Top Ten Injustice 2 Characters that Wreck HARD

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Top Ten Injustice 2 Characters that Would Wreck HARD!

Picking the best fighter in a competitive game with over 28 characters to choose from, complicated statistics, and special abilities that depend on your personal fighting style can be a tough job. However, with the right amount of research, you can find the perfect warrior champion to win games with. Here are the top ten Injustice 2 characters that can cause some serious damage.

10. Captain Cold 

Snow Cone machine at the ready 

Time to break out the snow cone machine. Captain Cold is the first on my list today!  

Cold has an adaptable ability statistic and higher strength and health than other characters. This allows him to be a seriously balanced fighter and stand up against super-humans. His cold gun also offers wonderful long-range attacks that bring the pain, but he isn't useless in a close-up fight either. Cold is a great fighter for anyone new to the game.

What makes Captain Cold Great: 

·        Long-range abilities

·        Strength to damage stat ratio 

·        Close range attack power 

·        Easy to learn 

More info on the Cap:

Captain Cold in Action: 

Frosty in action 

9. Brainiac 

Look at all those tentacles on Brainac 

Once you defeat the big bad boss in story mode, you can unlock him to play in the multiverse. In the right hands, this world collector could cause some serious damage. 

His defense stats are quite high, but they are matched by his speed. This allows him to be fast AND strong. Paired with some serious, inescapable combos, Brainiac can be a pain to fight against. His long-range attacks pack some damage, and his close-range is hard to evade. However, he is very difficult to play. So, my advice for Brainiac is to practice, practice, practice! 

 What makes Brainiac Great: 

·        Extremely high defense statistics 

·        Powerful meter burn combinations 

·        Relatively fast for a heavy fighter 

More info on Brainiac:

Brainiac in action: 


8. Poison Ivy 

Pamela Isley posing for her photo op 

The beautiful and enticing Ivy has shocked many players with her abilities. Her strength and ability stats are quite high, allowing her to deal some massive damage to her enemies. Though her defense stat is low, she more than well can make up for it with her health. She has an incredible combination of long-range and short-range attacks and even one that follows the enemy across the map!

Ivy can be hard to learn, but like Brainiac, practicing with her is worth it!

What makes Ivy Great:

·        Her combination of powerful close and long-range attacks

·        Her speed and strength

·        Her meter burn combos

More Info on Poison Ivy:

Poison Ivy in action: 

Poison Ivy in action 

7. Superman 

Superman stares down an enemy for target practice 

The Man of Steel is seventh on our butt-kicking list today. His strength and ability stat is remarkable, considering his superhuman lineage. While his strength stat gives him immense damage, he can also fly, making him harder to hit. However, he isn’t that agile and can be grabbed by the enemy.

His combos are also generally easy to learn, making him another good starting character.

What makes Superman Great:

·        His strength

·        His ability power and combos

·        His ability to fly and dodge in battle

More info on Superman: http://

Superman in action: 

Superman in action 

6. Batman 

The Dark Knight getting a bit darker 

The Dark Knight is an excellent fighter, and one of my personal favorites. His health statistic is very high, but his strength and defense are not. However, his speed, gadgets, and combos more than makeup for his lack of strength. His gadgets give him range and power, and the speed of his combos can make him nearly impossible to hit. He is a difficult-to-learn fighter, however, but it’s worth it.

What makes Batman Great:

·        His gadgets

·        His meter burn combos

·        His speed

More info on Batman:

Batman in action: 

Batman playing with his gadgets on an unwitting test subject

5. Doctor Fate 

Doctor Fate achieving his dreams 

Doctor Fate has some of the most spectacular and showman-like attacks. His long-range attacks are seriously powerful, and they can allow him to go an entire match without being touched. He can also blip around the map, confusing even the best opponents.

What makes Doctor Fate Great:

·        His ability statistic

·        His cross-map abilities

·        His long-range powerful attacks

More info on Doctor Fate: http://

Doctor Fate in action: 

Doctor Fate in action 

4. Robin 

Robin trying to be better than his dad 

The Boy Wonder has proven himself to be an all-around fighter. He has well-balanced statistics, incredible speed, and nearly inhuman agility. His attacks carry some serious power, and when they’re used in a meter burn combo, the opponent can easily find themselves overpowered. And of course, being Batman’s son and all, Robin does carry long-range gadgets that also prove useful.

What makes Robin Great:

·        His speed and agility

·        His damage ratio

·        His gadgets

·        His easy to learn combos

More info on Robin:

Robin in action: 

Robin trying to be better then his dad 

3. Black Adam 

Black Adam generating some lightning 

Black Adam is an all-around bringer of pain. He can deal some serious damage up close and far away. His ability to fly also grants him the option of dodging simple attacks, like Superman, but unlike Superman, Adam is agile and harder to catch. He also has a high defense statistic, making him difficult to defeat.

What makes Black Adam Great:

·        His flight ability

·        His defense stat and ability

·        His strength

·        His close and long-range attacks

More info on Black Adam:

Black Adam in Action: 

Black Adam being crazy 

2. Darkseid 

Darkseid being...well, him. 

The ruler of Apokalips is the strongest character in Injustice 2, and his health stat is also extremely high.  His Omega beams back quite the long-range punch, and his actual punches make him deadly close range. However, he is very slow, so practicing landing his combos on time is a good idea.

What makes Darkseid Great:

·        Being the strongest character

·        His hard-to-dodge Omega Beams

·        His health statistic

More info on Darkseid:

Darkseid in action: 


1. Deadshot 

Deadshot aiming down his sights.

Deadshot is hands down one of the best players in the game. His guns allow him to cause a lot of long-range damage, and his hand-to-hand combat skills also destroy anyone trying to get close. While his strength is a little lacking, he can take down super-humans with his speed and combos.

One of Deadshot’s best assets, however, is his ability to juggle a character by keeping them in the air with his meter burn combos and following up with long and short-ranged attacks. This can keep an enemy unable to defend themselves while Deadshot tears them apart.

What makes Deadshot Great:

·        His ranged attacks

·        His speed with close-range attacks

·        His ability to juggle

·        His powerful meter burned combos

More info on Deadshot:

Deadshot in Action: 

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