[Top 10] Dinkum Best Base Locations And Why They're Great

Best Dinkum Base Locations
"Once South City recognizes the Island as an official settlement, you can build a Town Hall!"

Top 10 Dinkum Best Base Locations

If you've never played Dinkum before, you might be unsure of where on the island would be the ideal place for your tent. Fletch, who invited you to reside there, assigns you the duty of using the Base Tent Roll to select the ideal location to set up a base camp when you load up a new game save and arrive on the island. Every island is generated somewhat randomly, despite the fact that the docks, where you disembark, are located in the east. There are various biomes on the island, and they are all generally oriented in the same general way from the island's center. The four that can be investigated are the "cold" biome, the desert, the bushland, and the tropical biome. any one of these

You should be conscious that how your town develops as a whole can be significantly influenced by the starter buildings. You should be aware of the ideal location to pitch your tent whether you are playing the game for the first time or have already saved your progress on one or more occasions. The top 10 areas in this article that, in our view, will accomplish that are listed. Continue reading to find out more!

10-A Smaller Island

Dinkum Best Base Locations

The Northern Ocean and the Southern Ocean are the two oceans surrounding your island. The entire top half of the map is occupied by the Northern Ocean, and the entire bottom half is occupied by the Southern Ocean. With Dinkum being a large island, it is common for small islands to surround the main island; this is one of the best locations to establish your base.

Even though you are already on an island, opting to build your base on a smaller island will keep your town base in a single region. It's also fantastic for individuals who want to learn how to fish because you'll be surrounded by water and have access to lots of fish.

What makes a Smaller Island great:

  • Living on a smaller island will expose you to a variety of creatures, including fish, sharks, crabs, and jellyfish.
  • Southwest remote islands have similar vegetation to the Pine Forest and are elevated.
  • Find coconut trees on a few of the northeastern islands by looking for bright green regions on the map.
  • There are occasionally Tele Towers on an island nearer the edge of the map.

How to get to a Smaller Island: Check out the islands surrounding the main island to see which has the best amount of land available to start your base.


9-The Desert

Dinkum Best Base Locations

The map's center is occupied by the Desert, a hot and dry biome. Despite the harsh heat, there are still living things in the region, including plants and animals. Here, you can find the Kidna, Frilly, Diggo, and Jackaroo animals. Bugs, Big Rocks, Quartz, Prickly Pear, and Desert Pea flowers are also nearby.

Don't forget to set aside room for your crops to develop and to set aside locations for any animals you might want to possess later on in your adventure.

What makes the Desert great:

  • Building in the desert will give your settlement more room to expand. As you go, there are a few NPCs that you'll need to develop structures and businesses for by raising your friendship heart levels. You can set up with the assurance that there will be enough space for all of your needs.
  • The Kidna is a neutral type of animal that players can either trap and send to the animal collection point or kill to collect the meat. It is based on the echidna, an animal that can only be found in the desert. This is a unique Australian egg-laying mammal, and there are four species of echidnas in Australia.
  • The Frilly is another animal that can only be found in the desert, and it is a type of lizard that really makes one think of a Dilophosaurus. While it is neutral, it also gets defensive and will attack. Despite this, it is a good source of bones and thunder sacks, which are used to make a powerful and highly useful tool.

How to Get To the Desert: The dark-colored sections on the map can be used to identify the desert, which is typically in the middle of the areas.


8-Inland Water Source

Dinkum Best Base Locations

Inland bodies of water are wet biomes that can be located anywhere on the map and divide up the land. They are inhabited by fish, creatures, jellyfish, and crocodiles, including alpha crocodiles. These are made up of ponds, lakes, and waterways more frequently.

Because of the combination of land and water, an inland water source is one of the best places for a base, which is ideal if you have a specific vision for your town or a way you want to design your farm and water is necessary for farming.  As well, there is the addition of being able to fish from the water source.

Work on accumulating enough permit points to purchase the building license, which will allow you to construct bridges. Bridges will be crucial in connecting the land that a body of water has divided. Avid fishermen will enjoy building their base there.

