[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Greatsword Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Rend your foes with these awesome greatsword skins in Guild Wars 2 and show them no mercy.
Rend your foes with these awesome greatsword skins in Guild Wars 2 and show them no mercy.

In Guild Wars 2, the greatsword is the undeniable king of popularity. Even the developers love this awesome weapon that prior to the existence of the expansions, it did not have one legendary weapon but three. In respect to this amazing weapon, we will take a closer look at some of the most awesome skins for them with one caveat: no legendaries.


10. Red Crane Greatsword

It is fun when the devs decide to make weapons that are inspired from animals. In this case, the Red Crane Greatsword and its weapon set resembles the mighty Crane. Behind the sweeping, elegant curves of the Red Crane Greatsword lies the deceptively effective edge of the weapon. 

Why they are awesome

  • If you take a closer look at the entire weapon, the blade of the Red Crane Greatsword resembles two cranes with blood red bills. The actual hilt resembles the wings of the mighty crane.
  • The red tassle that is attached on the hilt swings as the weapon is being moved and swung around.
  • There is a subtle swirling energy effect located near the blade.

See the Red Crane Greatsword in action:

GuildJen’s YouTube Video

How to get the Red Crane Greatsword:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Using the Black Lion Claim Ticket and purchasing the skin for three claim tickets.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 17-21 gold.


9. Volcanus

Volcanus is one of the most popular greatsword skins according to the player base and for good reasons. Imagine a burly, intimidating player character barreling toward the enemies with a gigantic flaming hunk of blazing rock as a greatsword. Who wouldn't be intimidated by such a thing charging toward them while screaming about ripping your spleen off your body? As one of the first flaming weapons in the game, players have a soft spot for this awesome skin.

Why they are awesome

  • Volcanus uses the very same model as the Elementalist's elite conjured weapon, the Fiery Greatsword.
  • Volcanus is one of the first flaming weapons in game with an amazing fire effect that is always on even while sheathed.
  • The actual sword itself resembles a huge slab of earth that was forged to resemble a greatsword, and the tip emmanates the core of the flames.

See Volcanus in action:

Hollts’ YouTube Video

How to get Volcanus:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, 100 Mystic Coins, 250 Molten Lodestones, and 1 Vial of Liquid Flame in the Mystic Forge
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 420-500 gold.


8. Gallant Greatsword

Whoever said that chivalry was dead clearly never met a player that uses the Gallant Greatsword. The classical design of the Gallant Greatsword is a return to the traditional-styled weapons that most fans enjoy on their characters. Whether you are facing the ever-present dragon minions, the local wildlife, or villainous groups, charge forward with the Gallant Weapon Set.

Why they are awesome

  • Fans of realism will be able to appreciate the Gallant Greatsword since it is one of the more realistic skins available in the game while still having an ornate design.
  • The Gallant Greatsword takes inspiration the medieval period and the many greatsword variants like the claymore.
  • There is a surprising amount of detail in just about every corner of the Gallant Greatsword. The fuller of the weapon, for example, has beautiful markings as well as the hilt of the weapon.

See the Gallant Greatsword in action:

Wulopin Ivoryheart’s YouTube Video

How to get the Gallant Greatsword:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 60-152 gold.


7. Greatsaw

Imagine this: You and your friends find yourself trapped in another realm filled with all sorts of ghouls and creepy crawlies. You suddenly hear the noticeable sound of an engine revving in the distance as it approaches you. You have no time to react as you realize it is barreling toward you at high speeds. And then you see it: A giant skeleton charging at you with a gigantic chainsaw. You can feel that same power with the Greatsaw skin and terrify the denizens of Tyria as part of your cruel vengeance upon the Mad King. 

Why they are awesome

  • The Greatsaw uses the same model for the chainsaw that the enemy, Labyrinthine Horror; a giant skeleton that wields a comically large chainsaw to quickly destroy unlucky players foolish enough to get in its way in the Mad King's Labyrinth during the Halloween events.
  • When the weapon is unsheathed, the greatsword revs up and activates while being swung.
  • The greatsaw has parts of it that move around and has smoke particles coming from the exhaust pipes.

See the Greatsaw in action:

Evanderyne’s YouTube Video

How to get the Greatsaw:

Combine four rare weapons (preferably greatswords) in the Mystic Forge - random chance

  • Vintage Black Lion Weapons Box - random chance
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 100-202 gold.


6. Belinda’s Greatsword

Seraph Belinda Delaqua is Marjory Delaqua's older sibling and a member of the Seraph who lost her life to the Mordrem while protecting Fort Salma. Her spirit now resides in the very same sword Marjory carries around with her and so can you! Honor her memory with Belinda's Greatsword and destroy the very same creatures that killed her in her honor.

Why they are awesome

  • While sheathed, Belinda's Greatsword's blade is replaced by a sheathe. Once armed, the sheath is removed and you get to see the full blade.
  • The weapon itself resembles the traditional Japanese odachi which is like a katana with a blade twice the length and a more prominent curve.
  • The beauty of Belinda's Greatsword doesn't rely on flashy animations or cool particle effects but rather on the simplicity of its design. It is simply a wonderfully crafted katana that is quite effective in destroying foes.

