[Top 11] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Recipes And How To Get Them

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A tasty cooking pot of thistle and raw meat is all Link needs to keep his health up.

Cooking is one of the necessary skills that Link picks up in Breath of the Wild. Some basic recipes will provide Link with impressive abilities and defenses.

11. Baked Fruit (Best for Easy Heart Regeneration)

Make sure you stir the bowl so nothing sticks to the bottom.

Fruit is everywhere in Hyrule and Link has been picking up apples since the beginning of the game. Baking fruit increases the fruit’s potency and is a great way to increase your heart count. Baked fruits also stack their numbers in the inventory, so you can amass an unlimited number of baked fruits.

Baked Fruit Stats

  • Any fruit can be cooked to increase its potency from its raw form.
  • Different fruits provide a varied number of hearts.
  • Baked fruit is great for easy heart replenishment.
  • Baked fruit stacks in the inventory, so you won’t run out of room to keep it.
  • Any fruit baked will increase its heart replenishment
  • Palm Fruit and Hearty Durians will provide the highest number of hearts.


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