[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Sword Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

The best sword skins aren't just the flashiest nor the most stylish ones. They elevate the player character with its aesthetic and wins them the gold in Fashion Wars 2.
The best sword skins aren't just the flashiest nor the most stylish ones. They elevate the player character with its aesthetic and wins them the gold in Fashion Wars 2.

The sword has always been a staple weapon found in almost every single MMORPG since the beginning, not just because of the simplicity of the weapon, nor its cultural significance for us, but also how we just really love swords in general. There have been so many awesome-looking swords that make you go "wow!" at the sight of them that there is simply too many to list, but we can only put the best according to the community. Let us discuss which among these are the best sword skins in Guild Wars 2 and ask ourselves why they are freaking awesome and use them to slay your enemies and fashion competition.


10. Caithe’s Crystal Bloom Sword

Caithe's Crystal Bloom Sword or just Crystal Bloom Sword is one of the many weapons wielded by the Order of the Crystal Bloom; the order that reveres the new Crystal Dragon, Aurene. After being saved by the mighty Elder Dragon, they now dedicate their lives in her honor and seek to repay her kindness. 

Why they are awesome

  • What the Crystal Bloom Sword lacks in special effects and animation, it compensates for with its stunning design that fits with characters rocking a crystalline aesthetic.
  • The Crystal Bloom Sword has an intricately designed crystalline blue aesthetic with a sweeping, curved blade.
  • The pommel and hilt have traces of sylvari-motifs akin to its former user, Caithe, with the crystalline flowers sprouting on it.

See Caithe’s Crystal Bloom Sword in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get Caithe’s Crystal Bloom Sword:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance


9. Scion’s Claw Sword

It is not often that you see a game developer hold a Design-A-Weapon contest where they actually put a fan-made creation into their game and make it look brilliant. This was the case for the Scion's Claw sword, and the result is simply a thing of beauty on par with the designer's style in mind. The Guild Wars 2 developers continue to foster their good relationship with the community every single time they hold these types of contests and could always make more in the future.

Why they are awesome

  • The Scion's Claw sword is one of the stand-out weapons in the group simply because of how it was created. It was not an ArenaNet-designed weapon, but was made during a competition for the fans, and one of the winners, Elisha Y., is the proud creator.
  • If you take a closer look at the beautiful blue blade, you can see some writing engraved on the fuller. 
  • The actual guard houses a magical, floating shattered Appppppp
  • crystal at the center, making this weapon feel like it was imbued by powerful arcane arts.

See Scion’s Claw in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get Scion’s Claw:

  • Complete the Healing Heir collections achievement by collecting the following items:
  • Ectoplasm-Infused Vision Crystal
  • Scattered Self
  • Updraft of a Dream
  • Duty Shards
  • Low Spirit
  • A Soul Resewn
  • Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Sword Blade


8. Venom Warblade

The Orchestral Staff is part of the Orchestral weapons set that turns your trusty gear into musical instruments. While that may be music to your ears, it won't be for your enemies as you launch magic from a harp or bash them on their skulls with it. Keep hammering them with this enormous weapon until all you hear from is the Sound of Silence.

Why they are awesome

  • The dark aesthetic of the Venom Warblade fits any Sylvari character, those who wear Nightmare Court-esque armor, or those would be assassin-y types who want a deadly dark-colored sword in their arsenal.
  • If you take a closer look at the weapon while it is being wielded, the Venom Warblade leaves a subtle green trail effect as if poison is leaking from it.
  • The intricate detail on the tendrils sprouting from the base of the blade that crawls toward the grip and pommel of the hilt is a sight to look at, making it seem like some monster from within the blade is leaking out, trying to grasp its owner and envelop the weapon.

See the Venom Warblade in action:

Quoundo’s YouTube Video

How to get the Venom Warblade:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance


7. Bonetti’s Rapier

Rapiers have always been a fancy alternative to the sword and is typically seen as a more sophisticated version of it. It is no different in Guild Wars 2, and the Bonetti's Rapier is an elegantly designed weapon that not only looks awesome, the stat's the weapon the skin comes from is just as great. Leave those brutish fiends in the dust with their bulky swords while you finesse them with your precise skills as you wield the one sword that is mightier than a pen.

Why they are awesome

  • Bonetti's Rapier is one of the more realistic-looking rapiers in the game with its delicate side rings, counterguards, loop and knuckle guards.
  • Bonetti's Rapier is a lot more affordable than the Gem Store Exclusive weapon, Lord Faren's Rapier, and is readily available from the trading post.
  • This awesome rapier acts similarly to how real rapiers perform in real life wherein they are flexible and can bend while swinging.
  • A fun fact about the weapon is its namesake; It was inspired from the Renaissance Italian fencing master, Rocco Bonetti.

