Top 37 Best Lightning Cosplays We've Ever Seen

Best Lightning Cosplays
At-ease soldier. This Final Fantasy babe will put you to work.

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the more controversial entries in the franchise. But there's no denying that Lightning is one of the few parts of the game that people can't seem to get enough of. Her face has been the mascot of the series for almost a decade, even going as far as landing a modeling gig with Louis Vuitton. There's no shortage of her presence at cons either. These are the best of the best cosplayers who knew how to bring all we love about Lightning to the real world.

37. Silky Bean Cosplay

Lightning's not in the mood for attitude today. Don't test her patience or there might be consequences.

36. xwickedgames

Lightning seems to have ditched the military for that desk and paperwork life. Ms. Farron will see you now.

35. Shiro Cosplay

A rare view of Lightning all dolled up. She's ready for action no matter what the occasion.

34. Cyberlight

Casual Lightning still manages to look badass without all her armor. Even off-duty, she'll put you in your place.

33. Lightning the Artist

I don't know how safe it is to be giving bedroom eyes on the battlefield. I'm sure she has some strategy behind it.

32. MadnessGottaBody

Business and pleasure. Even Lightning has to sit back and relax sometimes.

31. Phadme

Lightning needs a sparring partner. Are you up for the challenge?

30. Mmmhomoshiroi

Lightning looks like she's been expecting you. I hope for your sake it's a friendly visit.

29. Raffi Nyaunyau

Sometimes we just need a change of perspective. Thankfully Lightning looks good at any angle.

28. onlycyn

That armor's well-made, but it sure looks heavy. She might need some help taking it off.

27. Farron Lightning

That sword looks real heavy. Maybe carrying all that weight keeps her warm in the breeze she feels with those clothes.

26. Kashinorei


There's that stare again. I can't tell which is more dangerous, her eyes or her sword.

25. Vault Huntress

Lounging on a tree when there's battle to be done? Slacking off is a lot more fun with a partner.

24. Akira0617

Should it be sexy or scary to be on the end of that blade? Meh, let's go with both.

23. ZombieBitMe

For anyone else, showing that much skin on the battlefield could be dangerous. But Lightning can handle any challenge thrust her way.

22. ButtercupBrix

Don't look so sad, Lightning. Plenty of fans have more than just a smile for you.

21. Queen Azhara

Even with her back against the wall, you'll never catch Lightning break a sweat. She's a real professional.

20. a4th

Lightning looks like she's on a mission. Better assist while you can.

19. KaiserMony

Even badasses like Lightning need to stop and smell the roses once and awhile. Why don't you sit and join her?

18. Vaxzone

You're late for sparring practice. I think she's gonna want to speak with you privately.

17. MIRI

Reach out to touch Lightning, if you dare. Even roses have thorns.

16. RekaPhoto

Up close and personal battle glare. Can you handle the heat so close?

15. Eveille Cosplay

Size doesn't matter to Lightning. She can handle swords of any size and caliber.

14. Amie Lynn

That power pose could be an attack itself. Watch your step.

13. JamesKillerMaster

Such an aloof stare. Don't worry, it means she likes you.

12. Nowsprings

Every good strategy starts with the proper battle pose. With those legs, any position is dangerous.

11. Epi-Corner

Lightning works day and night to keep her people safe. You're not scared of the dark, are you?

10. Fantalusy

Striking her all too familiar pose for the fans. Lightning knows just how to strike our hearts.

9. KimontheRocks

Eyes up here, soldier. Commander Lightning demands your full attention.

8. Jovi Claire

En guarde! Are you intense enough to meet her challenge?

7. Ri Care

It's hungry work defending the world from evil. I'm sure she'll let you taste that frosting if you ask nicely.

6. Neko-Tin

A serious Lightning is a dangerous one. Wouldn't wanna be on the other end of that sword.

5. Inushio

The stare and a pose? I think she might mean business with this one.

4. Rainer Tachibana

With or without a weapon, Lightning is up to the task. She makes even war look good.

3. Kilory

A behind-the-scenes look at Lightning in practice. Even when it's low-stakes, she never holds back.

2. Anathiell

Lightning thinks too much sometimes. She needs something to take the edge off.

1. Alyson Tabitha

Your Savior is here to make all your dreams come to life. Don't wait too long—she's got a lot of people to save.

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