11 Video Game Character Costumes To Wear Around Town

best Video Game Character Costumes
Oh, what to wear, what to wear?

Kickin’ Butt, Takin’ Names, and Lookin’ good.

I am no expert on fashion, I even consider shorts and a printed tee wedding appropriate, but I can’t deny that there are some characters that have some sweet threads I would totally wear. Now, I’ not talking cosplay, I mean stuff we can wear to show off our favorite characters without being at some kind of “con”. The following list of 11 costumes you can proudly wear to your 2nd cousins wedding next week without upsetting your mother.

1. Leon Kennedy- Resident Evil 4

Zombie Killin’ Style

Leon Kennedy is arguably the coolest character in the Resident Evil series. In Resident Evil 4 he sported the cargo pants, grey long sleeve tee, and the thick brown leather jacket. Not only does he look good, I could rock this at the grocery store and be the envy of the other dudes wandering the cereal aisle.

2. Benny- Fallout: New Vegas

Who cares if he shot you in the head, he’s a sharp dresser.

Benny is a dirty double crosser, or potential ally, from the post-apocalyptic Nevada wasteland. In a world short on reasonable clothing options, limited to bulky armor or creepy pre-worn sexy wear, Benny brings the style in his checkered suit. This suit is so awesome that all you have to do is describe it to anyone in the wasteland and they can direct you right to him.

3. Serious Sam- Serious Sam 4

Strap on those trusty blues and take down some mutties.

Sam has been around keeping the neighbors safe for 15 years, and in the next installment Serious Sam 4 he is wearing his one armed t-shirt, leather belt, and blue jeans. Maybe you can’t wear this one to the wedding, but you can sure as heck wear it to the after party and turn all kinds of heads.

4. Duke Nukem- Duke Nukem Forever

Ammo filled suspenders not required.

Duke Nukem has long been the measuring bar for cool in the video game world, and his signature red tank top and jeans screams, “back off punks and make room for the ladies”. Wearing this around town won’t guarantee you dates, but you will feel awesome, and ready to take down any crazy aliens (and save a few strippers).

5. B.J. Blazkowicz- Wolfenstein

Blazkowitz threads: striking fear in Nazis for over 20 years.

If you are going to fight crazed Nazi occultists for a living, you might as well do it in comfort and style. B.J. sports khaki combat plants and a tan collared shirt. Not only does this get up work for fighting the undead you can stroll to a lucky ladies house and take her to dinner with no one being the wiser.

6. Wilson Fisk a.k.a. The Kingpin- The Amazing Spider Man 2

Cane not necessary, but cool all the same.

How do you make a giant tour de force more intimidating? Put him in a sharp white suit, vest, and pocket watch. Wilson Fisk is one of the toughest, meanest, ruthless villains in all of video games or comics, and with that suit he says he is not afraid to fight you, because you don’t even have a chance to mess up his pristine white suit. This costume you can definitely wear anywhere you want and command immediate respect.

7. Black Mask- Batman: Arkham Origins

Minus the creepy black skull, this guy looks smooth.

Ok, so villains really know how to dress. I don’t know what it is about these guys and white suits and vests, but it kinda makes me want to be a bad guy. Given the choice between tights and slick suit, I’ll take the suit every time. The Black Mask taunts and vexes the Batman in a style the is just as acceptable interrogating a poor guard as it is dining out with your best girl.

Alright, we can’t keep the female gamers out of the fun, here are a couple game girls that kick butt, and look great doing it.

8. Ada Wong- Resident Evil 6

Crossbow not recommended, that could cause some trouble.

Ada Wong is the morally ambiguous enemy/ally to the heroes of Resident Evil. She has always had good outfits, but her ensemble in Resident Evil 6 will make any girl feel like center stage wherever she goes. Red and black leather will make you look alluring and mysterious, plus if you can move like Ada you can pull off some awesome acrobatics.

9. Lara Croft- Tomb Raider

Even by torchlight Lara pulls this look off.

When most of us think of Lara Croft we think overly tight t-shirt and short shorts, but let’s face it you can’t exactly impress your man’s parents if all they can see is boobs and thighs. In “Tomb Raider” Lara rocks cargo pants and spaghetti strap top make her presentable and functional. This outfit survives gunfire, rebar, falling off cliffs, and all kinds of explosions, and at the end of the game the clothes still look good enough to catch dinner with her boy toy and his parents.

10. Chun-Li- Street Fighter

Hairpiece not necessary.

Chun-Li is one of the original female characters to steal the hearts of gamers. Her blue dress and red tights say, “I’m classy, but don’t think I’m a softy”. Throw in the calf-high white combat boots for comfort and you got yourself a whole outfit that can be worn at any formal occasion and steal the room.

11. Faith Connors- Mirror’s Edge

Faith is a brilliant reflection of function and style.

If you were a messenger caught up in a harrowing adventure to help your sister what would you wear? Faith has this one dialed. When you need to move quick you need clothes that won’t get in the way, but will still give you some protection. Not only does faith rock a tank top with leather vest, and comfy capris with reinforced knees, she also wears light weight running shoes. No matter who you are you can put this outfit on and walk into almost about any situation with confidence and swagger.

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