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Warlocks are mystics who gain their magic from beings such as demons... Read More
The D&D Player’s Handbook states that “Warlocks are seekers of... Read More
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D&D Best Paladin Subclasses, D&D Paladin Subclasses, Dungeons and Dragons Paladins
The Best Paladin Subclasses!   Oath of the Crown... Read More
D&D Most Evil Dragons
Dragons are among the most popular creatures in the Dungeons &... Read More
D&D Most Powerful Classes
One of the biggest decisions that a player must make when creating... Read More
D&D Best One-Handed Weapons
Part of the fun of playing a character in D&D 5e is using a... Read More
D&D Best Proficiencies
On a D&D 5e stat sheet, every character and creature have six... Read More
D&D Best Damage Types
In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, did you know there are 13 lucky types... Read More
D&D Most Popular Race
There are nine base races to chose from in Dungeons and Dragons 5th... Read More
D&D Best Low Level Magic Items
Part of the fun of dungeon crawling is grabbing the loot after an... Read More
D&D Best Support Spells
Part of having a fun D&D campaign is having supportive spells on... Read More
D&D Best Non-Combat Spells
Part of the fun in playing a character that uses magic are all the... Read More
D&D Best Level 1 Spells
Part of the fun of creating a character is selecting the spells! Even... Read More
D&D Best Potions
Oils and potions are fun to discover after a successful encounter!... Read More
Best D&D warlock builds
Which are the 5 most OP D&D warlock builds? Ever thought about... Read More
Best D&D ranger builds
Which are the 5 most OP D&D ranger builds? Are you starting a... Read More
D&D Most Common Enemies
Whether you are playing the same character for ten years or finishing... Read More
D&D Best Damage Cantrips
Part of the fun in Role Playing Games (RPGs) is the ability for... Read More
D&D Best Dungeon Traps
Much to a Dungeon Master’s (DM’s) delight and a player’s chagrin (... Read More
D&D Best Uncommon Magic Items
According to the Dungeon Master’s Guide, uncommon magic items can be... Read More
D&D Best Undead Creatures
One of the joys as a Dungeon Master (DM) is deciding which monsters... Read More
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