What makes Inland Water Source great:

  • Building close to any body of water is beneficial if you want to fish rather than scavenge for fruit. There are a lot more advantages to building near a river. You can decorate the riverbanks to make your town beautiful in addition to fishing there and having it run through the middle of your community.
  • When the player builds a boat, they can easily navigate by dropping it in a river close to their settlement. 
  • Keep an eye out for some mangroves along the river. In the north, mangroves are mostly found along riverbanks. Along with mangrove trees, they are home to unusual fish. Mud is the sort of dirt. Wet biomes like mangroves can be found near and in rivers. 
  • A billabong is found only in the bushlands biome. A billabong is a hot biome that can consist of both land and water. In this biome, you can find lilypads in the water and blackwood trees on the land.

How to get to Inland Water Source: This can be found anywhere on your map by looking for ponds, lakes, and rivers.


7-On the Beach

Dinkum Best Base Locations

The Beach is a sandy and hot coastal biome that can be found outside of the map. Either red sand or yellow sand makes up beaches. Here you will discover Buried Treasure as well as pebbles, shells, bugs, and spinifex tuft.

The Beach is the quickest place to choose as your base because the dock is already there. Purchasing a fishing rod is a smart move if you want to start gaining fishing experience. As an added bonus, you can sell the fish you catch and amass a collection of them to display in your museum.

What makes the Beach great:

  • In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, setting up your base camp by the water will make for a relaxing environment for fishing activities.
  • Seashells spawn occasionally, which is wonderful because it's a quick and simple way to earn money.
  • Items found in buried treasure are used as resources for electronic crafting, particularly parts required to repair the tele towers. 

How to get to the Beach: They can be found both inland and along the coast of the island.


6-The Bushlands

Dinkum Best Base Locations

The Bushlands are usually the first biome that players encounter because they are the most common. It is a hot biome found mostly in the east and some parts of the western part of the map.

This is a great location because of how many different types of resources can be found there, especially the ones needed for a starter base.

What makes the Bushlands great: 

  • The bushlands are home to the Jackaroo, Alpha Jackaroo, Diggo, Cockatoo, and a variety of bugs including spiders, beetles, butterflies, and moths.
  • Plants include the Gum Tree, Bush Lime Tree, Yellow Wattle Bush, Billy button, and Grass.
  • Diggos live in bone dens in the bushlands and spawn occasionally in the desert and on the plains. Be careful with destroying all of the tall rocks that form the den, as it will remove the Diggos' spawn point.
  • You can tame Diggos to create a new pet for yourself. A Doggo is created by placing a Doggo Collar on a wild Diggo.
  • Rough Soil is a biome located within another biome. It can be identified by its special bumpy soil appearance and crunchy step sound. It has a chance to spawn fresh ores daily, such as tin and copper ore, with a rarer chance to spawn iron or opal

How to get to the Bushlands: It’s mainly found on the eastern half of the map.


5-Center of the Map

Dinkum Best Base Locations

One of the best places to set up your base is the very middle of the map. This is due to the fact that, regardless of how your map is generated, every area of the island will be equally far away from you and every biome will be close at hand. This means it will be hard for you to get lost because you know you will hit your base just by going to the middle.

You will have easy access to any resource you require due to the base's central location and the accessibility of the biomes. With the sacrifice of the tele towers, this makes the majority of your gaming life easier.

What makes the Center of the Map great:

  • All biomes, with the exception of the beach, are quite close to one another. Therefore, getting around the island is easy.
  • The center of the island is usually covered in bushland, which is reachable from any cardinal direction. 
  • Your daily average travel time to do these duties is significantly decreased when you are in the center.

How to get to the Center of the Map: Simply go to the middle of the map and choose whichever biome to settle in after taking a look at the surrounding area.


4-Pine Forest

Dinkum Best Base Locations

In this biome, the pine forest is home to pine trees, apples, and bottle brush. There are also bush devil dens here. The terrain is covered in Common Heath and Fir Grass.

Because the resources are so beneficial, especially for the player's health, this area is a wonderful place to set up your base. The wood may initially be hard to come by because it requires a copper axe to cut it down, but it provides a larger variety of wood for making stronger goods.

A fantastic strategy to come up with a food source for when your health levels start to decline is to start an apple farm. A shovel is highly recommended due to the hilly landscape, unless you can come up with a method to utilize the dirt layers to your benefit, such as a stairway farm.

