[Top 12] Shadowverse Best Decks In The Game

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[Top 12] Shadowverse Best Decks In The Game

The First Leaders of Shadowverse

For nearly eight years, Shadowverse has introduced many mechanics that have shaped the meta countless times. On its final expansion set, players are scrambling to make the most of their card collection. And yet, some players still wonder, what is the best deck for them to play with? Get your notes ready, players, as we dive into the best decks Shadowverse offers for the old and new!


12. Buff Dragon

“There’s nothing lame about doing your best!” - Coach Joe, Fiery Counselor

"There's nothing lame about doing your best!" - Coach Joe, Fiery Counselor

Starting off with our list is a personal favorite of mine since its inception in 2020. That archetype would be Buff Dragon. Buff Dragon is known for increasing all Dragoncraft follower’s defense by one. 

Then, whenever a Dragoncraft follower is played, it will activate certain effects ranging from additional play point orbs to evolving. Based on its current defense.

Buff Dragon’s greatest strengths are:

  • Buff ‘Em Up!
    The most common strength Buff Dragon has over others is its ability to buff Dragoncraft followers’ defense in the deck. The most common example of this is Megalorca Rider.

    Megalorca Rider is a two-cost Silver Dragoncraft Follower that increases the defense of all Dragoncraft followers in your deck. Then, it will put a random Academic follower (excluding herself) from the deck into the player’s hand.

    Megalorca Rider is a good support card that simply buffs Dragoncraft followers and puts a random Academic follower from your deck into your hand.

  • Accumulated Buffs
    Another strength Buff Dragon has is the accumulation of its buffs. If a Dragoncraft follower’s defense is increased repeatedly, it would eventually lead to it giving its best effects yet. And look no further than Dion.

    Dion, Scarlet Scion is a two-cost Golden Dragoncraft Follower that has Rush and increases the defense of all Dragoncraft followers in the player’s deck. He also has additional effects based on his current defense.

    If his defense is at least three, the player gains a play point orb. And if the defense is seven or higher, the player recovers an evolution point.

    While he starts out as a weak follower, Dion is a perfect example of not underestimating such a card. Once his defense is higher than his play cost, he can help support the player in many ways possible.

    He’s also used as a free removal against followers with low defense so that if he ever attacks, he won’t be destroyed that easily.

  • Crowd Control
    Finally, Buff Dragon’s best strength is its ability to clear the board of enemy followers. One good example of this is the Heavenscale Dragon.

    Heavenscale Dragon is a five-cost Golden Dragoncraft Follower that has Ward (an effect that forces opponents to target that follower before they can use their followers to target the player). When summoned, it will decrease the attack and defense of all enemy followers in play, equal to this card’s defense. Then, if its defense is at least five, the player draws two cards.

    With its two powerful effects, Heavenscale Dragon can tip the scales to the player’s favor thanks to his Fanfare effect. It also helps that if the player cares about ensuring the card is buffed above five, they’ll able to deal with high-cost followers the enemy opponent has.

Through these strengths, it’s important to have cards that will complement them. The top three cards needed for a Buff Dragon deck are:

Coach Joe, Fiery Counselor

“There’s nothing lame about doing your best!”

That is Coach Joe’s motto in life. No matter how much you lose, it’s important that you strive to be the best in every way.

Coach Joe, Fiery Counselor is a five-cost Legendary Dragoncraft Follower that has Ward. When he is summoned if the total defense of all allied followers in play is at least twenty, Coach Joe will deal five damage to all enemies. Then, when he evolves, if his defense is at least eleven, he’ll deal seven damage to the enemy leader.

He also has a one-cost Crystallize effect with a Countdown of one that banishes a card from your hand and places a copy of it into the deck. It’ll also put a copy of himself into the deck and increase the defense of all allied followers by one. Then, if the banished card has the Academic trait, the amulet will gain Last Words which will allow the player to draw two cards when it’s destroyed.

As the signature card of Buff Dragon, Coach Joe is the epitome of what Buff Dragon is all about. If the player has him in the early turns, they can easily use his Crystallize effect and grant the player two more cards at the start of their next turn.

And when the time is right, players can play Coach Joe with his buffed defense that can finish the game with his high-output damage.


Inspired by the ancient tale of a dragon in France, this version of it is far from its original form.

Tarasque is an eight-cost Legendary Dragoncraft Follower that has Rush and Ward. When summoned, he increases his defense by eight and deals seven damage to the opponent.

He also has an effect called Invocation that instantly puts a follower from the deck to play without activating its Fanfare effects. For Tarasque, it will invoke the copy with the highest defense in your deck with at least eleven or more defense.

Based on his effects, Tarasque is capable of being an offensive and defensive follower. If it’s in the player’s hand, the player can bide his/her time and play it, dealing high-output damage to the leader directly. But, if the player is lucky enough to increase Tarasque’s defense up to eleven, it will Invocate and act as a shield.

Other than that, he also works as a free removal that can destroy any follower thanks to his high attack and defense.

Doomsday Shark

Sharks. One of Earth’s greatest predators of the sea. And to see one grow big is a good reason why I’m thankful that Jaws doesn’t exist.

Doomsday Shark is a five-cost Legendary Dragoncraft Follower that has Rush and the ability to summon another copy of itself when played from the hand. It has Last Words that when destroyed, it will increase the defense of all Dragoncraft followers in your deck by two.

It also has an Accelerate effect (an ability that allows the player to play a follower as a spell for a cheaper cost) that puts two Coral Sharks into your deck and increases the defense of all Dragoncraft followers in the deck by one.

Coral Shark is a two-cost Silver Dragoncraft Follower that has Rush and summons a Hippocampus if its own defense is three or higher when played from the hand.

Hippocampus is a five-cost Bronze Dragoncraft Follower that has Ward. When it evolves, it loses Ward but increases its attack and defense to seven.

With these effects, Doomsday Shark is a powerhouse as a removal and a support card. This shark can become fodder that can destroy followers with five defense or higher and supports your Dragoncraft followers once it dies. As an Accelerate effect, it can add two Coral Sharks that can help as defensive followers if their defense is increased to three or higher.

Other Notable Cards:

  • Dragonborn Striker

  • Militant Mermaid

  • Lucky Mermaid

  • Wyrmcrafting

  • Gunbein, Lofty Dragonewt​


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