[Top 10] Marvel's Avengers Best Black Widow Skills From Early To Late Game

A spy with a certain set of skills.

As a master spy, Black Widow is trained with a certain set of skills.

10. Perforator

Black Widow is a master assassin, capable of both range and melee combat. She has all sorts of skills that the player can take advantage of, but there’s a few that you need to unlock as soon as you can as the game progresses.

First being the Perforator, which is the charge attack of the High-Caliber Shot. This skill can hit multiple enemies at once when lined up correctly, as well as break through guards. It won’t matter if they’re shielded, they’ll get hit hard.

Why Perforator Is Great

  • Breaks block
  • Can hit multiple enemies when aimed correctly

Perforator full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: High
  • Impact: High
  • Stun: Low
  • Reaction: Stumble


9. Stun Rounds

Performing Takedowns is a must when playing Marvel’s Avengers, as you can do a large amount of damage in a short period of time via combat animations. Black Widow is among the easiest characters to set up Takedowns.

One of the ways she can set up Takedowns is by using the Stun Rounds skill, which increases the Stun damage by 15% when using Full-Auto.

Why Stun Rounds Is Great

  • High Stun damage
  • Sets up Takedowns easily

Stun Rounds full details

  • Increases Stun damage dealt by Full-Auto Shot rounds by 15%.


8. Ammo Overload

Black Widow’s guns have infinite ammo, so you don’t need to worry about having to pick up ammo off the ground like other games. However, she still needs to reload her guns.

You can avoid that for a little bit by extending the capacity of her normal guns by 4 rounds with this skill, which will help in the long run when fighting faraway enemies.

Why Ammo Overload Is Great

  • Adds 4 more rounds to your pistols

Ammo Overload full details

  • Increases ammo capacity of the pistol magazines by 4 rounds.


7. Widow’s Sting

Black Widow is bound to take hits, especially melee hits. Getting the Widow’s Sting skill will unlock Black Widow’s ability to parry. Activating the skill just before the attack hits will prompt Black Widow to sweep the legs of any enemy in front of her.

Why Widow’s Sting Is Great

  • Parries attacks
  • Can affect multiple enemies in front of the player
  • Staggers enemies

Widow’s Sting full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: Low
  • Impact: Medium
  • Stun: Low
  • Reaction: Stagger


6. Whiplash

The Whiplash skill is an upgraded version of Widow’s Sting. Instead of performing a leg sweep that can affect enemies in front of the player, Black Widow will perform a move that will slam the attacking enemy onto the ground, creating a mini shockwave that knocks back nearby enemies.

Why Whiplash Is Great

  • Parries enemy
  • Upgraded version of Widow’s Sting
  • AoE attack

Whiplash full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: Low
  • Impact: Low
  • Stun: Low
  • Reaction: Knockback


5. Recoil Compensator

By now, you should be at a higher level to unlock the other skills required to make the best of your Black Widow.

One of those is the Recoil Compensator, a must have for Black Widow mains. This skill will reduce recoil by 15%, which is perfect as without the skill, the recoil can be annoying for those not familiar with shooter mechanics.

Why Recoil Compensator Is Great

  • Reduces range recoil

Recoil Compensator full details

  • Reduces shot recoil by 15%, allowing for a steadier aim.


4. Lightning Fist

Thor isn’t the only one with lightning attacks. Black Widow has a skill that can transform her Widow’s Bite into Lightning Fist. Sacrificing the range nature of her Assault Heroic in favor for melee attack, Black Widow can send enemies flying with the melee attack, as well as dealing high damage.

Why Lightning Fist Is Great

  • Transforms Assault Heroic into a melee attack
  • Sends enemies flying

Lightning Fist full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: High
  • Impact: High
  • Stun: Low
  • Reaction: Flyback


3. Smoke Grenade

As a master assassin, invisibility is Black Widow’s specialty. Unlocking the Smoke Grenade skill modifies Black Widow’s Impact Grenades to turn her invisible after activation, allowing Black Widow to get away for a short period of time.

Why Smoke Grenade Is Great

  • Turns Black Widow invisible
  • Able to retreat if things get too hectic

Smoke Grenade full details

  • While Overcharged, hold heavy attack button to toss modified Impact Grenades that trigger a burst of cloaking nanites, instantly activating invisibility. Drains all intrinsic energy when used.


2. Shadow Walker

Black Widow’s Veil of Shadows Heroic is great, and it will be even better when you reach the last skill on the list. But for now, the Shadow Walker skill is the perfect skill to stay invisible when using Veil of Shadows or invisibility skills.

Why Shadow Walker Is Great

  • Extends Veil of Shadows duration

Shadow Walker full details

  • Defeating enemies while Veil of Shadows is active will extend the duration of the ability by 1.2 seconds.


1. Unseen Fate

This is by far the best skill for Black Widow, and it can be easily unlocked after reaching a certain level. The Unseen Fate skill will allow Black Widow to perform Takedowns on enemies to all enemies affected by Veil of Shadows.

Why Unseen Fate Is Great

  • Easy Takedowns

Unseen Fate full details

  • Enemies with low health that are affected by Veil of Shadows are instantly susceptible to Takedowns.

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