[Top 15] Mobile Legends Most Expensive Skins

expensive skins in mobile legends
Reborn your heroes by buying these jawdropping skins.

Own your style!

Mobile Legends give you the chance to dress up your favorite heroes based on your preference. It offers a lot of skins, more than the number of heroes they have. 

These skins are sometimes free, up for draws, or for sale. Skins can be bought through fragments or diamonds. If you are lucky, you can even get them for free in luck draws. However, most of the time, diamonds are really exclusive, and you can only obtain them through time-limited events.

Nonetheless, skins are a strong display one’s mastery of a hero. Due to its costs, players only buy skins for heroes they really use most of the time. With this article, we will dive deep into many skins in Mobile Legends that are visually breathtaking and cost a lot. 

15.Ghoul’s Fury

See Ghoul’s Fury in action: 

Balmond the Ghoul's Fury | Fighther Hero | Mobile Legends Bang Bang | Master Rank | Legendary MVP

This skin is one of the least expensive skins out there, but it is still worth more than a hundred diamonds. The Ghoul’s Fury gives Balmond a slight difference from his usual brown demeanor, as this displays him with blue, dark skin. 

How To Get Skin Ghoul’s Fury:

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click Skins and look for the Fighter Tab.

3. Find the Ghoul’s Fury Skin.

4. Prepare 399 diamonds to purchase it.


14. Archmagister

See Archmagister in action: 

Archmagister Valentina New ELITE Skin Gameplay! - Top Global Valentina - Mobile Legends

Valentina is known for her white short hair and dark clothing. However, the Archmagister gives us another view of Valentina, as Moonton gives a light version of her.

Archmagister depicts Valentina in a royal-like costume with long, blonde hair. Her face also becomes clearer. She has even become more intimidating because her clothing is paired with a white cape. This elite skin is only one of the few skins Valentina has.

How To Get Skin Archmagister :

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click skins and look for the Mage Tab.

3. Find the Archmagister  Skin.

4. Prepare 599 diamonds to purchase it.


13. Cyber Ranger

See Cyber Ranger in action:

Cyber Ranger Jawhead, New MPL Skin Gameplay [ Top Global Jawhead ] 

Cyber Ranger gives Jawhead a very sassy white and orange skin. This is very different from his normal rusty armor. Ailee, the one who controls Jawhead, also received a makeover, as he now wears a very adorable glasses and bunny ears. 

Overall, this skin  makes Jawhead more intimidating and visually pleasing. 

How To Get Skin Cyber Ranger :

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click skins and look for the Marksman Tab.

3. Find the Cyber Ranger Skin.

4. Prepare 749 diamonds to purchase it.


12. Impish Trickster

See Impish Trickster in action: 

LOLITA NEW SKIN IMPISH TRICKSTER | The Best Elite Skin With Awesome Skills Effects - Mobile Legends


Lolita’s Impish Trickster is very Halloween-coded. It gives Lolita a pumpkin customer, which is both scary and cute. To complete Lolita’s Halloween look, she wears a black witch hat and balloon shorts, with small bat wings on her back. Her hammer, instead of the usual look, is designed to look like this big pumpkin candy cane.

How To Get Skin Impish Trickster:

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click skins and look for the Marksman Tab.

3. Find the Impish TricksterSkin.

4. Prepare 749 diamonds to purchase it.


11. Crimson Lion

See Crimson Lion in action:

Crimson Lion Minsitthar New STARLIGHT Skin - Top Global Minsitthar 


Crimson Lion is July’s skin for Starlight. This is an exclusive skin for Minsitthar, and only Starlight Plus members can get this. The skin features Minsitthar in a bulkier look, with intimidating red and gold armor. 

How To Get Skin Crimson Lion:

1. Go to the Starlight Tab.

2. Click Purchase Membership. 

3. Under the Starligh Plus section, click purchase.

4. Prepare 750 diamonds to pay for this month’s membership.

10. Hellfire

See Hellfire in action:

Untouchable Hellfire Irithel, 100% Deadly CrossBow - Top Global Irithel K E N C O T - Mobile Legends


Hellfire is an epic skin. That is why it is no wonder it is one of the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends. This skin captivated the attention of many because of its demon characterization of Irithel. With its horns, purple skin, and black clothing, Irithel looks completely different from her usual skin.

How To Get Skin Hellfire:

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click skins and look for the Marksman Tab.

3. Find the Hellfire Skin.

4. Prepare 899 diamonds to purchase it.

9. Frost Wing

See Frost Wing in action:


Kimmy’s Frost Wing is a very popular skin because it drastically changes the look of Kimmy. On normal days, Kimmy sports very ordinary white and yellow clothing. But the Frost Wing gives her a complete change with the bright blue, purple, and white combination. The skin completely embodies the winter colors.

How To Get SkinFrost Wing:

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click skins and look for the Marksman Tab.

3. Find the Forst Wing Skin.

4. Prepare 899 diamonds to purchase it.

8. Codename - Storm

See Codename - Storm in action:

Saber’s skin is also one of the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends. This has a very cool outward appearance that gives Saber another perspective from his usual purple and blue skin.

