[Top 10] NBA 2k16 Best Jumpshots of All Time

Shoot with ease with these jumpers in your bag

10. Kawhi Leonard

What's Awesome About Kawhi Leonard's Jumpshot:

  • Midrange form is on point and consistent
  • Not too fast or slow making it easy to time
  • Shot base is consistent on the ground making it super simple


9. Kyrie Irving

What's Awesome About Kyrie’s Jumpshot:

  • Kyrie’s jumper is one that chains really well with dribbling skills
  • Irving’s jump shot is super fast but still perfectly mechanical
  • Off-the-dribble jumpers are perfect for this jump-shot animation


8. Paul George

What's Awesome About Paul George’s Jumpshot:

  • Super easy to green with a low-to-the-ground shot
  • Balance with a not too fast, or not too-slow jump shot
  • PG’s jump shot is a good match for any wing build.


7. Damian Lillard

What's Awesome About Damian Lillard’s Jumpshot:

  • Lillard has a quicker release but it’s still easy to nail down for a three
  • The jumper works for shots all over the court and is easy to time from any place
  • Lillard’s clutch gene definitely fits the badge well, making clutch shots even easier with this shot’s timing


6. Kobe Bryant

What's Awesome About Kobe’s jump shot:

  • Textbook and mechanically sound
  • Built perfectly for firing from midrange
  • A shot creator’s best pairing


5. Michael Jordan

If you want GOAT-tier shooting why not take after the GOAT himself with his jump shot. MJ’s jumper is smooth, crisp, and clean, making it an easy choice if you truly want to make some splashes

What's Awesome About Michael Jordan’s jump shot:

  • Super easy to time with how basic it is
  • Decent elevation paired with a shot that works well from a standstill and from a moving position
  • This shot will hype you up for game-winning opportunities even more


4. James Harden

Harden is a top-tier scorer, and 90% of his scoring comes from jump shots. If this man can drop 50 points off of his jumpers then it’s definitely gonna work for you and your build.

What's Awesome About James Harden Jumpshot:

  • James Harden’s shot is one of the best shots to pair with a stepback, crossovers, and hop steps
  • Lefty shooters work best with this jump shot animation
  • Pulling up with three is so satisfying with this build.


3. Klay Thompson

Klay is an absolute scorching player from deep. A lot of Klay’s outside scoring comes from his super crisp and clean jump shot. If Klay can get to 60 with only catch and shoots imagine what you and your build can do.

What's Awesome About Klay Thompson’s Jumpshot:

  • Klay’s jumper off of catch-and-shoot is super clean 
  • Thompson’s shot is super mechanically sound making one of the best most perfect balanced jumpers in the game
  • Probably a top 3 best jump shot from downtown


2. Chris Paul

CP3 has always been a reliable steady player from all over the court, and his 3-point shooting is no exception to that. Paul’s jumper is reliable steady and also super easy to work with.

What's Awesome About Chris Paul’s Jumpshot:

  • One of the steadies most reliable jumpers in the game
  • Probably one of the best midrange jump shots you can use
  • Pull-ups and all manner of moving shots are also easy with this animation


1. Steph Curry

Now you can truly be Steph Cury with the shot when you have this build. Watch as you get a super quick and super reliable jump shot that can almost guarantee you’ll get a good shot no matter what

What's Awesome About Stephen Curry’s Jumpshot:

  • Curry’s jumper is a super smooth easy to make and take jumper that works for any good player
  • Chains super well with a lot of other dribble moves
  • Best jump shot in the ratio of speed and timing gives you a super quick release that is still super basic to time


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