[Top 5] Final Fantasy XV Best Fishing Spots

Yeup. I’d say the same thing swinging that rod.

In this article, we'll be talking about the Top 5 Best Fishing Spots in Final Fantasy XV.

The fishing mechanic was introduced in this game and was a refreshing side activity adored by both fans and veterans alike.

Well, let’s get this started then. Best fishing spots, here we come.

5. Rachsia Bridge

“Underneath the Bridge, Tarp has sprung a leak.”

Fishing at Rachsia Bridge

First up, we have Rachsia Bridge which is located in the Cleigne region of the Insomnian Continent. It’s located upriver from Old Lestallum.

Seeing as how this spot is under a bridge, it sure reminded me of a famous Nirvana song “Something in the way” (which is one of my favourite songs from my favourite bands featured in many famous movies and TV series such as The Batman for example starring Robert Pattinson). 

The great thing, however, is the scenic view it provides along with the rare fish present there at rare times such as the Wennath Salmon in Morning and Nebula Salmon on Rainy days which, once caught, can really make your life all the more easier. (Thanks to Iggy’s cooking skills, no less.)

What’s more, is that this spot is not for those who are beginning their fishing journey at this spot, you need to be well-versed in the angling arts to tackle this area as it does provide some challenge when out for trawling. Oh, and mind you, there’s a 24/7 tackle shop over there if you run out of lures or whatnot.

Why Rachsia Bridge is a good fishing spot:

  • Beautiful scenic landscape present around the fishing spot which can provide a calming experience.
  • Availability of a 24/7 Tackle Shop next to the fishing spot which can help replenish fishing inventory.
  • Presence of rare fish such as the Wennath and Nebula Salmons can provide buffs when caught.

4. Caem Shore

Alright, shores call for sea shanties.

A load of fishing at Caem Shore

Next up on the list, we have the Caem Shore which is located west of Cape Caem and at the coast of Leirity Seaside.

Well, it’s what you typically expect of what a shoreside is, actually. Great view, a cosy place and a good spot for fishing which is home to many edible fishes from which you can get four types of fillets. 

Apart from all that, there’s a Photo Op event if you sleep at the nearby haven with Prompto if you want to take a break from Fishing and you can obtain some Cleigne Mollusks and Darkshells in the nearby rocks.

Why Caem Shore is a good fishing spot:

  • Nearby haven to replenish health and gather those XP points quickly.
  • Great scenery with Lighthouse in the view.
  • Nearby ingredients and superb fish can help make a wondrous combo of a meal.

3. Myrlwood Falls

Well … It’s the one fishing spot located near “several” fishing spots, that much I can tell.

Fishing at Myrlwood Falls

Myrlwood Falls is next on the list which is located in … you guessed it. Myrlwood Forest. Bdd dmm tss. 

The weird thing is that this is an in-dungeon fishing spot which is next to a Royal Tomb of Crepera Lucis Caelum; an old queen of yore where you get the Star of the Rogue.

Apart from all that, it’s also home to the Platinum Myrltrout which is essential for Iggy’s learning to make Excellent Oven-Baked Trout which gives off an Attack and HP Boost (Strength:+350 and Max HP:+2000 respectively) and Flameproof buff (Fire Resistance:+50%)

Why Myrlwood Falls is great for fishing:

  • Fishing and Dungeon in one place along with a nearby campsite; the perfect place for grinding.
  • Platinum Myrltrout; native to Myrlwood Falls, helps increase Iggy’s level of cooking and provides stat buffs to the whole party.
  • Great scenery for taking a break from the usual dungeon diving and grinding.

2. The Vesperpool

FIVE Fishing Spots!? Well … it makes sense considering it’s a huge chunk of water in-game.

Vesperpool All secret fishing spots

And on the second spot with five fishing spots, we have The Vesperpool which is the largest body of water present in the Insomnian Continent. 

It’s a spot for only those who are willing to step up their challenge limitations as it houses the rarest of rare and the most difficult collections of fish there is. You might be at risk of rage quitting here, so be prepared when venturing into these deep swampy areas.

What’s great about this place is also the fact that there are TWO tackle shops present in the area and one of them is open 24/7. All the better for that fish grinding.

Why The Vesperpool is great for fishing:

  • Five fishing spots in one location. If one rare fish is not found in one spot, there is always another.
  • Two tackle shops providing the necessary armamentarium for angling needs.
  • Rare and challenging fish for those willing to put their patience on the line.

1. Cygillan Sea

You see all this body of water between the Insomnian Continent and Altissia? That’s the whole sea and we can fish anywhere we want in it.

Sea World Exploration

And the top spot goes to Cygillan Sea or Cygillan Ocean, however you wanna say it. Thing is, it’s available only in the Royal Edition along with the ability to sail and explore the sea via the Royal Vessel.

As the name suggests, it’s a sea body separating the Insomnian Continent from Altissia. Having the Royal Vessel and cruising around the water is a great feeling in itself, no doubt. Some great Photo Ops with Blondie and beautiful sights to behold are waiting.

The great thing about this place is that the fishes which are location-exclusive such as the Platinum Myrltrout are a common occurrence here and it’s also home to the toughest fish in-game; the Mummy Bass.

Why Cygillan Sea is superb for fishing:

  • Open-sea exploration with a vast variety of fishes.
  • Home to the toughest fish in-game; Mummy Bass.
  • Opportunity to perform new sidequests relating to angling which can upgrade Noct’s fishing skills to the max.


And that’s about it from my side. Really hope this will help you in your angling playthrough. See ya next time. Here’s hoping I can save enough to try out God of War: Ragnarok but eh, that’s life.

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