recording
  • Refugee Healing Recording
  • Medical Aid Recording
  • Fisher Recording
  • Amnoon Refugee Recording
  • Swindler Recording
  • Grave Defense Recording
  • Kormir Defense Recording
  • Olmakhan Defense Recording
  • Elonian Defense Recording
  • Villager Defense Recording
  • Burglar Recording
  • Lost Supply Recording
  • Extortion Recording
  • Recording Device


5. Archdemon's Wings

There have been many wing back pieces in Guild Wars 2 that range from the angelic to the draconic, but none of them are quite like the Archdemon Wings. These intimidating wings will make your enemies pray they didn't disturb the chaos known as yourself from your peaceful fishing trip in the Bay of Elon. 

Why they are awesome

  • The Archdemon Wings are one of the backpack skins that has dye channels and can be assigned with different colors.
  • The Archdemon Wings are fully animated and flap every so often while you move and comes with a glider skin.
  • Its design can mix well with characters rocking sinister-looking armor or for those going for a more anti-hero aesthetic.

See the Archdemon's Wings in action:

Vurdulahk’s YouTube Video

How to get the Archdemon's Wings:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance


4. Luminate’s Backplate

The Exalted were once humans that were tasked by the ancient race known as the Forgotten to protect the egg that would become the Elder Dragon, Aurene. They were transformed into powerful beings of energy and wield their very distinct, golden, magical armor. The Luminate’s Backplate simply another piece of the puzzle and celebrates the glorious might of the Exalted.

Why they are awesome

  • The tassles and wispy feather-like attachments on both sides of the Luminate's Backplate moves and sways whenever your character moves.
  • The golden green accents of the Luminate's Backplate glow similarly to the Auric Weapon set.
  • The design of the backpack is tied directly to the Exalted's armor and their lore.

See the Luminate’s Backplate in action:

SuperMoroLand's YouTube Video

How to get the Luminate’s Backplate:

Complete the Luminate’s Backplate Collection Achievement by collecting these 13 items:

  • Auric Backplate
  • Stolen Exalted Research Notes
  • Extra-Shiny Auric Silver
  • Illuminated Tendril
  • Auric Lodestone
  • Tarnished Seal
  • North Tarir Commendation
  • East Tarir Commendation
  • South Tarir Commendation
  • West Tarir Commendation
  • Luminate Keepsake
  • Auric Back Shielding
  • Fallen Masks: Silver


3. Griffon Hatchling Backpack

The griffon in Guild Wars 2 is one of the best mounts because of its ability to soar across the sky at break-neck speeds. It is one of the speediest mounts available in-game and needs complete mastery if you want to do some insane stunts in mid-air. Before they can carry you across the map, however, they first need ample training to do so. Enter the Griffon Hatchling Backpack (and glider combo) to teach your adorable chick to carry your overweight Norn or Charr’s body as it tries so hard to save them in mid-air. Please note that there were no actual griffon hatchlings that were harmed in the creation of this backpack and glider combo.

Why they are awesome

  • The backpack resembles that of an adorable baby griffon that is clinging onto your character’s back, holding on with their tiny paws.
  • If you have both the backpack and glider skins and use it in midair, the griffon hatchling will appear to be attempting to carry you as you glide downwards.
  • This backpack is the best to use if you were missing the tiger cubs that clung onto your back during the precursor creation of the legendary weapon, Chuka and Champawat.

See the Griffon Hatchling Backpack in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get the Griffon Hatchling Backpack:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance


2. Legion Jetpack

The Iron Legion are the crafty weaponsmiths and inventors of the Charr. These hard-working for are the backbone of the Ash and Blood Legions, and create some of the coolest weapons of war. The Legion Jetpack is their attempt to conquer the skies of the Maguuma jungle and take the fight to the Elder Dragons, Mordremoth.

Why they are awesome

  • The Legion Jetpack activates its thrusters everytime you perform a jump.
  • The design for the actual jetpack is based on the Charr's Iron Legion.
  • With the glider version of the jetpack, the fun part about this skin is that you can dye the flames that come out of the thrusters.

See the Legion Jetpack in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get the Legion Jetpack:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance


1. Ad Infinitum

At the top of the best back piece skins is none other than the first Legendary backpack, Ad Infinitum. Much like the many, many legendary weapons and armor, having Ad Infinitum is basically a status symbol and gives you bragging rights. Ad Infinitum shall take you to infinity and beyond as you continue to go on your adventures in Guild Wars 2.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary back piece with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, Ad Infinitum resembles magical craggy wings that were made from the Mists.
  • Upon wielding any weapon, Ad Infinitum activates as an explosion of light bursts from the back piece.
  • While Ad Infinitum is activated, a shining light is seen floating above the player as the wings increase in size.
  • Upon stowing your weapons, Ad Infinitum reverse to it's original size, the glow above the player's head disappears, and it's replaced by a transparent ley line glow.

See Ad Infinitum in action:

AyinMaiden’s YouTube Video

How to get Ad Infinitum:

  • Combine the precursor back piece, Unbound, a Gift of Infinity, a Gift of Ascension, and a Gift of Fortune in the Mystic Forge.


Closing Thoughts

Backpieces are usually the last items on your list for your fashion sense, but with this selection, they'd have to be the first. You can't go wrong with these awesome back piece skins and will always be able to stand out amongst the crowd. Now if only you could do something about your glider situation, but that can be for another time...

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