[Top 5] Guild Wars 2 Best Tanks (Ranked)

When your raid or strike mission squad needs a class that can tank properly, which one can get the job done easily in Guild Wars 2?
When your raid or strike mission squad needs a class that can tank properly, which one can get the job done easily in Guild Wars 2?

Prior to the introduction of raids and strike missions in Guild Wars 2, there was no need for the typical MMO Trinity, generally known as the DPS, Healer, and Tank. Upon their arrival, there still technically is no trinity because every profession can heal, do damage, and soak up damage. When players specialize their professions into specific roles, however, some have a clear advantage over the rest. In this article, we will take a close look at Guild Wars 2’s best tank classes and see which ones are the top five.


5. Scrapper

The Scrapper is usually a support and DPS bruiser profession that is an elite specialization of the core Engineer. They gain access to a mighty hammer and the Function Gyro which aids them in combat, although it is mostly used in PvP than in PvE settings. Because of its access to multiple barriers and a unique defense-boosting Gyro skill in the Bulwark Gyro, the Scrapper can function as a tank. If it isn't necessary to raise defense any further, it can take other supportive skills that can help your teammates by buffing them or dealing more damage.

Why this class is one of the best Tanks 

  • The Scrapper can carry the team thanks to its unique skill set, ability to provide Quickness and Superspeed buffs for itself and the team, and is naturally tanky because of its Bulwark Gyro.
  • As long as they keep doing strike damage, Scrappers can tank constantly while providing themselves with a near-permanent barrier via the Impact Savant perk.
  • The Scrapper is also part DPS, potentially being able to pump out damage while it tanks on the side.
  • The profession is a multi-purpose tank that is flexible and can perform against multiple encounters.

How to build this Tank class:

There are three methods of building a tanky Scrapper, these are:

Tank Power Score: 82 / 100


4. Spellbreaker

Nothing screams "good old-fashioned tank" like the Warrior's elite specialization, the Spellbreaker. It not only removes and nullifies your foes' boons, but it also has access to several blocks that negate damage. It also includes the Full Counter mechanic, which allows them to tank any damage and return it to their opponents. The profession has seen its ups and downs but has always had a foothold in teams thanks to its tenacity and growing popularity. One small downside is how they lose effectiveness once they are out of melee range, which is why they aren’t higher up the list.

Why this class is one of the best Tank 

  • They have multiple access to blocks, from their Full Counter F2 skill to their Defiant Stance skill. 
  • Because they are a heavy armor class, Spellbreakers are naturally tanky professions, and when they use gear with additional toughness stats, they can be even harder to kill.
  • Spellbreakers have always been known to be very tanky in almost every game mode they have participated in and will always find a way to protect their teammates.

How to build this Tank class:

There are two variations of a worthy Spellbreaker Tank build, and those are:

Tank Power Score: 83 / 100


3. Chronomancer

The Chronomancer has been a mainstay in the raiding scene since it first got introduced, and for good reason. Its wells were able to offer the group with much-needed Alacrity buffs, which were previously rare. Most Chronomancers could also turn the usually squishy Mesmer into a ridiculously tanky illusionist, making them harder to kill and in a raid no less. Despite the meta drastically changing over the years, the profession is still a worthy candidate for best tank.

Why this class is one of the best Tanks 

  • When the proper traits and skills are used, the Chronomancer can become one of the most durable and tanky professions that can give the Scourge a run for its money. There is a reason they are dreaded in PvP after all.
  • Chronomancers have unique skills that can prevent them from getting into tricky situations such as their ability to rewind time with the Continuum Split Shatter skill to go back to a previous state they were in prior to using the skill, including the cooldowns of all their other skills.
  • The amount of unique skills they can provide the team lets them earn a spot on teams that need a bulky tank that can provide additional support. From giving additional reflects, buffs, and of course a portal, the Chronomancer will always find a way to help its teammates.

How to build this DPS class:

There are two ways to build a Tank Chronomancer, although you may need to choose between going for near-permanent Quickness or Alacrity. Whichever you choose, the other support on the team needs to provide the missing buff.

Tank Power Score: 86 / 100


2. Mechanist

The Mechanist is the third elite specialization of the core Engineer that gives it access to the powerful Jade Mech, which functions similarly to the Ranger’s pet with the addition of gaining different skills depending on what perks you equip in the Mechanist’s traitline. The profession uses the Jade Mech as a means to provide barriers and buffs for the team as long as the squad members stand near it upon activation of its skills. It is an excellent tank that can also provide additional support when needed.

Why this class is one of the best Tanks 

  • The Mechanist makes full use of its Jade Mech to provide buffs and barriers for the team or for itself when taking aggro from the boss. 
  • The profession easily shares Alacrity, Might, Protection, and other buffs to its teammates through proper positioning and use of its weapon skills.
  • The barriers the profession can provide are easily accessed with the mace weapon skill and through the use of your Jade Mech and the Barrier Burst skill.

How to build this Tank class:

There are three methods of building a Tank Mechanist, all having very similar traits and perks but differing in some equipment and skills. These are:

Tank Power Score: 90 / 100


1. Firebrand

It's a close call between the Mechanist and the Firebrand for the top tank spot, but due to the additional boons they provide as well as their numerous ways of blocking attacks, the Firebrand takes the victory. The profession is not only a tanking behemoth but also a supporter, which is why it ranks first on the list. The Firebrand can safely protect its fellow teammates and works effectively with other supports to support the squad. They are also what a majority of players utilize to tank and aggro several enemies, knowing just how reliable the profession is in the hands of an experienced Firebrand-main.

Why this class is one of the best Tanks

  • The Firebrand is a heavy armor unit, making it naturally tanky by itself, and when geared to focus more on its toughness stat, it becomes even harder to defeat.
  • The amount of utility Firebrands possess is great thanks to the number of support skills it can use in battle from the many heals it can give to blocks via Aegis and various weapon skills, to condition cleanses and crowd control.
  • The Firebrand can hold its own against a boss it has to wrangle as a tank and when the squad needs additional support, it can readily provide it.

How to build this Tank class:

There are two useful builds you can try to create your own tanky Firebrand that can do more than just soak damage for the team. These builds include the following:

Tank Power Score: 92 / 100


Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the best tanks are often those that don’t just tank damage but can also provide other means of helping their teammates. Whether it is through healing, providing buffs and other utilities, or even pulling their own weight and inflicting additional DPS, these professions will give you more reasons to choose them. Over time, newer and better builds will come up due to the ever-changing meta, but we will update our list by then. Until next time, dear reader, do let us know if any other profession could have made this list.

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