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World of Tanks Announces Exclusive Black Friday Deals
World of Tanks has chosen to celebrate Black Friday with what they ter... read more
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Wishes For "The Outstanding Story-Rich Game" Award Nominations
Sherlock Holmes Games has requested that players consider nominating t... read more
Back 4 Blood Announces $20k Cleaner Tournament
Back 4 Blood has announced a $20,000 tournament and has invited Back 4... read more
Battlefield 2042 Releases Launch Update and Roadmap Briefing
Battlefield 2042 has released a news post detailing its launch update... read more
Age of Empires IV Explains Historical Research Behind Mexican Civilization In-Game
Age of Empires has released a detailed breakdown in a news release of... read more
Forza Horizon 5 Announces 2019 Subaru STI S209 for Car Pass Owners This Week
Forza Horizon has just announced that Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass owners... read more
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Explains Game Transfer from PS4 to PS5
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has explained how players will be abl... read more
Total War Reveals Warhammer III Nurgle Roster
Total War has announced the Nurgle Roster for the upcoming Total War:... read more
PUBG Players Upset About 'Your Shop' Money Grab
On 22 November 2021 at 8:AM CET PUBG announced that they would be open... read more
World of Tanks Reveals the T26E4 Super Pershing's Secret
World of Tanks has revealed how the T26E4 Super Pershing tank is so ef... read more
CS:GO Announces Winners of $1,700,000 Dreams and Nightmares Contest
CS:GO has just announced the winners of the $1,700,000 Dreams and Nigh... read more
Day 2 of Rust Charitable Event for Preemptive Love Goes Live
Day 2 of Rust’s charitable event for Preemptive Love has just gone liv... read more
Minecraft Releases Savannah Biome Guide
Minecraft has released an “Around the Block” column for the best way t... read more
DayZ Servers Temporarily Down for Xbox Experimental Update
DayZ servers were temporarily down for an Xbox Experimental update.... read more
Rust Permanent In-Game Store Goes Live
Rust has announced that the Rust permanent in-game store is now live.... read more
Warframe Prime Resurgence Brings Platinum To Regal Aya Packs
Warframe has announced the addition of Platinum to Regal Aya Packs wit... read more
War Thunder Announces New Vehicle Decals and Weekly Bug Hunt
War Thunder has announced a variety of bug fixes from this week’s bug... read more
Halo Esports Announces Sign-ups for Weekend Halo Infinite Tournament
Halo Esports has announced that sign-ups are open for the Halo Infinit... read more
Twitch Rivals Hosts Call of Duty Warzone NA Duos for $300k + $100k Yolo Solos
Twitch Rivals hosted their North America Call of Duty Warzone Duos tou... read more
Sea of Thieves Announces Early Christmas Merch
Sea of Thieves has announced the release of their annual line of Chris... read more
Far Cry 6 Announced As "Innovation in Accessibility" Award Nominee
Far Cry 6 has announced that they have been nominated for The Game Awa... read more
World of Tanks Digs Deeper Into the History of the Cromwell B Tank
World of Tanks is taking a closer look at the history of the British C... read more
League of Legends Celebrates the Birthday of Irelia the "Blade Dancer"
League of Legends celebrated the birthday of Irelia the Blade Dancer o... read more
New World Releases Dev Blog November 13 - Server Transfers, Quest Design
New World has released its latest dev blog update with details regardi... read more
Shadowfrax Announces Plans For Rust Moving Forward
Rust recently dropped a large update with a new season and a bunch of... read more
Minecraft Answers Players' Most Burning Questions in 'Ask Mojang' #20
Minecraft has hosted ‘Ask Mojang’ #20 to answer the most common questi... read more
Fortnite Extends Refer-a-Friend Program To Capitalize On Gains
Fortnite has announced that it is extending its ‘Refer-a-Friend’ progr... read more
Scum Posts a Sneak Peek of a New Outpost
Scum has posted a sneak peek of a brand new outpost on a small island.... read more
Sea of Thieves Temporarily Down For “Essential Maintenance”
Sea of Thieves servers were offline for several hours as part of routi... read more
Age of Darkness: Final Stand Leading Up To Huge Update With Patch v0.1.5
‘Age of Darkness: Final Stand’ has released its latest patch, v0.1.5,... read more
No More Friendly Crusher Fire - Back 4 Blood Major Update
Back 4 Blood released their November update on 9 November 2021, with,... read more
AmongUs Drops Their Biggest Update Yet - New Roles and Cosmicubes
AmongUs has released their biggest update yet, bringing brand new role... read more
Rainbow 6 Siege Y6S4 Test Servers Are Live
Rainbow 6 Siege’s Y6S4 test server has gone live with a relatively sma... read more
Rockstar Games Announces Double XP and RDO$ Events for Red Dead Online
Rockstar Games has announced an opportunity for players to earn double... read more
Player Opinion First - New World Releases Public Test Realm
New World has announced the release of a new Public Test Realm (PTR) f... read more
World of Tanks Celebrates Remembrance Day
World of Tanks has announced its celebration of Remembrance Day on 11... read more
Minecraft Rolls Out  Free-to-Play “Timecraft” Hour of Code
Minecraft has released the 2021 “Timecraft” Hour of Code, free-to-play... read more
DayZ Announces SpookyZ Winners!
DayZ has announced the winners of its 2021 SpookyZ Halloween screensho... read more
Rust Announces Halloween Pumpkin Carving Competition Winners
Rust has announced its 2021 Halloween pumpkin carving competition winn... read more