[Top 10] Marvel's Avengers Best Ms. Marvel Skills From Early To Late Game

Being a hero needs serious skills.

Being a hero is no joke. Ms. Marvel is new to the scene, so she needs some skills to keep up.

10. Shining Will

Kamala, despite her small frame, is a melee powerhouse. Due to her Polymorph powers, Kamala can grow twice her size, thrice even if she tries hard enough with her Embiggen. Kamala, similar to Hulk, is a big target when she grows size. So, in order to make sure she stays alive, the first skill you need to get that’s crucial is Shining Will.

Shining Will regenerates Willpower, which is your health, by 4% every second Polymorph is active. This will allow Ms. Marvel to deal out damage without having to worry about getting downed quickly.

Why Shining Will Is Great

  • Recovers health

Shining Will full details

  • Regenerate Willpower by 4% per second whenever Polymorph is active.


9. Spinning Heel Strike

Unlocking Ms. Marvel’s combo skill should be your next priority. Each Avenger has their own combo that does big damage, but Ms. Marvel’s combo skill is essential in making her strong. Combining this with her Polymorph abilities, the Spinning Heel Strike will deal double the damage, both melee and Stun damage.

Why Spinning Heel Strike Is Great

  • High Stun damage
  • Large area of effect when combined with Polymorph

Spinning Heel Strike full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: High
  • Impact: Medium
  • Stun: Medium
  • Reaction: Slam


8. Grip Strength

The Harpoon skill is very useful. It allows you to grab an enemy and deal damage to the grabbed enemy by crushing them, or slamming them down to the ground and damaging the enemy and its surrounding allies. However, it drains a lot of Intrinsic energy when active. With Grip Strength, you can half the cost with this simple skill, allowing you to save more intrinsic energy.

Why Grip Strength Is Great

  • Halves cost of Intrinsic energy when using Harpoon move

Grip Strength full details

  • Drains 50% less intrinsic energy while holding grabbed enemies with Harpoon.


7. Whirlwind

Ms. Marvel gets overwhelmed when she Embiggens or uses Polymorph, due to the enemies targeting the bigger threat. In order to get Kamala some breathing room, use the Whirlwind skill to attack all enemies near Kamala, dealing high damage and knocking them back.

Why Whirlwind Is Great

  • AoE attack
  • Useful when surrounded by enemies
  • Breaks guard

Whirlwind full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: High
  • Impact: High
  • Stun: Medium
  • Reaction: Light, Knockback


6. Seismic Slam

Kamala takes full advantage of her Polymorph powers against her enemies by growing twice their size and using her large mass to smash enemies near her. Hulk would definitely be proud of her.

One skill in particular you need to get is Seismic Slam, which allows Kamala to slam her fists on the ground to deal massive damage to any unfortunate enemy standing in front of her.

Why Seismic Slam Is Great

  • High damage
  • Launches enemies in the air

Seismic Slam full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: High
  • Impact: High
  • Stun: High
  • Reaction: Launch


5. Big Trouble

At this point, your Kamala should be at a high enough level where other skills are now unlocked and ready to be purchased.

First skill you need to get after leveling up high enough is Big Trouble. Using Embiggen is great for crowd control, but it doesn’t last that long. Getting the Big Trouble skill will add an additional 5 seconds to your Embiggen ability, letting you go ham even longer.

Why Big Trouble Is Great

  • Extends Embiggen

Big Trouble full details

  • Extends the duration of the Embiggen ability by 5 seconds.


4. Fists of Fury

Now, it’s great to have Big Trouble, but your Embiggen will still run out. Thankfully, having Fists of Fury will help you stay Embiggened even longer, as the skill adds 1 second to your Embiggen with every enemy defeated. So, combining the Big Trouble and Fists of Fury together, you’ll be able to remain Embiggened during the entirety of a fight.

Why Fists of Fury Is Great

  • Extends Embiggen with every enemy defeated

Fists of Fury full details

  • Defeating enemies while Embiggened extends the duration of the ability by 1 seconds.


3. Polymorph Intensity

Stunning enemies to the point where you can initiate a Takedown is a must do for any Avenger, as Takedowns do large damage to enemies. The Polymorph Intensity skill will allow Kamala to do 30% more Stun damage to enemies, making the Takedowns happen faster as more enemies will be stunned quicker.

Why Polymorph Intensity Is Great

  • Stuns enemies faster
  • Takedowns can be triggered easily

Polymorph Intensity full details

  • Increases the amount of Stun damage while Polymorph is active by 30%.


2. Polymorph Efficiency

Playing as Kamala, you will be using Polymorph a lot, as your damage is increased when Polymorphed, which in turn drains your intrinsic meter with every activation. Using the Polymorph Efficiency skill will allow players to reduce the activation cost by 40%. Bear in mind, this only affects activating Polymorph, not maintaining Polymorph.

Why Polymorph Efficiency Is Great

  • Less intrinsic drain when activating Polymorph

Polymorph Efficiency full details

  • Reduces the intrinsic energy activation cost by 40% when triggering the Polymorph ability. Does not apply to sustained energy drain.


1. Polymorph Damage

Activating Polymorph already doubles your damage, but what if you want more damage? Using the Polymorph Damage skill will increase your melee damage by 12.5% when using Polymorph, allowing you to defeat enemies faster.

Why Polymorph Damage Is Great

  • Increases melee damage while Polymorphed

Polymorph Damage full details

  • Increases the damage of all melee attacks by 12.5% while using Polymorph.

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