Top 30 Best Quiet Cosplays

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She's sexy, silent and these cosplayers captured her best!

Silent, deadly and sexy, Quiet is not an easy character to capture but these ladies got it right!

If I asked you to name one of the most controversial characters of the past several years, Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would probably come to mind. Her lack of dress sent fans over the edge. However, once they explained Quiet could only breathe and drink through her skin, due to parasite infection, the fans relaxed a little bit. Sure, it was a dodgy excuse but, hey! She looks great, kicks butt and has inspired a lot of cosplay. Here are the top 30 best Quiet cosplays out there.

30. Val-Raiseth

Cosplay by Val-Raiseth

Val-Raiseth took a more practical approach to her Quiet cosplay using tights instead of the sheer stocking look. Which turned out quite well.

29. Oniksiya Sofinikum

Cosplay by Oniksiya Sofinikum

The only thing this cosplay by Oniksiya needs is a rifle, and she would be ready to hit the battlefield!

28. Kay Bear

Cosplay by Kay Bear

I love how Kay Bear added the fake blood to her cosplay! It helps show just how lethal Quiet really is. 

27. Gaming-Goddess

Cosplay by Gaming-Goddess

This is an excellent Quiet cosplay! Gaming-Goddess captured both sides of the character with the black make-up around the eyes and the regular version.

26. Ireland Reid

Cosplay by Ireland Reid

Sexy and severe are the words that come to mind when you see Quiet. Ireland Reid was able to capture that perfectly!

25. Violet Masquerade

Cosplay by Violet Masquerade

I really enjoy how Violet opted to keep her natural hair (versus using a wig) and wore short-shorts instead of the tanga Quiet normally wears. This turned out great!

24. KCB Cosplay

Cosplay by KCB Cosplay

One thing that was overlooked in a lot of Quiet cosplays were the eyes. She only has black around them at certain points in the game but, it’s a nice detail to see in cosplay. I really enjoyed this version by KCB.

23. Queen Toast

Cosplay by Queen Toast

Queen Toast really had a keen eye for detail when making her Quiet cosplay! Those stocking are spot on, rips and all!

22. Milena Vigo

Cosplay by Milena Vigo

Milena also opted to do both versions of Quiet, make-up and non make-up. She also paid attention to details in the rifle and gloves. Well done!

21. Annjela Saet

Cosplay by Annjela Saet

From the laid back pose, to the ready for action look, Annjela really fantastically made Quiet her own!

20. Lady Daniela

Cosplay by Lady Daniela

You don’t get more fierce than Lady Daniela’s cosplay of Quiet! From the make-up to the way she holds herself to that deadly stare. Nailed it!

19. EuphyVR

Cosplay by EuphyVR

Quiets dark side was definitely captured by EuphyVR! Even though she opted for the leggings, she still looks battle ready!

18. Well-r


Cosplay by Well-r

Well-r did a beautiful rendition of Quiet. From the flawless make-up to the wig, it turned out great!

17. Sophie Valentine

Cosplay by Sophie Valentine

My goodness these pictures are gorgeous! Sophie did a brilliant job of choosing a location and made sure her costume was in top notch shape for it.

16. Ume Someya

Cosplay by Ume Someya

Ume kept her eyes on the details when she made her Quiet cosplay. Everything about this looks fantastic!

15. Alex Zedra

Cosplay by Alex Zedra

Alex Zedra may just be Quiet come to life. She has the muscles, the intense stare and the correct costume details. Fantastic!

14. Nadya Sonika

Cosplay by Nadya Sonika

Nadya managed to capture Quiets toughness with ease. Her accessories are pretty spot on as well. 

13. Lucy Rose

Cosplay by Lucy Rose

I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the locations but, Lucy Rose somehow managed to bring out the innocence in Quiet while still maintaining her edgy look.

12. Alex Blacklight

Cosplay by Alex Blacklight

Alex nailed it on the wig and make-up! She is definitely ready to take on anyone!

11. Antonella Arpa

Cosplay by Antonella Arpa

Quiet has a beauty to her that Antonella Arpa saw and brought out in her cosplay. This is gorgeous work!

10. tniwe

Cosplay by tniwe

If there is one scene everyone remembers from Metal Gear Solid V, it would be the “rain dance” with Quiet and Venom Snake. It was a very sexy moment and tniwe captured it perfectly! I even had to do a double-take to ensure these weren’t screenshots.

9. Jill Styler

Cosplay by Jill Styler

Jill really took the time to get her posing, make-up, and wig down for Quiet. This is a very well done cosplay!

8. Ally Auer


Cosplay by Ally Auer

Facial expressions are essential when doing a cosplay photoshoot. You really need to know the character so you can represent them. Ally did that with Quiet. The little smirk with intense eyes is what that character would do!

7. Meryl-sama

Cosplay by Meryl-sama

Somehow, Meryl-sama managed to capture both the innocence and ferocity of Quiet. Her costume is pretty spot on as well!

6. Tali XoXo

Cosplay by Tali XoXo

Tali XoXo captured Quiet phenomenally! She looks like she stepped right out of the game!

5. RizzyCosArt

Cosplay by RizzyCosArt

These pictures are just stunning! The location, the costume, the make-up, hair, everything about this cosplay is stunning!

4. Aurore Cosplay

Cosplay by Aurore Cosplay

Quiet was a stealthy assassin and Aurore captured that aspect of the character brilliantly. 

3. Kallisi

Cosplay by Kallis

Her make-up and wig are amazing! Kallisi really took the time to make sure everything lined up with Quiet and did wonderfully!

2. SniperWolf

Cosplay by SniperWolf

SniperWolf got every detail down when it came to her cosplay for Quiet. This is really well done!

1. Angela Bermúdez

Cosplay by Angela Bermúdez

When Quiet goes into stealth mode, her skin seems to melt off a little bit. It’s quick when it happens in game. Most people missed it but, not Angela! She used her make-up skills to apply that portion to her Quiet cosplay. And, man, I’m glad she did! This is such phenomenal work! 

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