[Top 10] Marvel's Avengers Best Iron Man Skills From Early To Late Game

Upgrades? Skills? Same thing for Tony Stark.

You don't pilot an Iron Man suit without some serious skills.

10. Power Dive

Iron Man has plethora of skills to choose from that allows him to become a force to be reckoned with. However, there’s a lot of skills to choose from, and it can be quite overwhelming to some players who are not sure where to start. That’s where we come in.

Starting off with the Power Dive, which is a great AoE attack that can stagger enemies after breaking their guard. Most people overlook this skill, but it’s incredibly useful when trying to do status damage to all enemies near Iron Man.

Why Power Dive Is Great

  • AoE damage
  • Breaks guards
  • Deals status damage to large groups of enemies

Power Dive full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: Medium
  • Impact: Low
  • Stun: Low
  • Reaction: Stagger


9. Dive Amplifier

This is an upgrade for the Power Dive. With this upgrade, the area of effect for Power Dive is increased by 35%, and also increases the impact, Stun damage, and reaction. Getting the upgrade is essential, as it improves an already great skill.

Why Dive Amplifier Is Great

  • High Stun damage
  • Larger area of effect
  • Upgrades Power Dive

Dive Amplifier full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: Medium
  • Impact: Medium
  • Stun: Medium
  • Reaction: Slam


8. Energy Barrier

Iron Man also has a great defense skill that is able to be acquired. The Energy Barrier skill is a defense ability that can be used to defend yourself from incoming projectiles. This is useful when you’re trying to stay alive when low on health.

Why Energy Barrier Is Great

  • Great defense skill
  • Can save your life when used correctly

Energy Barrier full details

  • Energy Cost: High


7. Whirling Tempest

Anyone who’s familiar with the MCU, especially Iron Man 2, will remember the iconic dual laser scene Iron Man performs when he and War Machine are surrounded by Hammer Drones. This attack makes it to the game, and is super useful when dealing with large crowds of enemy, just like in the movie.

Why Whirling Tempest Is Great

  • AoE attack
  • Useful when surrounded by enemies
  • The right Status effect can make this attack deadlier
  • You can recreate the Iron Man 2 scene

Whirling Tempest full details

  • Damage: Medium
  • Impact: Medium
  • Stun: High
  • Reaction: Spin
  • Energy Cost: High


6. Arc Field

Your Support Heroic, when activated, Overcharges Iron Man and helps him deal massive damage. But what if it can be used defensively? Getting the Arc Field skill will not only Overcharge Iron Man, but it will release a bubble shield that will protect you and your teammates from projectiles, while damaging any enemies near the bubble.

Why Arc Field Is Great

  • Protects you and your team from projectiles
  • Attacks any enemy who approaches the bubble
  • Overcharges Iron Man

Arc Field full details

  • Arc Overload generates a one-directional protective bubbles that blocks incoming projectiles but allows Ranged Attacks from inside the bubble to pass through, damaging enemies outside the Arc Field.


5. Energy Condenser

We’re now reaching the segment of the guide where you should be at a high enough level to unlock other skills for purchase.

First off is the Energy Condenser skill. Defeating an enemy with Unibeam will result in them dropping a Heroic Orb. Using the Unibeam with this skill at the right time will let you get to use any Heroics you as much as you want, as long as you defeat enemies with the Unibeam first.

Why Energy Condenser Is Great

  • Spawns Heroic Orbs
  • Heroics will be refilled faster

Energy Condenser full details

  • Enemies defeated by Unibeam will drop Heroic Orbs.


4. Reflective Barrier

This skill is an upgrade to Energy Barrier, and can only be unlocked once Iron Man is at a higher level. The upgraded Energy Barrier is now capable of reflecting projectiles back to the attacker. It will still be destroyed after taking too much damage, so don’t depend on this too much unless absolutely necessary.

Why Reflective Barrier Is Great

  • Reflects enemy projectiles

Reflective Barrier full details

  • The Energy Barrier will reflect projectiles back at the attacker. Requires the Energy Barrier skill.


3. Air Superiority

Iron Man can fly in with style, but with this skill, he can fly in with damage too. Air Superiority increases the damage of any Range Attacks while flying. Some players will wonder why it won’t work while floating, and it’s because you need to be in flight mode. Hovering around does not count.

Why Air Superiority Is Great

  • Increased ranged damage
  • Can be utilized in hit and run tactics

Air Superiority full details

  • Increases the damage of Ranged Attacks while flying by 15%.


2. Overcharge Duration Boost

Overcharging Iron Man is always your go to in every fight, as Iron Man has unlimited intrinsic and increased damage while in this state. However, maintaining it is the hard part. With the Overcharge Duration Boost, you’ll be able to stay in Overcharged state for an additional 2 seconds.

It may not be a lot, but it’s enough if you have the right skills that spawn more Heroic Orbs to get your Support Heroic full again.

Why Overcharge Duration Boost Is Great

  • Lengthens the Overcharge duration

Overcharge Duration Boost full details

  • Increases the duration of the Overcharged state by 2 seconds.


1. Overcharge Damage Boost

While Overcharging is supposed to increase Iron Man’s damage, what if we can add more damage to that? The developers figured players would want more damage, so they added the Overcharge Damage Boost skill, which increases Overcharge damage by 12.5%.

Why Overcharge Damage Boost Is Great

  • Increases Overcharge damage

Overcharge Damage Boost full details

  • Increases damage for all attacks while Overcharged by 12.5%.

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