[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Dark Samus Combos

Smash Ultimate Dark Samus Combos
She's not who (or what) she seems

Despite what it looks like, Dark Samus isn’t actually a human but a being of Phazon. With Metroid coming back into popularity with a new game in the works, it’s no wonder she made it into this latest installment of Smash Bros. While on the surface, she looks like Samus, the two play a bit differently from each other, but some of their combos are the same. Read on to see what combos this alien can pull off.

The Best Combos

10. D-Throw > U-Air

Can you string it? (Starts at 0:21)

A true combo, and a potentially devastating one at that, D-Throw > U-Air can combo into itself multiple times. If you’re lucky, U-Air can kill at high percentages! Even if it doesn’t, you can follow up with a well-timed Up-B to finish your opponent off.

9. D-Throw > Fair

The more options the better. (Starts at 0:40)

Another option is to push your opponent forward with Fair. Just like with U-Air, this attack combos into itself. What’s more, is that it can lead to a nasty spike, so make use of this one when you can.

8. U-Tilt > D-Tilt

More than spikes. (Starts at 0:50)

While U-Tilt can spike at the ledge, it also has some exciting applications elsewhere. For example, when used on heavyweights at low percent, it puts them in a sort of hit stun. You can then use Dark Samus’s powerful D-Tilt to send your opponent skyward and follow up with aerials.

7. Strong Side Special > Charged Neutral Special

Ranged is also a good option. (Starts at 1:59)

Dark Samus and Samus are “lovingly” nicknamed “Spamus” in the competitive scene for her use of long-range attacks. However, this combo makes pretty good use of their two most hated attacks. This can absolutely lead to a KO, but don’t overdo it!

6. Nair > Dash Attack

What works for Samus can work for Dark Samus, too. (Starts at 0:10)

Using short hop here is incredibly crucial, especially for Dark Samus. While the video shows Samus, Dark Samus is much more floaty, so you need to be more careful with her. 

5. Zair > D-Throw > Fair

She has a whip, too! (Starts at 0:28)

There aren’t many characters that use Zair, an attack possible only with tether grabs. In my opinion, Dark Samus puts all the others to shame with how quickly she can attack with it. It can also hit twice if you get close enough!

4. Nair > Jab > D-Tilt

Jablock them if you can! (Starts at 0:07)

Jablock combos can make or break your stocks, but this one can really only be used at low percent. That’s because you need your opponent to not tech the landing, which is more likely to lower their damage. Don’t be discouraged, though, because D-Tilt is a crazy strong attack that can still send opponents flying.

3. Weak Side Special > Dash Attack

Slow and steady... (Starts at 0:14)

There’s a hidden gem in Dark Samus and Samus’s Weak Missle Attack; It’s got some decent combo potential! Instead of always opting for the fast yet uncontrollable Strong Missle, you can use Weak Missile up close and follow up with Dash Attack. Remember, at high percent, Dash Attack can be devastating.

2. D-Throw > U-Air > Fair

The power of two combos in one. (Starts at 0:46)

While true combos are fun, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction when pulling off an untrue combo, a combo that can be escaped. This is one of my favorite combos to do, especially when the opponent isn’t expecting it—the ability to get every hit comes with time.

1. Aerial Down Special > Charged Neutral Special

Powerful in the right hands. (Starts at 0:53)

Down Special may not do much by itself, but besides being an exciting recovery tool, it can also be part of combos. Use it to put an enemy in hit stun, then blow them into the blast zone with a fully charged Neutral Special. It’ll be a momentous victory for sure!

In Conclusion

Dark Samus is definitely worthy of her villain status, and all the combos I’ve listed above prove it. Not only is she more able to combo than her humanoid counterpart, but she also looks pretty awesome (admit it). Give her a shot if you ever have the chance.


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