See Belinda’s Greatsword in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get Belinda’s Greatsword:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance


5. Cobalt

The amount of flaming weapons in Guild Wars 2 has risen since the very beginning of the game, but Cobalt remains a top favorite among players. Cobalt is a beloved greatsword and has nostalgic value for many players that started playing the game from the beginning. Despite Cobalt not being the flashiest nor the grandest, it can be considered a lot of people's first fancy exotic weapon design.

Why they are awesome

  • Cobalt as a weapon has a simplistic sword design that can pass off as realistic while stowed away. Once the player wields it, the blade bursts into blue spectral flames.
  • Cobalt's blue flames that burst from the blade illuminate even the darkest areas.
  • Cobalt is far more accessible than the majority of the flaming greatsword weapons currently in-game.

See Cobalt in action:

TheRealSyntho’s YouTube Video

How to get Cobalt:

  • Possible reward from completing the Troll's Revenge jumping puzzle.
  • Contained in a wide variety of containers from loot bags - random chance
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 74 silver to 2 gold.


4. Frostsaw

If you have the flaming weapons on one end of the spectrum, on the other side are where the icy weapons are. Their best representative is the Frostsaw which is an amalgamation of a cryorifle fused with a large greatsword. Together, they rend foes with its chilling might, pun totally intended.

Why they are awesome

  • While sheathed, the Frostsaw only emits mist but while wielded by the player, the ice particles activate around the multiple exhaust ports on the weapon.
  • The mist and ice particles trail along the player and follows the Frostsawwhile it is being swung around. 
  • The detail of the interlocking blades and vents that make up the blade of the greatsword is a fine detail and shows the fusion of the cryorifle and greatsword.

See the Frostsaw in action:

SuperMoroLand’s YouTube Video

How to get the Frostsaw:

  • The only way to possibly get the Frostsaw is as a possible reward for completing the Dragonstorm instanced world boss.


3. Vermillion Blaze Greatsword

Flaming weapons are simply in a league of their own, and the Vermillion Blaze Greatsword joins their ranks as one of the best. Its flames burns brightly like that of a phoenix majestically soaring across the sky. This and the other Vermillion weapons are all regarded as top picks for players that want a weapon that can pass itself off as a legendary.

Why they are awesome

  • Similar to the other flaming weapons, while stowed, the weapon displays the weapon in all its glory without the flames, and once wielded, bursts into a bright flame.
  • The particle effect of the flames alone is beautiful and trails along the player as they move and swing the weapon. 
  • The blade and hilt of the Vermillion Blaze Greatsword has ornate, detailed design that resembles the wings of a bird.

See the Vermillion Blaze Greatsword in action:

Black D’s YouTube Video

How to get the Vermillion Blaze Greatsword:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Purchasable from a Black Lion Chest Merchant in various home cities and the Black Lion Representative in Thousand Seas Pavilion for 25 Black Lion Statuettes.


2. Vision of the Mists

The standard model of the greatsword may not be the most aesthetically pleasing skins out there but it is realistic enough. Enter the Vision of the Mists that breathes new life into the standard weapon and gives it an ethereal look. The Vision of the Mists happens to be one of the Mesmer's favorite weapons due to it tying perfectly to it and their powers.

Why they are awesome

  • While the actual greatsword is pretty much just the standard model you can see anywhere in the game, it is the unique ethereal, purple  particle effect that makes the weapon stand out.
  • The Vision of the Mists resembles the thrown greatsword a Mesmer uses while casting the skill Mirror Blade.
  • Its materials and cost tend to be pricey, making it one of the more expensive weapons on the list but make it very rewarding for players.

See the Vision of the Mists in action:

VctrX’s YouTube Video

How to get the Vision of the Mists:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, 100 Mystic Coins, 250 Orichalcum Greatsword Blade, and 100 Globs of Ectoplasm in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 180-250 gold.


1. Luminous Claymore

The Luminous Claymore and the other anniversary weapons are in a league of their own and shine brightly. The Luminous Weapon set can be considered pseudo-legendary weapons because of how cool their designs are and the amount of time it takes to get them. Nevertheless, the anniversary weapons are earned by all players eventually and make for an awesome part of their wardrobe collection.

Why they are awesome

  • When the Luminous Claymore is unsheathed, you can hear a faint shimmering sound effect being played.
  • The Luminous Claymore, while stowed, is dimmed and you can see the beautiful sweeping blade that is wrapped by the ornate golden hilt and guard. The Luminous Claymore shines in a golden, luminous light upon being wielded by the player.
  • It is a free gift for players and is basically a reward for being a loyal player. They do need to choose which weapon to go for first.

See the Luminous Claymore in action:

sixburn gaming’s YouTube Video

How to get the Luminous Claymore:

  • The Luminous Claymore and the other weapons in the set are part of the Anniversary Weapons Pack which characters can receive upon their 5th birthday for free.


Closing Thoughts

Greatswords in Guild Wars 2 have so many awesome skins that could have made this list, but they may have their day in the sun soon enough. With the weapons being a favorite among the players and the developers, there will be no shortage of greatsword skins anytime soon. What do you think, dear reader, do you have any thoughts on what your ideal greatsword skins are?

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