Take On the Australian Outback In 'Dinkum' Sandbox Adventure Game

Take On the Australian Outback In 'Dinkum' Sandbox Adventure Game
Who wouldn't want to live in one of the most hostile environments every seen?

‘Dinkum’ is a sandbox adventure game that is set on an island inspired by the wild and wonderful Australian Outback.

In ‘Dinkum,’ you settle down and try to build a life for yourself in your own little Australian Outback. The Outback is not for the faint of heart, and is filled with all sorts of creepy crawlies, and animals, and ranges from eucalyptus forests to scorching deserts.

You need to build a home and start a new life for yourself. There are animals all over the island for you to hunt for food and leather. You can also fish. The island has rich metal and mineral deposits for you to mine.

You can use the resources from the island to build your own home and start a town that will expand as you progress through the game. Build farms where you can raise livestock and grow crops. Construct new homes and businesses, and attract new residents to join you in your adventure.

Carefully tending to crops and monitoring their growth conditions. Image by 'Dinkum.'

Keeping your town’s residents happy and healthy is crucial. The only way to do this is to maintain the town well and improve it with gardens, parks, fences, roads, windmills, and whatever else it is the residents need and want!

There are plenty of fun activities on the island to keep you entertained. These include racing Emus, fighting the odd crocodile, or even just going fishing with your friends.

The game also allows character customization so that you can create a character that is true to who you are.

‘Dinkum’ is developed by ‘James Brendon,’ and was released on Steam in July 2022. The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews since its release.

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