What makes Pine Forest Great:

  • Apples are a fantastic food source, providing +5 health for a raw apple and +10 health for a cooked apple.
  • The Pine Forest biome has bottle brush, which if cut down will not grow back in the wild. It is a flower resource that may be utilized to create a consumable beverage that boosts health. Try to take care of the plant because there are only a few seeds that can be found on the island and it doesn't respawn.
  • Pine forests bone dens and the Deep Mine are all home to bush devils. A naturally violent animal, they attack with a bite and a projected fireball. When they die, they leave behind items such as raw meat, bones, and occasionally a flame sac. They are nocturnal, so unless you irritate them, you shouldn't have to worry about them attacking you in the daytime.

How to Get To Pine Forest: The Pine Forest is a cool, lush biome that is primarily located in the southwest region of the map.



Dinkum Best Base Locations

The Tropics is a warm and lush biome. It houses unique animals and plants including both bugs, Bananas, Wary Mu, and Scrub Turkey. This is one biome where Rough Soil can be located.

Because palm trees are required as resources in the early game to make specific things, this area is the best spot to construct your basic home.

You will have a source of easily available food as well thanks to the animals and the developing banana fruit. It is best to start a small farm of palm and banana plants so that you can stock up on fruit for an excellent food supply and wood for crafting.

What makes Tropics great:

  • The flora of this biome hosts palm trees, banana trees, ferns, bushes, and one of the prettiest flowers in the game, the royal bluebell.
  • The animals are the Wary Mu and Scrub Turkey, and the bugs are a variety of dragonflies and moths.
  • Wary Mu is a type of bird that is naturally aggressive. They are territorial and will attack players if they wander near their nest. They will drop a raw giant drumstick and/or bone upon death. Drumstick is an excellent meat food item, as it gives +5 health and +10 energy.
  • Bananas provide +5 energy, and cooked bananas give +10 energy.

How to get to the Tropics: The Tropics biome is mostly found in the northernmost part of the map.


2-The Plains

Dinkum Best Base Locations

The Plains are a flat area of land to the west of the island. Mu, Diggo, Magpies, and Cockatoos, as well as over 20 bug species, spawn there. Flora includes bottle trees, grass trees, and quandongs. The Plains usually extend off of the Bushlands biome but are not limited there.

You won't need to perform much tree-cutting or excavation work to build your base because the area is so flat. Having a clear view of the land also makes it simple to envision how the town should be laid up.

What makes the Plains Great:

  • Flat places like plains are home to bottle trees, which are excellent sources of bottle tree wood. Additionally, there are grass trees that drop palm wood. However, despite the fact that they don't produce seeds or respawn, they are attractive and look lovely to have around your base. You can get bottle tree seeds from a recycle bin.
  • The Plains are where the Quandong fruit can be found. They grow on a tree in clusters of three and provide +3 health and +2 energy, with the cooked fruit providing +8 for both health and energy. It’s the only fruit that increases both health and energy.
  • The Mu are similar to the Wary Mu, but they are a passive bird type. They will drop raw giant drumstick and/or bone upon death, making them an excellent source of early-game food because they will not fight back. The Mu is a special animal because players can ride them with a saddle, which can be found in the Deep Mines.
  • Magpies and Mu can only be found on the plains. 

How to get to the Plains: Plains are primarily found on the western side of the map, though they can be found in smaller patches throughout your island.


1-Near a Tele Tower

Dinkum Best Base Locations

You can teleport to many locations throughout the world using tele towers, a particular kind of radio tower building. To use them, just stand inside the tower on top of the circle, and a map with icons for each restored tower will appear. 

Once all the towers have been fixed, a tele tower base is a good place to live due to the accessibility. Instead of having to walk all the way to your destination, this will allow you to cover the entire map in a matter of seconds.

Even though it could take some time to obtain the supplies needed to repair the towers, it will be well worth it after at least two towers have been repaired. Spend some time exploring your environment to find the towers, and then mark them on the map to keep track of them as you gather the materials in the future.

What makes Tele Tower great:

  • You can travel home quickly for a pit stop and drop off anything you might have picked up during your day if there is a tele tower nearby. This reduces the burden of adventuring with a full inventory.
  • You can create a major base next to or close to a tele tower, as well as smaller bases all around the other towers.
  • Since the towers are located in various biomes, it would be convenient to create smaller bases around the other towers on the map to store resources from those regions.

How to get to Tele Tower: There are four of them that are always found in the cardinal directions of the map: North, East, South, and West. If they are not on the main Island they can be found on a smaller Island out in the ocean.

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