See Bonetti’s Rapier in action:

0:37 Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get Bonetti’s Rapier:

  • You can loot Bonetti's Rapier from the following containers, all at random chance:
  • Dungeoneer's Grandmaster Chest
  • Embroidered Coin Purse
  • Grand Weapon Crate
  • Shell Pouch
  • Slime-Covered Strongbox
  • Alternatively, it can be purchased from the trading post for roughly 82-156 gold.


6. Fiery Dragon Sword and Icy Dragon Sword

Fire and Ice; two opposing elements that are tied to both the elder dragons Primordius and Jormag respectively. Both the Fiery Dragon Sword and Icy Dragon Sword could make their own list, but because of how similar they are in design, they can sit in one spot together. Whichever element you choose to wield (or prefer both with one in each hand), devastate all those that oppose you.

Why they are awesome

  • Both the Fiery Dragon Sword and Icy Dragon Sword share similar sword designs but have different particle effects. The Fiery Dragon Sword boasts the most illumination out of all the weapons available in game with its flame particles, and the Icy Dragon Sword emits a blue flame that is shorter than its flaming bretheren. The flames are emitted from the dragon head and blade.
  • Speaking of the blade, both weapons share the uniquely twisting blade shape and is similar to the legendary sword, Sohothin, which is wielded by Rytlock Brimstone.
  • What the Fiery Dragon Sword does that the Icy Dragon Sword doesn't do, however, is set their enemies on fire in their death animations, adding a tinge of brutality.

See both the Fiery Dragon Sword and Icy Dragon Sword in action:

GoldenKing’s YouTube Video (FDS)

0:58 jyenh’s YouTube Video (IDS)

How to get both the Fiery Dragon Sword and Icy Dragon Sword:

Fiery Dragon Sword:

  • Play the original Guild Wars game and acquire 10 Hall of Monuments reward points.
  • Purchase from Kimmes the Historian at the Eye of the North instance version (use Hall of Monuments Portal Stone) for free.

Icy Dragon Sword:

  • Looted from a Frost Chest (Claw of Jormag drop) - random chance
  • Combine a Eldritch Scroll, 50 Mystic Coins, 100 Orichalcum Sword Blades, and 50 Corrupted Lodestones in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchasable from the Trading Post for roughly 95-176 gold.


5. The Cutting Edge

Star Wars fans playing in Guild Wars 2 can finally rejoice as their wishes have been granted. For too long, there haven't been any swords that Jedi / Sith-to-be younglings can wield because there is no weapon that suits them until now. If you want a weapon that matches the civilized form of Tyria, The Cutting Edge is just the weapon for you without luring you to the dark side.

Why they are awesome

  • The Cutting Edge is basically a lightsaber and a beautifully crafted one to boot.
  • Much like the lightsabers from Star Wars, The Cutting Edge's "blade" disappears when sheathed and only comes out when being wielded. The actual hilt, grip, and pommel fulfill the sci-fi aesthetic and can be wielded by sword wielders. Midichlorians not included.
  • Holosmiths and other players who enjoy the bronze-gold coloration of the weapon will be able to enjoy The Cutting Edge's aesthetics and find a way to make it work. After all, do or do not; there is no try.

See The Cutting Edge in action:

0:38 DJ Dragon’s YouTube Video

How to get The Cutting Edge:

Complete The Cutting Edge Collection Achievement by finding these items:

  • Holosmith's Sword - received after training as a Holosmith
  • Fragile Prism - defeat Branded enemies in the Crystal Dessert
  • Solar Circuit - Purchased from Assistant Foremant Kofi at Arid Gladefields in Elon Riverlands for 2,695 Karma.
  • Wish For Progress - use a Mystic Coin in the Wishing Well in the Domain of Vabbi
  • Eerie Zephyrite Enigma - looted from defeated Chamption Chaotic Leyspark bounty.
  • Threat Report: Thermoptic Flux Readings - Purchased from Keeper Pamir at The Ruination in The Desolation for 6,860 Karma as a Holosmith.
  • Trophy of the Champion Holosmith - Finish any race in Elona as a Holosmsith.
  • Libeh's Truthteller - To save you time, purchase from the Trading Post for roughly 54-76 silver.
  • Recipe: Superior Rune of the Holosmith - complete the random event "Defend the Amnoon farmworkers from the Forged."
  • Riddle of the Holosmith - Located at Kusini Crossing Sanctum of Nabkha tower.
  • Emergency Release Valve - defeat a Caffeinated Skritt Burglar as an Engineer
  • Holosmith's Lucent Vent - complete your Holosmith Training
  • Holosmith's Cache - map complete any of the main Elona maps using a Holosmith
  • Mordant Edge - get the weapon skin from the weapon, Cothol, Fieldburner of Severance from a Palawan Phylactery, or as a random reward from completing the Junundu Rising Event.


