[Top 10] Final Fantasy XV Best Swords (And How To Get Them)

Slice and dice, Noct. That’s the way to go with swords.

Here in this list, we’ll be exploring the top 10 swords which are some of the best in the game.

They’ll be divided into two categories. One of them will be the one-handed swords exclusive only for Noct’s use. And the other will be of two-handed greatswords used by both Gladiolus and Noctis. Let’s get started, shall we?

10. Iron Duke

Presenting the Duke of Iron, First of his Name in servitude to the Royal Reagent of the Kingdom of Lucis … as a BAT!

How to get Iron Duke Greatsword

Starting off our list with the greatswords, we’ve got the Iron Duke first in our list. You can get this bad boy via two routes, both of which are present in Chapter 15.

First, one is placed as a treasure item at the south edge of the southeastern valley of the Three Valleys. Second, you get this weapon as a reward for completing Randolph’s “A Legend Is Born” sidequest.

Personally speaking, it’s a good weapon. It’s got great attack damage but that is just about it. Certainly, amongst the highest too. Like all greatswords, they’re slow to use as well but it makes up for the insurmountable destruction that it offers. It would certainly look good on both Gladio and Noct given that it’s a greatsword.

Why Iron Duke is average:

  • Offers devastating damage to enemies with 581 attack which can be useful against larger enemies such as Behemoth, Bennu or Iron Giants and Red Giants.
  • Slow movement which can hamper the damage given to the enemy and susceptible to health drain via HP reduction.
  • Can be used on a horde of enemies as well which can be great for crowd control.

Iron Duke full details:

  • 581 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +153

9. Dominator

Well, well, well. If it ain’t the Dominator. Really not talking about Gladdy here.

How to get Dominator Greatsword

This Sword is surely a familiar face if you’ve read my previous articles before. Why, it’s the Dominator, of course. Infused with the power of all that is holy, you can get this weapon via two ways. First, is via getting in the building West of Coernix Station – Alstor. The sword will be lying there. Second is via Keycatrich Trench Menace Dungeon, which is the tougher route. Keep in mind, this sword is available post-game only.

It’s a pretty neat sword, I must say. Great for fending off against Daemons and has a VERY deadly attack damage and unlike most greatswords, it’s not that slow, either. All in all, if you’re thinking of making Gladio a Paladin-themed Tank, this may be good to go. Or on Noct, if you want to give his forearms a workout as well.

Why Dominator is great:

  • One of the highest damage dealers with 583 Attack which can straight up pummel enemies.
  • Comparatively, faster speed than most greatswords making for a great weapon to use regularly.
  • Infused with Holy light making Daemons weaker against this sword.

Dominator full details:

  • 583 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +298
  • Dark Resistance: 32%
  • Light-Elemental

8. Apocalypse

Oddly similar. That’s all I’m going to say.

How to get Apocalypse

Another familiar sword that I wrote about in my previous article. This one’s a recurring weapon from the Final Fantasy franchise, with its first appearance being in Final Fantasy V (although it looks EXACTLY like the Dominator sword. Why? I do not know.)

This one’s another post-game sword which you can get in Chapter 15 and go to the Balouve Mines Menace Dungeon where you’ll get this weapon lying near the Cobbitrice Haven campsite.

It’s a must-have for all Final Fantasy veteran fans as well as new ones. It has the highest attack stat in the greatswords category, what else do you want?

Why Apocalypse is great:

  • Has 597 Attack damage which is the highest in the greatsword category.
  • Gives off bonus damage when the player has low HP or is near death.
  • Perfectly usable for hordes of enemies as well as giant enemies.

Apocalypse full details:

  • 597 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +403
  • Damage bonus when the wielder has low HP: Damage + (30 + 9n% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HP.)

7. Pain of the Vortex

For some reason, Gladio is looking oddly stiff in this one. And look, it’s glowing green!

FFXV x FFXIV All New Weapons.

Another one down memory lane. This here’s the Greatsword variant of the FF14 Collaboration event which you can get from the weapons shop/ trading post once you have completed the collaboration quest.

This one is a must on the list. Really of the deadliest greatswords in the game and one of the fastest as well. If not, THE fastest. Plus, it’s got buffs and perks as well which can help you pummel enemies in a swift and quicker way.

Why Pain of the Vortex is great:

  • Inflicts great aerial damage which can prove useful to players in aerial combat.
  • Reduces Aerial MP consumption and can perform deadly Warp Strikes as well.
  • High damage rate and buffs make it a weapon worth using throughout the game.

Pain of the Vortex full details:

  • 572 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +31
  • Vitality: +31
  • Magic: +31
  • Spirit: +22
  • Deals 50% more damage with aerial attacks
  • Aerial warping MP cost halved
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

6. Genji Blade

AW HELL YEAH! Show them your way of the Bushido!

Genji Blade in action

Old-time veteran fans like me would recognize the name right away and its owner as well. Gilgamesh sure does ring a bell, no? (Not the Fate series one.) This weapon here is Gilgamesh’s iconic trademark weapon. (Well, basically anything Genji.)

To get this weapon, you just need to complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus. And that’s it. It’s gonna be in your inventory.

Having this weapon is pretty self-explanatory, it’s fast, strong, durable and deals a lot of damage. I’d recommend equipping this to Gladio only as he comes up with a special move with this sword known as “Dual Master”.

