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15 Retro Video games that are still amazing today
A blast from the past!  Nostalgia. Is that the reason why we... Read More
japanese games, japanese video games, games by japanese developers, best japanese games
Japan is home to some of the best media franchises in the whole world... Read More
Metroidvania, metroid, 2D platformer, action games, adventure games, abilities, RPG, Casltevnia, Hollow Knight, axiom verge, Blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary
There has been a serious resurgence of old-school type Metroidvanias... Read More
Smash Ultimate Dark Samus Combos
Despite what it looks like, Dark Samus isn’t actually a human but a... Read More
Originally named Andromeda, Necrocosmos was given its new name when... Read More
Shot through the heart!
Blasting their way through the competition, here are ten gun-toting... Read More
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