In this skin, Saber gains golden swords and robotic silver armor. You will definitely not regret buying this skin to give Saber a little makeover.

How To Get Skin Codename - Storm:

1. Go to the Shop.

2. Click Draw and go to the Magic Wheel section.

3. You can draw by buying it through diamonds. There are no guaranteed spins in obtaining this skin.

7. Libra

See Libra in action: 

Lunox Libra is back.

Libra is the zodiac skin assigned to Lunox. Zodiac skins are one of the trickiest skins to obtain in Mobile Legends because they only appear once a year. 

This skin is popular because of its enchanting and heavenly depiction of heavenly bodies in the skills of Lunox. The captivating colors of bright blue and gold are also very pleasing to the eyes.

How To Get Skin Libra:

1. Go to the Zodiac Summon section.

2. Accumulate at least 100 star power to earn a permanent Zodiac skin. You can obtain star power from drawing in the event.

3. Each draw costs 20 diamonds.

6. Thunder Fist

See Thunder Fist in action: 


This skin of Chou is included in the Superhero collection of Mobile Legends. He depicts a hero fighter who is very popular and known to most Mobile Legends players.

This skin was released in 2020, and since then, it has been a sought-after skin due to its limited availability and exclusivity.

How To Get Skin Thunder Fist:

1. Wait for the time-limited event to get the chance to obtain this skin.

2. Prepare lots of diamonds because each draw is worth a few sets of diamonds.

3. There are no guaranteed spins in obtaining the Thunder Fist.

5. Blazing Tiger

See Blazing Tiger in action:



Paquito’s Blazing Tiger is the latest release in Collector Skins. You can only get this skin through an event that lasts roughly for about 21 days. 

This skin got the attention of many as it depicts a very badass Paquito, especially with all the fiery features and blazing eyes. The fact that only a few can get this skin is also one of the reasons why most players are just so eager to obtain it.

How To Get Skin Blazing Tiger:

1. Go to the Grand Collection Event.

2. Draw until you obtain this skin. The first draw costs 10 diamonds, and each draw performs increases its cost. 

3. There is no guarantee on which spin you will receive the skin.

4. Modena Butterfly

See Modena Butterfly in action: 

This skin is not only expensive but also one of the most gorgeous skins out there. 

The Modena Butterfly gives Miya a cool change in her look, especially with the elegant addition of the skin’s purple and blue colors. Players also love how the graphics showcase Miya as this quick butterfly who can easily deceive people into thinking she’s not strong enough. What they do not know is that behind those fragile wings is a powerful marksman who can take multiple enemies at once.

How To Get Skin Modena Butterfly:

1. Go to the Shop Tab.

2. Click Draw and go to the Magic Wheel section.

3. Spin until you will obtain the Magic Crystal, which you will use to get the Modena Butterfly. In each spin of the magic wheel, you will need to spend diamonds. There is no guaranteed number of spins on when to obtain the Magic Crystal.

3. Pegasus Seiya

See Pegasus Seiya in action: 

18 Kills!! Pegasus Seiya New Skin Badang Saint Seiya!! - Build Top 1 Global Badang ~ MLBB


Pegasus Seiya is a skin of Badang. You can only get this skin through a limited-time event that runs for a certain period of time. In total, the Pegasus Seiya skin costs 1,000 diamonds.

This skin is the result of the collaboration between Mobile Legends and the famous Japanese manga series entitled Saint Seiya. Die-hard fans of the series truly spent diamonds buying this steel-like feature of Badang’s skin. More than its design, the pride of each fan in buying such prestigious skin also adds another reason to buy this.

How To Get Skin Pegasus Seiya:

1. Go to the Saint Seiya draw event.

2. Pegasus Seiya is guaranteed after 10 draws. Each draw is worth 100 diamonds. 

3. Complete the draw to obtain the skin.

2. Lightborn - Striker

See Lightborn - Striker in action: 

Alucard Lightborn Striker in Different Graphics Settings MLBB

Second on the list is this knight-like skin from Alucard. The Lightborn squad is assigned to defend the Kingdom of Moniyan. 

Alucard sports this look well, especially with the golden assemble that accentuates his sword and shield. His whole aura screams how ready he is to defend himself and his team against the abyssal demons.

.How To Get Skin  Lightbron - Striker:

1. Go to the Shop Tab.

2. Click skins and go to the Fighter section.

3. Prepare 1,089 diamonds to purchase this skin.

1. Kung Fu Panda

See Kung Fu Panda in action: 

Do you have any wild guesses of whose skin is up next? Well, it's none other than from Akai. It is very obvious that Akai is inspired by a panda. So this Kung Fu Panda-inspired skin got the much-expected attention from most players.

Behind its cuteness comes the fact that this skin is not easy to obtain. This can only be bought through a limited-time event. According to most users, the cost of a Kung Fu Panda skin ranges between 1,500 to 3,500 diamonds.

How To Get Skin Kung Fu Panda:

1. Go to the Kung Fu Panda event.

2. You can only obtain this skin by collecting 800 jade ornaments. 

3. To collect 800 jade ornaments, you must complete tasks, which involve registering daily and buying diamonds. By making draws, you will also obtain Jade Ornaments.


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