Top 7 Final Fantasy XV Best Fishing Spots

Final Fantasy XV Best Fishing Spots
Noctis on Vannath Coast - one of many fishing spots in Eos.

Each of the four boys of Final Fantasy XV has his own hobby. Prompto loves to take pictures. Gladiolus is your exploration expert. Ignis is the chef of the group. Noctis loves to… fish.

Now, in this day and age, I highly doubt that you know any adult that really loves to fish. When everything is fast-paced and instant, fishing sounds like a hobby that should be synonymous with stamp collecting – a lost art.

FFXV may be geared for first-timers but there are still a handful of challenges for those who are asking for it. Besides the super bosses and dungeons, the game gives you fishing.

Fishing is a test of skill, endurance, and patience. Being able to catch every fish in the game deserves a trophy – a real-life trophy. I mean, I would rather fight bosses than catch those super fish.

In this guide, I will be talking about the best fishing spots in the game. These fishing spots will help you increase your Fishing Level faster, optimize your general gameplay, and provide the perfect amount of challenge without you rage-quitting on your controller or keyboard – hopefully.

7. Vannath Coast

Vannath Coast is one of the first spots that you will encounter in the game.

Vannath Coast is located on the beach by the entrance to Galdin Quay. There is a tackle shop wherein you may purchase your first supply of fishing lines and lures.

Early fishing levels will find this spot challenging. Still, it is great for you to practice your fishing skills. 

The weakest fish has a stamina of 35,000. That’s easy once you get the mechanics of fishing down. For a real challenge, check in the morning for the Dread Grouper. Its stamina is a staggering 1,000,000!

What is Great about Vannath Coast

  • Ultra-beginner friendly
  • Convenient nearby tackle shop
  • Perfect for early game grinding and challenge
  • The visual atmosphere is stunning – see the sun rise and set while you fish
  • Trevally Fillet looting

Vannath Coast Details

6. Neeglyss Pond

Neeglyss is at the south of the lake at Alstor.

Neeglyss Pond is an important fishing spot in the game. This is where the party meets Navyth for the first time. Navyth is a fisherman that will send the team to various fishing quests – one more challenging than the next.

This spot is only worth mentioning because it is the one with the most random lure drops. The drops range from the common Chocobo lure to the rare Ranker: Tonberry. The drops occur in random order.

I would visit this spot every now and then just to pick up the drops. To increase the chances to get the Ranker, max out to 99 your common lure inventory. This removes the chance of it being a drop, leaving the rare ones.

Also, visit Neeglyss Pond if you want a chance to nab the longest fish in the game.

What is Great about Neeglyss Pond

  • First time to meet Navyth
  • Chance to get rare lures as drops
  • Get the King Catfish here

Neeglyss Pond Details

5. Rachsia Bridge

This fishing spot is located under the bridge.

Rachsia Bridge is a small spot right below the bridge near Old Lestallum. It has its own tackle shop that is always open.

This spot houses two of the rarest edible fish in the game. Collecting the Nebula Salmon and Wennath Salmon rewards you with ingredients for stat-boosting meals. These meals will make life easier for you in the game.

What is Great about Rachsia Bridge

  • 24/7 Open tackle shop
  • Rare Salmon Fillet looting

Rachsia Bridge Details

4. Caem Shore

Caem Shore is at the coast of Leirity Seaside.

Caem Shore is home to many edible fishes. You can obtain up to four types of fillets for cooking meals. Besides that, you may obtain Cleigne Mollusks and Darkshells in the nearby rocks.

Sleeping at the nearby haven triggers a special photo event with Prompto. If you need a break from fishing, you may opt to defeat the Karlabos world boss located just on the other side of the Shore.

What is Great about Caem Shore

  • Best for edible fish and ingredient looting
  • Nearby haven
  • Fish with the Caem Lighthouse in view

Caem Shore Details

3. Mylrwood Falls

Mylrwood Falls is inside the Mylrwood. (Duh?)

Myrlwood Falls is an in-dungeon fishing spot. It has a nearby haven.

This is the home of the Platinum Myrltrout. This edible fish lets you cook the Golden Tail Soup and the Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout. The Soup increases Recovery Rate and guarantees Critical Hits. The Trout greatly boosts your Strength, HP, and Fire Resistance.

Alternately, you may buy the Fillet at Altissia for 3900 Gil. But why buy when you can sell it for a quick buck instead?

What is Great about Myrlwood Falls

  • In-dungeon site – fishing and level grinding in one
  • Nearby haven
  • Platinum Myrltrout is a great catch

Myrlwood Falls Details

2. The Vesperpool

The Vesperpool has five fishing spots.

The Vesperpool has a total of five fishing spots. Most of these are only reachable via Chocobo.

These spots house the rarest and most challenging collection of fishes in the whole game. Get your game face on and DO NOT fish here while in a foul mood. You might risk rage quit.

The area is visually stunning. Given the swampy vibes, it is just that the most unique fishes can be found here.

The five fishing spots are great as you may transfer to the next spot when your luck runs out on the last one.  Don’t worry about losing supply as there are two tackle shops in this location. One of them is open 24/7.

What is Great about The Vesperpool

  • Five spots in one location
  • Rare and challenging fish awaits those who dare
  • Two tackle shops
  • Rage quit-worthy

The Vesperpool Details

1. Cygillan Sea

This is only available in the Royal Edition. 

At some point in the game, you will be able to control the Royal Vessel and explore the open sea between Lucis and Altissia.

While you are sailing, fishing spots will appear on your radar. In these spots, you will be able to catch various fish. This includes fish that is normally location-exclusive like the Platinum Myrltrout.

Besides that, you will have access to more sidequests that will allow you to increase your Fishing Level. If that is not a challenge enough, try catching the Mummy Bass, the hardest fish to catch in the entire game.

What is Great about the Cygillan Sea

  • Open sea exploration
  • A vast variety of fishes
  • All new quests to do
  • Fish like a true sailor – on a boat out in the open sea
  • Catch the hardest fish in the game

Cygillan Sea Details


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