[Top 10] GW2 Best Alt Parkings (Best Places to Park Alts)

Guild Wars 2 best alt parking
Sometimes the best place to park an alt is at the bottom of a cliff

When you have a lot of alts, you can still make extra money in Guild Wars 2

Alts in Guild Wars 2 can be turned into money-making machines if you’re willing to just park them somewhere and simply gather items per day with them and then log out.

There are a few locations around Tyria that can make money. Most of them are treasure chests at the end of jumping puzzles, but some are also node farms (such as for flax and wood) and some are easier or harder to reach.

Keep reading to explore ten possible locations to park alts, what you can gather there daily and how difficult it is to get to them.

10. Sharkmaw Caverns Jumping Puzzle Chest

How to get through the Sharkmaw Caverns jumping puzzle

Jumping puzzles are a primary way to get a number of special items that drop rarely in the game, but drop much more commonly from the chest at the end. As a result, one of the best locations to park an alt (or multiple alts) is at the end of a jumping puzzle.

For example, the Sharkmaw Caverns in Lion’s Arch are actually extremely easy to traverse to and get through and it’s accessible to free-to-play accounts.

Potential rewards from the chest include silver and platinum doubloons, green gear, crystals, and crests.

9. Timberline Falls Rich Platinum Vein

How to reach the Timberline Falls rich platinum vein

Timberline Falls has a permanent rich platinum vein hidden in a cave. It’s extremely easy to reach and very safe to park alts next to. It can generate nine platinum ore a day per alt, which means that it’s a quick-and-dirty way to make fast money.

There is also the possibility of another random spawn rich platinum vein that can appear outside the cave surrounded by some hostile jotun.

For those players who are more adventurous, Timberline falls is also filled with trees that chop down for hard wood. So, it’s possible to teleport all the way down to the south part of the map, to the Serpent Stones waypoint and then trek all the way back up to the platinum node and collect resources all along the way.

Rewards per day from this location include nine to eighteen platinum ore and a handful of crystals.

8. Brisban Wildlands Rich Iron Vein

How to reach the Brisban Wildlands rich iron vein

The Gallows Fields in Brisban Wildlands have a permanent rich iron vein inside a crevasse. Reaching this location is easy and it’s such a common farming location that there will most likely be Guild banners around it that give extra mining goodies.

The region is also littered with other iron veins that can be reached fairly swiftly. As a result, this is a good place to stop in order to clean up with an alt every day.

Rewards per day from this location include nine to thirty iron ore and a handful of crystals.

7. Elder wood farm in Malchior’s Leap

How to reach the elder wood farm in Malchior’s Leap

Malchior’s Leap in Orr has a statue dedicated to the goddess Melandru, the goddess of nature and the earth. Around her statue grow six trees that give elder wood when chopped down. This farm can provide approximately eighteen elder wood logs a day.

For the more adventurous, there are also mithril veins and the odd orichalcum veins around the area as well as yet more elder wood. However, the region is populated by hostile undead and it can slow down even mounted characters.

Potential rewards per day from this farm include eighteen elder wood (or more), mithril ore, and orichalcum ore.

6. Bitterfrost Frontier Coral Farm

How to get to the Bitterfrost Frontier coral farm

The Bitterfrost Frontier is in the very north of the map and only accessible for people who have unlocked this map. It is a region of freezing, choking ice and even colder water. And into the water we’ll go to find several nodes of coral to farm.

This region is also a great area to get Winterberries – which are a highly prized and farmed currency that can be turned into Unbound Magic. Winterberries themselves can be turned in for several Ascended pieces of equipment. Farming them is fast, but fraught with hostiles, so it may take a lot of extra time.

Potential rewards per day from this farm include coral orbs (rare), coral tentacles, and as many winterberries you’re willing to fight for.

5. Draconis Mons Flax Farm

How to reach the Draconis Mons flax farm

Draconis Mons is inside a volcanic island discovered when hunting the dragon Primordius. It is a multi-leveled map with a lot of enemies in it and a map currency of fire orchids. It can be a little difficult to get around but there is a small flax farm in it that is relatively easy to reach.

To use the flax farm, you must have an orichalcum harvesting sickle.

Potential rewards per day from this farm include six to twelve flax, flax fibers, and flax blossoms (rare).

4. Draconis Mons Searing Ascent Jumping Puzzle

Guide to getting through the Draconis Mons “Searing Ascent” jumping puzzle

The Searing Ascent is an extremely difficult jumping puzzle located in Draconis Mons. When it comes to getting easy money, jumping puzzle chests are a common go-to because you can open them once per day and they contain a number of items, including map currencies.

Getting up to the chest in the Searing Ascent is not easy, however, with mounts and a little perseverance (and a video guide as above) it can be possible. You also only have to do it once per alt.

Potential rewards per day from this location include one guaranteed rare item, three fire orchids, a level eighty green item, crystals, crests, and empyreal fragments.

3. Sanctum of Nabkha

How to traverse the Sanctum of Nabkha

The Sanctum of Nabkha is a portal-based jumping puzzle located in Crystal Oasis. As this is a jumping puzzle, you need only get through it once per alt and park them at the chest at the end. There are many guides (such as the one above) although it is a fairly easy one once it’s shown.

Getting through this jumping puzzle is not that difficult but it does require the Path of Fire expansion to access. It’s also possible to skip the puzzle with a griffin flying mount and go directly to the three big chests at the top.

Potential rewards per day from this location include multiple green and blue unidentified gear, ten to sixty trade contracts, up to six rare unidentified gear, and a rare Elonian weapon (rare).

2. Tomb of the Primeval Kings

Visiting the Tomb of the Primeval Kings

The Tomb of the Primeval Kings is littered with treasure chests that are offerings to the past kings of Elonia. Inside are six chests and there’s a lost dwarven chest atop one of the statues.

The chests can be a little danger as they will spawn guardians who will immediately attack, but they can be avoided. To access this zone, Path of Fire is required.

Potential rewards per day from this location include blue and green unidentified gear, rare unidentified gear (rare), up to 10 material caches, a trader’s key (rare), and seven to 60 trade contracts.

1. Verdant Brink Flax Farm

The Verdant Brink flax farm location

Verdant Brink is the first zone in the Heart of Thorns expansion that players visit when they start the whole storyline. This flax farm is also the easiest to reach in the game as all it requires is a teleport to the Jaka Itzel waypoint and then a turn to the side and a drop-down to the jungle floor.

Once there, players will find themselves amidst a garden of flax nodes tended by the Itzel. Vampire Beasts intermittently attack, but the Itzel warriors guarding the tenders will take them out on their own.

Potential rewards per day from the location include six to 12 flax, flax fibers, and flax blossoms (rare).

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