[Top 15] Guild Wars 2 Best Achievements To Have

Take the fight against Tyria's foes and unlock cool achievements that do more than just be a trophy on your character selection screen.
Take the fight against Tyria's foes and unlock cool achievements that do more than just be a trophy on your character selection screen.

Players unlock achievements in various games for various reasons. Most are cool trophies that can be displayed for bragging rights and status symbols. In Guild Wars 2, however, they function more than just that. With that in mind, which ones should you aim for? Let this helpful guide explain which Guild Wars 2 accomplishments are the most desirable and why.

A side note about achievements

Commander, a quick word before you hunt for achievements.

"I just started with the game, I don't really care about hunting down achievements yet," you may be thinking. Fair enough, my dear player, to each their own. You should start looking for them early, though, because achievements in Guild Wars 2 are more than just trophies to display in your Character Profile.

When you complete specified achievements, you receive a certain number of achievement points. These points can be used to unlock rewards from the achievement point awards, which appear in increments of 500. The higher you go, the better the award becomes. You can even obtain two unique armor sets that can only be obtained here.

When you unlock specific items, you can even access amazing features thanks to several achievements. We will discuss those shortly.

15. Adventure Guide: Volumes 1-5

We all have to start from somewhere, Commander.

"Wait a minute, these achievements are so simple to obtain. Why do I require these specific achievements? ", I hear you say. That's correct. Adventure Guide Volumes 1-5 are simple to obtain, especially if you've been playing for a while.

But keep in mind that not everyone is an experienced Guild Wars 2 player who knows all the ins and outs of the game. This is an excellent achievement for beginners because it serves as a tutorial and awards experience points.

Why get this achievement?

  • As a beginner, it's a great collection of achievements to keep track of what you still need to learn about the game.
  • It teaches new players to explore Tyria's world and try the various events that others frequently overlook.
  • As you progress through guides 1-5, the difficulty gradually increases to prepare new players for the challenges of level 80 maps and beyond (assuming they bought the expansion packs). They will be able to survive long, drawn-out battles in the future if they remember the mechanics taught to them, such as the importance of using crowd control skills and dodging.

14. General Mastery

Mastery of your various skills opens new possibilities for your characters.

The Path of Fire expansion pack introduced the General Mastery Achievements. Players who purchased Heart of Thorns gained access to three Mastery Tracks in Central Tyria, namely the Pact Commander Masteries, Fractal Attunement Masteries, and Legendary Crafting Masteries.

After completing the three masteries, your character will be able to do things like gain access to special vendors within the Fractals of the Mists, earn a Pact Mentor badge to help newbies or as a cheaper version of a Commander Tag, and craft Precursor Weapons (ingredients for Legendary Crafting).


Why get this achievement?

  • You must go out into the world of the base game and find nodes called Central Tyria Mastery Insights to get Mastery Insights in order to unlock the various Mastery Tracks in Central Tyria of your Hero Panel. Additional M.Is can be obtained in other parts of the General Tab of Achievements, but because these are easy to obtain through simple exploration, they are included on this list.
  • When you finish these achievements and gain the necessary mastery insights, you can focus on the time-consuming ones in the other tabs.
  • The achievement will be essential in crafting legendary weapons from start to finish if you choose to craft the Precursor weapons first rather than relying on pure RNG to get one.


13. Heart of Thorns achievements that grant Mastery Insights

Players take flight with their new Gliders as they brave the Maguuma Jungle in their quest to slay the Elder Dragon, Mordremoth.

The first Guild Wars 2 expansion had a lot to prove, not only to the existing player base but also to newcomers. The game went quiet for a while, and players complained about it online. People feared the worst.

The announcement arrived, and the player base immediately rejoiced, knowing that not only had they finally heard from the developers but that they were also providing new content in the form of an expansion pack. Future expansions will have similar themes, with achievements used to help players 


Why get this achievement?

  • The Mastery System was introduced in Heart of Thorns, and the achievements grant Mastery Insights that help you unlock skills that you can use to move through Maguuma's jungles.
  • The achievements award points that can be used to purchase one of the most important modes of transportation available, gliding. Gliding was previously only available in the Heart of Thorns maps, but now you can glide almost anywhere as long as you have the Mastery unlocked.
  • The Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, and Tangled Depths all have unique NPCs that you can help to unlock vendors, but you won't be able to interact with them at first because you don't understand their language. This is where the achievements come into play. Complete several achievements that provide mastery insight to improve your ability to communicate with the Itzel, Exalted, and Nuhoch Races and potentially unlock rewards.


12. Path of Fire achievements that grant Mastery Insights

The human god, Balthazar, faces off against the Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik.

