[Top 10] GW2 Best Axe Skins!

GW2 Best Axe Skins!
I've got an axe, you've got an axe, everybody gets the axe!

What Are The Best Axe Skins in GW2?

The mighty axe. A weapon designed to rend enemies limb from limb is a staple for most Fantasy RPG games and in Guild Wars 2 it can be wielded a large number of classes – including some specializations.

As a result, players who play classes that can use axes will want to find one that fits their personal style. Want to look like a woodsman? Time for a wood chopping axe. Play as an undead pirate, then an axe encrusted with barnacles will likely be more your style.

Let’s take a look at what GW2 has to offer when it comes to axe skins.

10. Chak Axe

The twitching Chak axe.

This icky weapon is made out of bugs – and it twitches – but in its own sort of horrible way, this axe is interesting to wield and can add a lot of flavor to any hero willing to wear thick enough gloves.

The Chak Axe appears to be made out of the chitinous exoskeleton of a chak, a type of revolting bug found in the heart of Maguuma jungle. It is fashioned with the claws of these bugs, which radiate from the central blade-like spines – but, as many will discover, they aren’t entirely dead. While in combat, the “spines” will twitch intermittently as they slice through foes.

The chittering of insects can also be heard upon drawing this axe.

This axe is part of the Chak weapon set and is purchased from Nuhoch Mastery Vendors for 500 Ley Line Crystals and three Chak Eggs. This weapon can also be chosen as a reward from the Chak Weapon Crate after completing the “Chak Killer – Master” story mission achievement from Heart of Thorns. It is also a reward from the World vs. World and PvP rewards tracks related to Maguuma.

9. Beacon of Light

Beacon of Light looks a little like a glowing spatula.

The Beacon of Light is an axe skin that looks a lot like a spatula with a brilliant, but suffuse, glow. It’s simple and doesn’t put on airs, but it’s one of the first glowing skins that most players will see. As a result, it makes for a nice addition to any wardrobe.

The axe is a basic long-handled weapon with its blade a flat plane with curved points along the front. Runes that appear to represent a language are mirrored along both sides of the blade, but they quickly become invisible in their own glow when it is drawn.

This axe drops randomly throughout the world from a lot of different containers but, as an exotic weapon, it is also sold on the trading post. Currently, other players tend to sell it for approximately 1 gold 85 silver, so it’s a fairly cheap skin to add to a collection.

8. Vassago

"Hello. My name is Vassago."

This axe has a name – his name is Vassago.

Vassago looks like someone pulled way too hard on a dragon’s neck and pulled it right off. The head of the axe is formed into the gaping jaws of a brown dragon with three eyes (two small and one huge) that look around as you carry it. It also has two horns, a lot of very sharp teeth, and some wiggly chin tentacles.

This axe skin was introduced with the Halloween event in GW2 “Shadow of the Mad King” and can drop randomly from Trick-or-Treat bags. It’s also available on the trading post from other players and, at the time of writing, sells for around 1 gold 15 silver.

See Vassago in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OW_a17v8nY

7. Defiant Glass Axe

An axe made out of glass would cut just as deep.

This glass weapon is clearly made out of shards of crystal and holds itself together with magic. Its center haft is wrapped with leather and the center of the blade is the bust of a person split in two. This weapon would pair well with any outfit that is primarily dark with yellow accents.

The blade of this weapon is made of a multitude of shards of glass, golden yellow and sharp as the dawn. The shards perfect a jagged semblance of a crescent-shaped axe blade and are surrounded by flickers of golden energy.

This is a Black Lion Skin and can be bought (when it’s in rotation) for Black Lion Claim Tickets. If it is not currently available it can be bought from the trading post from other players. At the time of writing, Glittering Axe skins are selling for 38 gold.

See the Defiant Glass Axe in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmqE5vUJm0Q

6. Glittering Axe

You cannot go wrong with this overly-glittery axe.

Fashioned out of butterflies and stained glass, the Glittering Axe skin looks almost as fragile as it appears deadly. This weapon will look amazing on a Mesmer Mirage, or any other axe-wielding character with a more flamboyant sense of style.

The Glittering Axe skin looks as if it has been formed out of stained glass and then had its intricate silver lines added on top. Its blades fan out like the delicate wings of a butterfly and it takes on shifting pastel colors – from green to yellow, with pink closer to the center.

This axe skin is a Black Lion Skin and can be bought (when it’s in rotation) for Black Lion Claim Tickets. If it is not currently available it can be bought from the trading post from other players for an expenditure of gold. At time of writing, Glittering Axe skins are selling for 96 gold.

