[Top 15] Smash Ultimate Best Alternate Costumes That Are Great

best costumes smash ultimate
Smash has a little something for everyone

No one wants to be one of the bunch, this alternate costumes will help you differenciate yourself and show a little bit of your personality on the stage.

Mario Wedding Suit

No smash fight is a casual affair, this is why Mario helps you look your best on the battlefield with this costume that comes from the amazing Mario odyssey game. Where bowser plans a wedding to marry peach, Mario also has the ability to change into a groom's attire.

Pikachu Libre

This costume shows a lot of personality, with its bright color scheme and flashy attitude, Pikachu libre comes directly from pokken tournament to the world of smash where it will surely stand out among the rest of the roster. Bring the luchador into the fight!

Golden Captain Falcon 

The pilot of the blue falcon and one of the most iconic f-zero and smash characters is an energetic brawler. He should have a costume that reflects that part of his personality. That's why the all-gold costume will allow you to show your moves in the best fashion possible.

Young Link´s Dark Link

Link´s counterpart, Dark Link is a recurring entity in the Legend of Zelda series, it is often a difficult and scary boss, that's why the ability to play as such a terrifying enemy is such an empowering experience for the player and an intimidating one for the opponent.

Meta Knight Galacta Costume

Meta Knight is known for its muted and dark colors that match its unpredictable nature and unknown intentions. That's why we like the contrast that its galacta knight-inspired costume provides with a great combination of white and pink that make meta knight stick out like a sore thumb but in the best way possible.


Animal Print Snake

This is what we call Mercenary Chic. If you're a Spy one of your main objectives is to not be discovered. That's why most of his costumes are muted colors or camouflage patterns, but not this one, this costume is for when you want to make a scene, a scene filled with explosions, missiles, and kicks to the face.


Monochrome King Dedede

This King Dedede´s costume strips him from all his color, but not his colorful attitude, but this costume and its lack of color come directly as a reference to the Gameboy’s Kirby´s Dream Land, marking the first appearance of Kirby and of course, the self-proclaimed king of dreamland.


Little Mac Training Hoodie

To become the best boxer in the world you´ll need determination, guts, sacrifice, and training, youll train a lot.t. That's exactly what little mac had to do to be the best and defeat Mike Tyson in the original NES game where you could see little scenes of mac running to prepare for his next matches and while he ran he looked dapper in his now emblematic pink sweatsuit.


Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings

Not many characters can match the evil that bowser has and not many characters do it while adding their own mischievous twist. That's why any of Bowser Jr´s costumes change its model completely to a different koopaling. This means that you have a great means of expression with each one of these wacky troublemakers.



Inkling costumes are all unique and they all look amazing. The variety of personality on every one of the costumes paired with the fun and bright colors just make sense. We could not pick just one if we wanted to. You´ll have as many choices as shades.


Ridley Meta Ridley

What could be scarier than a powerful space dragon? A mechanically enhanced powerful space dragon, Ridley's second costume allows you to add some technological edge to the already menacing Ridley design.


Joker School Uniform

The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Joker is also a High School Student during the day. This is a stylish call-out to persona 5 that will make you feel in your own shonen just like the game does. And you can tell your friends later that they got beaten up by a schoolboy so that's a plus.


Hero Dragon Quest III

Not many third-party games that make it into smash have as rich of a history as Dragon Quest. That's why we think it's important to honor the first hero ever of this series. This costume has an old-school charm as it presents its iconic character design that will certainly make you feel the hero in your own story.


Steve zombie

While every single one of the costumes that come from Minecraft is iconic. The opportunity to play as the zombie is a welcome alternative to steve because beating your friends with the Minecraft equivalent of a goomba will add insult to injury.


Sora Timeless River

Kingdom Hearts is a very particular series most known for its blend of square Enix and Disney characters. Sora has a great adventure where he travels to a lot of Disney worlds and one of the most memorable ones is to the timeless river, a world based on the Steamboat Willie cartoon.


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