The Path of Fire expansion introduced the Guild Wars 2 version of mounts to the player base, which didn't seem to fit at the time when Heart of Thorns was still in development. The maps were just the right size that you didn't need mounts to get from one place to another, and the waypoint system was actually spaced well enough that it didn't appear so far apart.

Of course, this would all change with the introduction of Heart of Thorns and their massive maps, which made everyone think "maybe we do need mounts." Enter the second expansion and its four core mounts (with a couple of secret ones but we will get to them).


Why get this achievement?

  • The Path of Fire General Mastery Achievements are easily summarized in one word: Mounts. You gain access to the Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, and Jackal.
  • Aside from simply unlocking the mounts, you can also unlock more masteries that allow you to improve your riding skills with the mounts, giving you new ways to use your new friends.
  • The more time you spend pursuing the achievements that grant mastery points, the better you will become at controlling the mounts. You begin to realize how specialized each mount is in terms of what it brings to the table in terms of both exploration and combat.


11. End of Dragons General Mastery and similar achievements that grant Mastery Insights

Players can finally go out and fish in the many bodies of water around Tyria, Commander!

The much-anticipated return to Cantha, a location from the original Guild Wars filled with lore and memories, has finally occurred. Along with a new region to explore and lose yourself in nostalgia came new masteries and elite specializations to be unlocked.

Knowing this, as with previous expansions, you needed mastery insights from achievements to unlock them and upgrade your skills. Surprisingly, the achievements this time were slightly easier to obtain than in previous expansions.


Why get this achievement?

  • Fishing is a long-awaited gathering skill that has been requested by players since the game's inception. You can catch fish from the entire new region, as well as the previous two expansions and the base game. The higher your skill level, the better you will become. Although you cannot fish while riding a Skimmer mount, there is a brand new "mount" that allows you to do so.
  • You get to ride a Skiff, a boat that allows you to ride safely across waters (and even certain maps where water is deemed too dangerous. *cough cough Draconic Mons cough*) The best part? You can practice your new fishing ability while riding 
  • Jade Bots are tiny bots that assist the player in a variety of ways, such as giving you a boost while gliding, setting up personal, temporary waypoints, and assisting you in rallying from the downed state in PvE maps.
  • Arborstone becomes available to the player during the End of Dragons story and serves as your base of operations. The location's functionality grows as it unlocks points through achievements.
  • The Siege Turtle mount, possibly the most anticipated feature, can now be unlocked. A one-of-a-kind mount that requires two players to use, it opens up co-op possibilities in PvE and becomes useful in certain missions in End of Dragons.


10. Specialized Collections Tab

Complete the collection and receive valuable loot for your elite specializations.

The expansion packs Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and End of Dragons introduced Elite Specializations, which are classes that go above and beyond what the regular classes do. They frequently take on new specialties that were previously unavailable to them.

The fun part about them is that you can unlock achievements that reward you with a free exotic weapon or armor that represents your elite specialization.


Why get this achievement?

  • Aside from the free exotic weapon or armor, you will gain an ascended weapon tied to the elite specialization when you complete the collection of materials required for the weapon achievement.
  • If you're having difficulty crafting ascended weapons, this is a good way to get them for your Tyria journey.
  • As you progress through the achievement, you'll have more opportunities to explore the Maguuma Jungle, Elona, and Cantha.


9. Griffon, Roller Beetle, and Skyscale Achievements

Players can unlock several secret mounts, like the Griffon above, to assist them in their adventures around Tyria.

The Path of Fire expansion pack introduced players to an MMORPG staple for the first time: the humble mount. What distinguishes Guild Wars 2 mounts from other MMO mounts is the amount of usage and utility the various mounts provide. They not only allow players to access difficult-to-reach areas of the world, but they also allow them to be customized. The fast Raptor, the high-jumping Springer, the water and sand-gliding Skimmer, and the desert portal-blinking Jackal are among these mounts.

What others didn't realize at first was that when Path of Fire first came out, there was a secret mount of sorts that you had to complete a variety of tasks and achievements to unlock, namely the Griffon. In the subsequent Living Stories, both the Roller Beetle and Skyscale appeared.


Why get this achievement?

  • The achievements may be tedious and difficult without a guide, and some may require the assistance of other teammates when tackling certain "Legendary Bounty Missions," but the reward at the end is well worth the effort.
  • The Griffon alone makes getting to and from places a breeze, especially when you learn to glide super fast from a high vantage point.
  • The Roller Beetle rolls across Tyria like a cool motorcycle. Maybe have a biker-looking character ride on one and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  • What the Skyscale lacks in speed, it compensates for with aerial verticality and the ability to hover in mid-air, allowing you to AFK in certain places out of enemy range. It is also a good substitute for the Springer when you don't want to jump all over the place trying to reach the top of high places

8. Festival Achievements Tab

Players flock towards festivals to farm gold because they drop unique loot that can only be found during certain seasons.

