Top 11 Games Like ArcheAge (Games Better Than ArcheAge In Their OWn Way)

Elder Scrolls Online- Avatar
Elder Scrolls Online- Avatar

As we all know ArcheAge is one of the most complex and aggravatingly entertaining MMORPG’s out there. One second, you're dropping off your cargo stress-free in a safe zone. Then the very next second a harpoon has hit your ship, and your life is flashing before your eyes as your being dragged into a PVP zone. Where a pirate is waiting to murder you and wreck all the hours you spent building that very ship. That is one of the reasons we all enjoy this game so much and are left looking for more. Fear not below I have listed even more games that have the same feel as ArchAge that you can completely immerse yourself into during this new year.



Conquer the ruthless monsters that have taken over every continent. Between massive wolves standing on two feet, swinging a massive hammer and hairy spiders the size of men, there is an endless number of enemies to be slaughtered at your fingertips. Choose between twelve heavily customizable classes all with their own unique set of gifts to master and restore the balance of light to an ever-darkening world. Join millions of other players ready to defend their world. Grab your friends and unleash your combat combos and critical magic fury together because these dungeons are not ones you can conquer alone.

Vindictus- Gnoll Chieftain is waiting for the exact moment to deliver the death blow.

Vindictus- The Ancient Beokros is just one of the hundreds of dragons you will encounter in Vindictus

10. AION

(AION Game Play)

Swiftly fly through the celestial world of Atreia. Characters have wings, which gives this game a completely different feel. AION is all about aerial combat. You can fly from place to place harvesting, exploring, and completing quests. Engage with thousands of other winged warriors and take part in challenging dungeons and worldly raids in this action-packed flying creation.

Thousands of monsters are slain during the war of the two factions, the Asmodians, and the Elyos

AION- Enjoy customizing your winged warrior with an array of customizable options

9. Blade & Soul

(Blade & Soul Game Play)

If you’re ready to become the next Kung Fu Panda grab your keyboard and your mouse and karate kick your way through Blade & Soul. Blade & Soul allows you to harness your inner martial artist skills and destroy Jinsoyun, the ultimate bad guy, who tries to slaughter you and your classmates during training. While taking advantage of the PVP and dungeons, you will learn how to master counters, timers, and deadly combos. When you are not seeking ruthless revenge, you can enjoy gliding through the forest with one of the best game visuals from artist Hyung Tae Kim.

Blade & Soul- Master karate moves and defeat thousands of stunningly created enemies

Blade & Soul- Get ready to kick it up a notch with Samari swords and electric blue anteater-like winged beasts.

8. Riders of Icarus

(Riders of Icarus Game Play)

Saddle your noble steed and take flight into the mythical world of Icarus. Find and capture different species of creatures to train and control to become your mounts for your aerial battles. Explore numerous territories to build your collection of mystical mounts from impressive metal winged dragons to Phoenix-like birds. Strategize aerial attacks with other mounted warriors with far ranged magic or up-close combat leading to disastrous blows.

Riders of Icarus- Enjoy defeating monsters from the back of a glorious Pegasus.

Riders of Icarus- Take advantage of the up-close aerial combat the game offers.

7. Tera 

(Tera Game Play)

Immerse yourself in a beautiful open world that goes from desert to icy tundra. Tera takes attacking to a whole new level with a layered combat system that makes each kill as satisfying as the last. This game includes massive monsters that you and your friends can team up and take down. Tera also includes battlegrounds for PVP play once you become level 30. Because combat is extremely strategic, no point and click here, you could play for hours practicing and planning the best attacks for your specific class.

Tera- The monsters in this game are seriously huge.

Tera- Enjoy timed attacks, dodging, and intense aiming with Tera.

6. Secret World Legends

(Secret World Legends Game Play)

Secret World Legends reminds me of the movie Silent Hill. It has an eerie feel to it as you are dealing with shadow monsters that are supernatural by nature. You will travel to many different modern-day cities from London to New York gathering clues and solving mysteries in this shared-world RPG. Tasked with saving humanity, you are armed with superhuman abilities and of course a wide variety of weapons. There is well over 100 hours of free stories and gameplay for you to explore alone or with a group of friends depending on your mood.

Secret World Legends- The outfits in this game are what comes to mind when an apocalypse happens, and no one has time to change.

Secret World Legends- Embark of numerous missions where you must use your intellect as well as your strength to survive this brutal world.

5. Lord of the Rings Online

(Lord of the Rings Online Game Play)

Jump into Middle-Earth and travel through The Spire to ultimately brave the dark shadowy pit of Mount Doom. Adventure lies around every corner from twisted battles to quests in the peaceful retreat of the forests. Lord of the Rings Online offers control of its mainstay characters for short periods, while you are developing your main character. Legendary characters make an appearance throughout this magnificent game, including Gandalf the Grey, Strider, and Bilbo Baggins. Choose from six epic races from the original story and numerous classes to fight your way to becoming a hero throughout your journey.

Lord of The Rings Online- Brave grave journeys with your favorite characters and take on malicious monsters.

Lord of The Rings Online- Travel on horseback through the tranquil forests.

4. Defiance

(Defiance Game Play)

In the future, Earth has been taken over by starving ravenous aliens. Develop your skills and prepare for the horrendous battles that await. Scour the devasted planet alone or with your friends to find new lucrative alien technology. Defiance is constantly receiving updates, so this game never becomes boring or stale. Immerse your self in complex missions, insane co-op battles, and endless hours of terrain exploration.

Defiance- Scour Earth for the most elite weapons to take on the very Aliens destroying your home planet.

Defiance- Kill or be killed. Mercy is not allowed in Defiance.

3. FF 14

(FF 14 Game Play)

Travel through the legendary world of Hydaelyn. Choose between your favorite Final Fantasy characters from previous games that make an appearance. If you’re looking for an amazing story, this game is for you. Specific classes get certain quests that pertain only to them which gives the game fantastic depth and tie into the main story beautifully as well as providing replay value for the completionist in you. Final Fantasy also has wonderful side quests that unlock special gear or beast tribes to name a few examples. Instead of just making you run around in circles slaying rats for no real reason other than XP.

FF 14- Embark on an amazing journey to defeat mystical creatures

FF 14- Choose from numerous characters to create the magical journey of your dreams.

2. Black Desert Online

(Black Desert Online Game Play)

Join the community of medieval heroes who take over enormous castles and brave the choppy seas. Build a boat, and you can add a whole new depth to Black Desert. Fish, slay water monsters, gather resources, and complete quests are all things available to players who hit the sea. You can create your character from top to bottom the way you want with the robust character tools. Trek throughout the vast sandbox world to catch and tame wild horses and elephants that will accompany you through your journey.

Black Desert Online- Build targeted combat moves to take down your bosses with ease.

Black Desert Online- Enjoy fun and fast-paced guild battles where you can collect Node or Castle tax to make money

1. Neverwinter

(Neverwinter Game Play)

Neverwinter is bringing Dungeons and Dragons back to life in this MMORPG. As you journey through the Forgotten Realms, you will experience the best stories, locations, and characters from the table top. Neverwinter is another game that adds depth by allowing you to plan your attacks and dodges strategically for the best outcomes. Neverwinter is completely free all the way up to the level cap, which gives players the ability for endless fun without burning a hole in their pockets. However, bringing to life everyone’s favorite board game is the best perk of all.

Neverwinter- Take on iconic monsters as you journey through Faerûn.

Neverwinter- Enjoy thousands of expertly crafted monsters ready for challenging battles.


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