4. Infinite Light

If you ever wanted to craft a sword that, at one time, could pass as one the the legendary weapons, Infinite Light would be one of those swords at the top of your list because of the very expensive materials you needed to craft this glorious weapon. For even the most die-hard sword collector, Infinite Light will have a very high ranking among the vast number of swords due to its aesthetic appeal.. As one of the most coveted weapons in-game, you are sure to win the hearts of those against you in the midst of Fashion Wars 2.

Why they are awesome

  • Upon wielding Infinite Light, it casts a subtle golden glow while dropping gold particles from the blade. The only downside is that it does not illuminate the area but makes up for it with in other ways.
  • The many symbols and runes on the blade glows a golden tint, as if being protected by magic, making Infinite Light have ties to the arcane.
  • Infinite Light is more of a status symbol at time because of the amount of resources needed to craft the weapon, as well as its hefty price on the trading post. Those that wield this weapon are seen to be very rich players indeed.

See Infinite Light in action:

alixandred’s YouTube Video

How to get Infinite Light:

  • Combine a Eldritch Scroll, 100 Mystic Coins, 250 Charged Lodestones, and 250 Orichalcum Sword Blades in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 275-400 gold.


3. Demon-Haunted Sword

In Guild Wars 2, October and November becomes one of the most awaited times in-game as it is the return of the Halloween festival. With this absolutely delightful romp in the Halloween-themed event, players have the chance of getting special weapons like the Demon-Haunted Sword and the other weapons in the set. Conquer the many ghouls and creepy-crawlies in the Mad King's Realm with this eerie sword and give yourself more treats while tricking your foes.

Why they are awesome

  • The Demon-Haunted Sword  features a more prominent dark aesthetic, feel, and vibe from its sinister spectral flames and design. From the evil grinning face that resembles a carved pumpkin to the melted candle aesthetic, this spooky sword is a fine reward for your candy corn grind.
  • Upon wielding the Demon-Haunted Sword, spectral blue flames surge forth from the blade and hilt similar to ghostly candles.

See the Demon-Haunted Sword in action:

Jonathan Xhelili’s YouTube Video

How to get the Demon-Haunted Sword:

  • The Demon-Haunted Sword is only available during Halloween and can be purchased from the following NPC for four (4) Candy Corn Cob and 2 Gold:
  • Lunatic Weaponsmith Markham at Grand Plaza in Lion's Arch.


2. Bolt

The first generation legendary sword, Bolt, has seen its fair share of fans that are willing to go the distance and create this awesome sword. This electrifying sword supercharges your battles with the abilities all legendaries share and gives you an edge in-game.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, Bifrost surrounds the body of the player character with colorful electricity as they wield the weapon.
  • While you have Bolt on your character, you leave behind electrical footfalls with each step.
  • Whenever you release projectiles with this legendary weapon, they are transformed into electricity, although some skills will show you throwing Bolt instead.

See Bifrost in action:

Roelski’s YouTube video

How to get Bifrost:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Zap - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Bolt
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,780-2000 gold.


1. The Shining Blade

While Zap has been a favorite for many years, when Heart of Thorns released, The Shining Blade quickly took its place with its awesome, sleek design and ties to the lore. The overall design of this second generation legendary sword captivated sword lovers instantly and has become one of people's favorites to wield. 

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, The Shining Blade is an ebony and gold sword with a superb design with its sleek, pointed features.
  • When The Shining Blade is unsheathed, purple and gold energy erupts from the sword as the player's arm glows with energy.
  • When The Shining Blade is sheathed, the crossguard forms the emblem of the Shining Blade.
  • As you are carrying the weapon on your character, you leave behind the shimmering emblem of the Shining Blade faction as footfalls as you move across the field.
  • An additional effect that whenever you swing The Shining Blade, you leave a trail of purple and gold energy behind.
  • All of the projectiles that come from this weapon are changed from the standard model to being that of The Shining Blade.

See The Shining Blade in action:

NekkoNubcakes’ YouTube Video

How to get The Shining Blade:

Unlike the first and third generation legendary weapons, second generation legendary weapons need to be crafted from scratch and need the following materials in the Mystic Forge:

  • The precursor weapon, Save The Queen
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of The Blade
  • Gift of Maguuma Mastery


Closing Thoughts

The humble sword has always been the go-to weapon for players that have played fun MMORPGs. In Guild Wars 2, they are the perfect balance of speed and power, and have always had tons of great skins over the years that you could love and imagine. If the sword skins of the future were to be just as awesome as the ones in today's article, that would truly be something every Commander would dream of.


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