Guild Wars 2's annual tradition of bringing real-life holidays to its servers never ceases to amaze. There are several festivals in the game, some of which date back to the previous game, such as Halloween, Lunar New Year, and Wintersday. Others with story-related connections include Dragon Bash, Super Adventure Festival, and Festival of the Four Winds.

"But why would I do these achievements? They're just festivals, and they'll be gone when they're over.," you may be wondering. You might think that participating in the events is pointless, but you'd be surprised to learn that the Festival Achievements do reward you as well.


Why get this achievement?

  • They only appear during special seasons in-game, giving you plenty of time to prepare for them.
  • Even if you miss one this year, you can easily earn achievement points that will be added to your account. It will return the following year, and your progress will still be recorded.
  • Certain achievements will reward you with items that you can easily sell on the Trading Post. Said items are typically only available during the holiday season, so stock up on as many as you can before selling them off-season for more gold.


7. Explorer Achievements Tab

Nothing to see here. Just a Charr taking care of little kitties in training, tucked away in a very secret location inside World versus World.

Guild Wars 2 is a beautifully crafted game with many hidden secrets. Others are unaware that some of these secrets are related to simply being curious and exploring the world's many nooks and crannies. Did you know there are several hidden areas in the game, including World versus World?

When crafting legendary weapons, it's a good idea to explore the Explorer Achievement Tab. You must explore the world and complete the map entirely, and Explorer assists you in keeping track of locations that must be visited.


Why get this achievement?

  • New players learn how to explore Tyria's world and discover well-hidden secrets, such as challenging jump puzzles and hidden mini-dungeons.
  • The achievement keeps track of locations that need to be explored and is not limited to the base game.
  • The achievement also keeps track of the legendaries you're currently collecting with the Legendary Armorer and Legendary Collector achievements, though the latter only keeps track of 5 unique weapons or trinkets. It even awards you a cool title for obtaining 18 legendary armor pieces.


6. PvP Conquest and Season

Face off against the best of the best in the PvP Arena and earn glory and respect from your peers.

Are you the type of player who craves nothing more than dominance in the combat arena and a showdown with your peers? Do you have what it takes to compete with Tyria's best? You, my friend, are exactly what the world of PvP is looking for, and they have just the achievements to reward you for your time and effort.


Why get this achievement?

  • Conquest and Season both assist players in tracking their progress in the current PvP season.
  • It should come as no surprise that players frequently use this achievement to demonstrate their prowess in the game. The better you play, the higher your rank and the further your PvP career can take you.
  • In the PvP rewards track, players can earn points to unlock special items. Speaking of which...


5. Year of the Ascension 1 to 4

A glorious set of wings to show off your ascent in Ranked PvP for one fierce contender.

Did I mention that if you consistently participate in PvP Ranked, you can earn a very rare backpiece? PvPers can craft the Ascension as a reward for all of their hard work in PvP. The road to soaring high above the competition is difficult and long, but the view from the top is spectacular.

Because of the difficulty in obtaining it in Ranked Mode, this back piece is one of the most sought-after in-game. When you go into the forums and ask PvPers about their journey to the top, you'll be met with stories of clinch victories and near-losses, only to triumph. The accomplishment is just the icing on the cathartic cake.


Why get this achievement?

  • In both the casual and competitive realms of the game, earning the Ascension is a statement that says "I made it this far and I can definitely go higher." As a backpiece, it's essentially bragging rights.
  • When you craft the Ascension, your hard work and patience will be rewarded. After that, you can go back and do some more PvP or finally explore the rest of the game.
  • Because PvP can be difficult to play, not everyone has this skin. The majority of players are casuals or prefer raids or World versus World.


4. Raids Achievements Tab

Players wanted more challenging end-game content? You got it. Raids are serious business.

Many players have been requesting higher-difficulty content for several years, and ArenaNet has finally delivered with the introduction of the Raids in the Heart of Thorns expansion pack. These raids provide players with the challenging content they seek and can be completed by up to ten players.

Although difficult at first, and only a few have succeeded, there is now a growing community of raiders who want to complete raids. However, if you want to be a part of the community and receive lovely, one-of-a-kind rewards, you may need the proper equipment, knowledge of gameplay mechanics, a Discord account, and some of the achievements.


Why get this achievement?

  • By having at least some of the achievements in the Raids tab, you demonstrate that you understand what to do in the raid. You don't have to ask questions in the middle of a raid to figure out what you should do and slow down the team.
  • If you decide to lead a raid group, having these achievements unlocked will help you demonstrate your mastery of the encounters. Some groups will leave if their commander lacks raid achievements, believing they will die under your command.
  • Even if you know the mechanics by heart, you may encounter some groups that will outright bar you if you lack certain achievements or lack achievement points. To them, you don't understand the raid mechanics and may slow them down or get them killed. You can avoid gatekeeping by having achievements (either by playing with friends or guildmates).