See the Glittering Axe in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iayznb-zMJk

5. Mistcleaver

An axe for the brutalist metalhead in everyone.

The Mistcleaver is an axe originally given to Revenants created during the Heart of Thorns beta, but now it’s available for players to make. It looks a lot like if someone in a Death Metal band decided to make an axe and sell it to fans.

This axe is almost entirely black, apparently made from obsidian, with a haft that appears to be bound in black leather. The blade extends as a black crescent from a head that possesses brutalist detailing, chiseled from its weight with a dull, cherry red glow fused through the material itself. It appears to be made of twisted spikes that are overlaid atop one another and the counter-blade is a series of extended blade-spines that could rip through any foe.

Anyone who did not get Mistcleaver during the beta can still made one today at the Mystic Forge. The materials needed include a Revenants inscription, a Deldrimor Steel Axe Blade, a Small Spiritwood Haft and a Vision Crystal.

4. Dragon’s Jade Reaver

Remember the Jade Wind and carve up your enemies at the same time.

This axe takes its name to heart and appears to be made of jade from the tip of its tail to the edge of its axe blade. It also includes a bronze-gold portion that would make it couple very nicely with any dark-colored outfit, or anything with a lot of green.

The Dragon’s Jade Reaver at its core is a Chinese dragon, long and loopy, which turns slightly along the haft with a double-twist. Its tail has small bronze horns that extend from it and a pair of dark red ribbons. The blade, a giant green, razor-sharp crescent, emerges from a bronze dragon head. The dragon is breathing bronze flame from its mouth and is fashioned in a form reminiscent of Chinese dragons.

This axe skin was originally released with Dragon Bash, but it is a Black Lion Skin and can be bought (when it’s in rotation) for Black Lion Claim Tickets. If it is not currently available it can be bought on the trading post from other players. At the time of writing, Dragon’s Jade Reaver skins are selling for 43 gold.

See the Dragon’s Jade Raver in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhdNLWzV3Uk (at approximately 1:30s).

3. Titans’ Vengeance

Surprisingly, molten lava can still hold an edge when hot.

Forged from the very molten fires of the underworld and the Titans, the Titans’ Vengeance axe is a weapon still cooling from its creation in primal flame. People who wield this axe might want to wear oven mittens – but that makes this flaming skin that much more fun.

As an axe, the Titans’ Vengeance is a single crescent blade that appears to be made out of magma. The blade and the counterweight are fully molten, glowing with the fury of primal fire that radiates tremendous heat. Upon creation, the axe itself also comes with a Superior Sigil of Fire (for those extra flame blasts on Critical Hit).

Titans’ Vengeance is a Mystic Forge weapon, that means that it’s made by throwing items into the Forge. The components needed to make this weapon are an Eldritch Scroll, 50 Mystic Coins, 50 Molten Lodestones and 50 Destroyer Lodestones.

As an interesting tidbit, this uses the same model as the Elementalist’s Conjured Flame Axe.

2. Chaos Axe

Chaos means monochrome in Guild Wars 2.

Take light and form it into the shape of an axe – barely contained and pulsing with energy – and you will have the Chaos Axe skin. This unique looking skin goes with a lot of different outfits because it’s just a double-crescent axe skin that is entirely bright white radiance.

Due to its bright glow, the Chaos Axe looks great when it’s swinging. It doesn’t have any special animations – unless you count the misty shimmer exuding from the bright white skin – but it still looks great because it’s simply an axe made out of pure trembling white light.

The Chaos Axe skin is a Black Lion Skin and can be bought (when it’s in rotation) for Black Lion Claim Tickets. If it is not currently available it can be bought on the trading post from other players for a pretty penny. At time of writing, Chaos Axe skins are selling for 381 gold.

See Chaos Axe in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=henyYMeus64

1. Astralaria

Astralaria the legendary axe is worth every minute of it.

Astralaria, the legendary axe made of stars and constellations, is probably the most difficult axe skin to obtain in the game. Stowed, it looks like it’s made of pieces of an astrolabe, a mechanical clockwork tool designed to assist with discerning the positions of the stars, but when drawn its blade becomes a window into the cosmos – an iridescent darkness filled with jeweled stars and nebulae.

Possessors of this axe also leave behind puddles of iridescent star-filled sky in their footfalls.

Obtaining Astralaria requires the start of a legendary journey leading to the creation of its precursor, The Mechanism.

Players can begin this journey of a thousand steps, a thousand materials, and hundreds of gold by paying a visit to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion’s Arch. The Central Tyria mastery “Revered Antiquarian” from the Legendary Crafting track is also required to begin.

See Astralaria in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlEAX7XRF-c

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