[Top 10] Marvel's Avengers Best Thor Skills From Early To Late Game

The Warrior God.

Thor is a Warrior God, meaning he's got skills to back up that power.

10. Hammer Spin

Thor is a Heroic powerhouse. He deals an insane amount of Valor damage, as well as incredible AoE damage with his thunder that deals damage over time. Getting the Hammer Spin early in the game will unlock the start of Thor’s potential to becoming a beast in-game.

Why Hammer Spin Is Great

  • AoE damage
  • Breaks guards
  • High stun damage

Hammer Spin full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block
  • Damage: Medium
  • Impact: Low
  • Stun: High
  • Reaction: Light


9. Whirling Uru

Whirling Uru is the next upgrade for Hammer Spin. The Hammer Spin does high Stun damage, so with Whirling Uru, Thor can cause more Stun damage that leaves enemies open for Takedowns. Combine this with your Odinforce, you will be hitting every enemy near you with Mjolnir and thunder.

Why Whirling Uru Is Great

  • High Stun damage
  • More hits

Whirling Uru full details

  • Damage: Medium
  • Impact: Medium
  • Stun: High
  • Reaction: Stagger


8. Mjolnir Cyclone

The final upgrade for Hammer Spin, Mjolnir Cyclone makes sure to push enemies away from you. With your Odinforce active, you will be able to strike thunder to anyone that tries to approach you.

Why Mjolnir Cyclone Is Great

  • Final upgrade to Hammer Spin
  • AoE damage

Mjolnir Cyclone full details

  • Damage: High
  • Impact: Impact
  • Stun: High
  • Reaction: Spin


7. God of Thunder

You can’t call yourself the God of Thunder if your thunder hurts less than little sparkles. With the God of Thunder intrinsic skill, melee attacks will apply Shock damage, as well as boosting your melee damage which is able to interrupt enemy attacks.

Why God of Thunder Is Great

  • High Shock damage
  • Able to interrupt enemy attacks

God of Thunder full details

  • Damage: Low
  • Impact: Medium
  • Stun: Low


6. Divine Chaos

Overcharging Thor will unleash a fraction of Thor’s power. The Divine Chaos Overcharges Thor’s Odinforce, allowing his power to strike enemies without the need to do anything, as long as you don’t receive any sort of damage.

Why Divine Chaos Is Great

  • Conducts Shock damage to any attack you deal out

Divine Chaos full details

  • When Odinforce is full, perform several attacks in quick succession without sustaining damage to Overcharge it. Overcharging the intrinsic ability automatically activates Odinforce and keeps it active until taking damage, Countering, or ceasing attacks.


5. Power of Uru

Throwing Mjolnir at enemies will pin enemies to any surface. Any enemy that’s pinned, or even near the pinned enemy, will get shocked by thunder after activating Odinforce. Using this skill when crowded can help get you some breathing room.

Why Power of Uru Is Great

  • Deals large AoE damage
  • Pins enemy
  • Can help clear enemies away from you when used with Odinforce

Power of Uru full details

  • Guard: Breaks Block


4. Precision Bifrost

Thor can summon the Bifrost and utilize it as a weapon. However, the Precision Bifrost is a skill you must get once you reach a higher level that unlocks other skills. The Precision Bifrost will allow the Bifrost to deal up to 50% more damage when you reach the peak charge, which is red.

Why Precision Bifrost Is Great

  • Upgrades Bifrost damage

Precision Bifrost full details

  • Activating the Bifrost during peak charge (red indicator) does 50% more damage.


3. Lightning Field

The Lightning Field mastery skill is a must have once you can access the Mastery skill tree. When Thor gets Overcharged, thunder and lightning will strike enemies near you, acting as some sort of offensive shield. However, you will need to get the Divine Chaos skill first in order to use this skill.

Why Lightning Field Is Great

  • Deals damage over time
  • AoE attack

Lightning Field full details

  • When Overcharged, surrounding enemies will be intermittently struck by lightning. Requires the Divine Chaos skill.


2. Ionic Bolts

With the Lightning Field unlocked, your next skill that you should get is Ionic Bolts. With Odinforce active and Overcharged, and combined with the Lightning Field skill active, every enemy you defeat will then strike nearby enemies with lightning.

Why Ionic Bolts Is Great

  • Deals AoE damage
  • Works well with Lightning Field

Ionic Bolts full details

  • Defeating enemies while Odinforce is active strikes nearby targets with lightning.


1. Damage Force

Overcharging Thor will allow you to deal more damage, but what if you can do more? Activating the Damage Force skill, your Thor will deal even more damage when your Odinforce is Overcharged. However, you will need Divine Chaos to use this skill.

Why Damage Force Is Great

  • Increases Odinforce damage

Damage Force full details

  • Increases all damage by 15% when Odinforce is Overcharged. Requires the Divine Chaos skill.

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