3. God / Goddess of WvW Achievement

Defend your server's Borderlands with your allies and conquer the field of World versus World.

So. You've had your fill of PvP and the arena, but now you want more? To quench your thirst for battle, another game mode called World versus World, or WvW for short, is available. One elusive achievement is so rare that only a few people can claim it: God of WvW Achievement.

What makes it so elusive? Simply reach a staggering 10,000 WvW Rank. If you've been playing since the beginning, there's a chance you have this achievement, but it wouldn't be surprising if you don't, especially if you've spent the majority of your time focusing solely on other game modes.


Why get this achievement?

  • After completing the achievement, you will be able to interact with the NPC Legendary Commander War Razor, who will grant you a title. He is a Charr NPC vendor who sells unique items such as Legendary Components, Mist Essences, Wings of War variants, and so on that can be found at various spawn areas in the World versus World game mode.
  • You will receive a unique title for your account called "God or Goddess of WvW," which you can display the next time you fight in WvW. In the game mode, watch as your opponents tremble in fear of your dominance and mastery.
  • World versus World players typically receive a little reward, but with the current storyline wrapping up until a new one begins, they are putting more effort into the game mode.


2. Fashion Achievement Tab

Just because you are an unstoppable juggernaut that can clear content doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it.

"Wait, what are you on about? Why is fashion such an important achievement in Guild Wars 2?", you say, dear reader. Let me tell you a story about a younger me who played this game a few years ago. Young me was obsessed with completing the final story point and moving on to the end game. It took me a while to finish the game back then (expansion packs weren't available yet), and I was looking for other things to do in-game. I had just reached level 80 when two guildmates approached me.

"Bro, you've been playing for longer than us, but your armor skin selection is lame."

They were correct. My armor stats were for pure DPS to cleave my way to victory, but one victory eluded me back then: my fashion sense.

If it wasn't obvious enough, Guild Wars 2 is known for its odd sense of humor, and they frequently refer to another endgame as "Fashion Wars." Not only should you be able to clear content, but you should do so while looking awesome.


Why get this achievement?

  • The more skins you get from cultural armor NPCs in your home cities, the more race clothes you can wear in-game.
  • If you enjoy role-playing, this opens up a lot of possibilities. There are many RP-based guilds looking for fun roleplayers to join them.
  • To be honest, you wouldn't look like a newbie scrub with your hideous outfit while defeating fearsome foes. Then again, you could also pass for roleplaying as a literal newbie so... Your mileage may vary.


1. Legendary Weapons, Armor, Backpacks, and Trinkets

The best carry with them only the finest weaponry and armor that Guild Wars 2 can offer.

You've done everything. You've traveled from various distant lands all over Tyria, exploring everything to the fullest. You have mastered not only the ranks of Player versus Player but also World versus World. You've defeated the raid bosses and gathered all of their loot. What else can you possibly do? Fashion Wars 2!

What better way to do so than to collect the most sought-after items in the game's numerous legendaries? Initially, only legendary weapons were available, but with the Path of Fire expansion pack, they began introducing the idea of bringing Legendary Armor and Backpacks to the game. They quickly followed with Legendary Trinkets and Upgrades (sigils and runes) to complete the set.


Why get this achievement?

  • By properly unlocking the legendaries and not purchasing them from the Trading Post, you can show off that you have done what many others are unable to do: craft a legendary item from start to finish.
  • Having one legendary weapon is sufficient, but having the entire legendary set from the base game, expansion packs, armors, backpacks, and trinkets? That alone screams commitment.
  • The main reason is simple: Legendary Items are unique in that you can choose your item's stats while not in combat. Want to go exploring while also being a DPS monster? Change your stats to Berserkers or Marauders. Do you want to be a tank in WvW? You can also rearrange things. When combined with the newly introduced Legendary Sigils and Runes, you can switch them for free without the use of an Upgrade Extractor item.
  • Did I mention that your Legendary Items are tied to your account? This means you can freely store these items in your bank for your other characters to use as long as they can use said items.
  • Remember what I said about Fashion Wars? What better way to rock a legendary armor and weapon combo than to use transmutation stones to change their appearance so you don't have to stick with the appearance of your item? While doing so, you can still switch stats at any time.


Closing Thoughts

Guild Wars 2 has a plethora of achievements that can provide you with more than just a measure of your in-game progress. They provide excellent rewards, which the majority of players will seek once they realize they will require those new abilities in the future. There are also many others who can award you with special titles for repeating activities.

What were your thoughts? Did we leave out any achievements that you believe should have been included? Allow your voice to be heard. Until then, Commander, I'll see you in the Mists.


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