Why is Genji Blade great:

  • Fast moveset animation which helps in eliminating hordes of enemies.
  • Dual master moveset unlocked when equipped with Gladio
  • Deadly attack strikes helping enemies get eliminated faster.

Genji Blade full details:

  • 426 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +357

5. Soul Saber

That’s about the only image that I can find.

How to get Soul Saber

And now, we shift to one-handed swords exclusive for Noct’s use only. It’s fast, agile and speedy enough to land a flurry of attacks.

This weapon here is another one of the classics mentioned before in my article. The Soul Saber. A recurrent weapon in the Final Fantasy series, this here is a must-have in the list here. You can get this weapon when you complete Randolph’s “Cursed Legend” sidequest in Lestallum.

Why is Soul Saber great:

  • Noct can perform more damage with this sword when its stamina bar is low leading to more combos.
  • High attack rate can eliminate enemies quickly.
  • Deadly Warp-Strike Attacks can end battles in a mere one or two seconds.

Soul Saber full details: 

  • 343 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • +12 Max MP
  • Damage bonus with lower stamina: 4% for every percentage point reduction under 50%

4. Balmung

One of the strongest swords for Noct.

How to get Balmung Sword

Well, folks. You must’ve heard this one as well. Another recurring sword in the franchise making its first appearance in Final Fantasy X. This is probably one of the best end-game one-handed swords Noct can get his hands on. Go to Styliff Grove Menace Dungeon in Chapter 15 to get the weapon in your hand.

It’s tough to get this sword in one hand but once attained, it’s such a breeze when fighting against higher-level enemies. You can completely make a salad out of them with this sword. High attack rate and bonus damage as well, you can’t go wrong with this weapon.

Why Balmung is great:

  • Higher sword damage leading to quick elimination of enemies.
  • Gives bonus damage as well whenever the MP is low making it great for a cover replacement system.
  • Can land deadly warp-strikes finishing battles with swift speed.

Balmung full details:

  • 446 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • Max MP:- +11
  • Damage reduction with lower MP: -4% damage for every percentage point reduction.

3. Ultima Blade


How to get Ultima Blade

It’s time for number three and one of my favourite weapons is coming onto the list. This ultimate blade for Noctis is his signature weapon for the series and really showcases his personality as well as its durability and effectiveness.

You can get this weapon as early as Chapter 3 and be OP at the start of the game. How you say? Well, you need to first upgrade your Engine Blade (Duh.) three times by giving it to Cid back in Hammerhead.
To do that, you need to follow the A Better Engine Blade questline and complete it till the end.

And that’s that.

Why Ultima Blade is great:

  • Early access to an Ultimate Weapon is the perfect way for easing out difficulty.
  • Absorbs elemental energy proving advantageous.
  • High attack rate with fast animation proves to be a deadly combo.

Ultima Blade full details:

  • 364 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • Max MP:- +40
  • Magic:- +30
  • Absorbs Elemental Energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy.

2. Sarah's Shortsword

Don’t let the size fool you. This sword’s the literal definition of “Get you a Cinnamon Roll that can kill you.” The same can be said of the previous owner of the sword.

Sarah's Shortsword Showcase

This one’s another part of a collaboration event which was between Terra Wars and Final Fantasy XV. In this case, the main character, Sarah from Terra Wars 2 appeared as a guest character. (Terra Wars is a game made by Hironobu Sakaguchi who’s the creator of the original Final Fantasy, so yeah. There’s your relation.)

To get this sword, you just need to complete the quest “Close Encounter of the Terra Kind” sidequest any time of the game and bam, you have this sword in your inventory. Like other swords, it’s quick, it’s fast and light to use.

Why is Sarah’s Shortsword great:

  • Imbued with Holy Light which can be used to fend off against Daemons.
  • Fast flurry of attacks can end battles quickly, saving much time.
  • Doubles the damage delivered at full HP.

Sarah’s Shortsword full details:

  • 179 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • Magic: +9
  • Spirit: +15
  • +50% damage at full HP
  • Light-elemental

1. Gaze of the Vortex

Hang in there, buddy. Garuda’s coming to swoop you away for help.

FFXV x FFXIV All New Weapons.

Well, ending the list here with the one-sword variant of the FF14 Collaboration Weapons. This one is a must and a well-deserved place on the list. You can also get this weapon at the trading post mentioned above in-game.

Capable of deadly warp strikes and landing quick blows like all one-handed swords, this here’s the perfect fit for Noct mid-game. Turns almost all enemies to shish-kebob and glows green too.

Why Gaze of the Vortex is great:

  • Inflicts great aerial damage which can prove useful to players in aerial combat.
  • Reduces Aerial MP consumption and can perform deadly Warp Strikes as well.
  • High damage rate and buffs make it a weapon worth using throughout the game.

Gaze of the Vortex full details:

  • 430 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +22
  • Vitality: +22
  • Magic: +22
  • Spirit: +15
  • Deals 50% more damage with aerial attacks
  • Airstepping and aerial warping cost halved
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

And with that out list now finally ends. I gotta watch and catch up on House of the Dragon now. Finally, a good fantasy show in a while after that disastrous Game of Thrones ending left a bad taste in my mouth for anything Westeros-related. See ya.

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