[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Diddy Kong Combos

Smash Ultimate Diddy Kong Combos
The mischievous monkey is at it again!

Everyone’s favorite monkey has been in Smash since the days of Brawl, and his playability only gets better in each installment of Smash. I used to hate the character, but only because I was (admittedly) too lazy to learn him. Diddy’s power comes from his fantastic combo potential, and this guide will show you my ten favorite combos. Read on for more!

The Best Combos

10. Fair > Grab

Grab setups for days. (0:00)

Let’s start with something simple. Grab setups aren’t technically combos, but they’re useful tools. Don’t doubt how much you could need these in a fast-paced battle, which is up Diddy Kong’s alley.

9. Down Throw > Dair > Grab

Another one! (0:39)

Diddy Kong has one of the most vicious spikes in the game. Not only can it KO relatively early, but it’s also got some decent combo game. In particular, this combo uses two grabs, so pummel away, or if you’re feeling spicy, give it another go!

8. Up Special (DI Down)

Two hits for the price of one move! (1:19)

In terms of self-damage, Pichu has everyone beat by a longshot. Let’s be honest, though, Diddy puts it to use in this combo of sorts. It won’t send opponents flying, but it lays on heavy damage, and isn’t that what we want?

7. Dash Attack > Fair

Don't let them get away! (0:28)

This combo is relatively simple to pull off. It’s the follow up that can be make-or-break. Diddy has some deadly air game, so pull out all the stops, especially at mid-percent.

6. U-Tilt > U-Tilt > U-Air

Skyward bound! (0:35)

Another relatively easy combo, in my opinion. The thing is, it doesn’t have to stop there. Since it only uses a single jump, you can double jump, use another Up Air, and use falling aerial attacks to your heart's desire.

5. Nair > Dair

Down with you! (0:54)

Like I said, Diddy Kong has a vicious spike, and making use of it would be a great idea. At the ledge, this combo is an ego-crushing KO. It feels great to pull off, but remember, you’re at the ledge, too. Be very careful.

4. D-Tilt > Up Smash

Set up for success! (1:26)

At high percent, like in the video, this combo leads straight to a KO! The thing is, your opponent will be bobbing and weaving at high percent. Look your moment, and then strike!

3. Dair > Up Smash

More ways to pull off a KO! (2:54)

Remember when I said Dair was a great combo tool? Well, here you go. Down Air into Up Smash is the epitome of Dair in a combo, and an overall powerful one, even at low percent.

2. Neutral Special > Dash Attack

Can you keep it going? (2:12)

Neutral Special may not seem like much, but it can lead to some decent combos. One of these is a Dash Attack follow up. Use it to set up more devastating combos.

1. Down Special > Dair > Nair > Banana Throw > Dair > Bair

Not for the faint of heart. (29:26)

Wanna do something crazy hard? Why not this combo? While it will take practice, pulling this combo will be a showstopper!

To end this all…

Diddy Kong has been shown a lot of love since his Brawl debut. He only gets better and better, and in Ultimate, he’s insane! If you’re ever curious to try him out, I’d say give him a go!


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