Stardew Valley Best Hammers (And How To Get Them)

Stardew Valley Best Hammer Weapons
It's Hammer Time!

You’ve already lost enough gold and materials by dying over and over again in the mines and dungeons. It’s time to find the right weapon that will get you through your enemies and on to all of the treasures that Stardew Valley has to offer.

Let’s get started:

5) The Slammer

“An extremely heavy gavel that’ll send foes flying.” The description is apt and you’ll be feeling even more powerful if you can manage to get this weapon before finishing your goal of completing The Mines in Pelican Town.


The Slammer is number five on our list due to the fact that most hammers you can obtain before it are missing The Slammer’s formidable stopping power. This is the only hammer on the list that can be gained before exiting the mines and can aid you in Skull Caverns (without the exorbitant cost of a Lava Katana).

This weapon is a bit on the slower side, so consider using your weapon ability often, producing a powerful Area of Effect slam, to hinder your foes and create the distance needed to avoid enemies. Stardew Valley’s combat system lies in its simplicity. For a slower, but more powerful weapon like The Slammer, try kiting your enemies to get in a few good hits, and don’t forget to slam The Slammer when you start getting grouped up on.


  • 40-55 damage
  • -2 Weapon Speed
  • Considered Level 7 Weapon


How to get The Slammer: The Slammer can be found as a random drop in crates or boxes and even special monster drops in The Mines (Floors 81-99). It can also be found the same way much later in the game in Skull Cavern (Floors 40+). If you choose the Remixed Mine Rewards in the advanced options at the beginning of the game, you have a chance to find The Slammer in the chest on Floor 110 of The Mines.

4) Galaxy Hammer

“It's made from an ultra-light material you’ve seen before.” If you have the opportunity to purchase this sword, you’ve definitely seen this material before (looking at you, Galaxy Sword).


The Galaxy Hammer is a bangin’ hammer choice and can carry you to the endgame of Stardew Valley’s combat with a bit of effort. In its initial form, however, it ranks number four on our list.

The Galaxy Hammer has more speed than The Slammer, so you won't be kiting your enemies quite as often and – in fact – your knockback with this hammer should keep your foes more than arm's distance from you. Continue using your Weapon Ability and slam away at larger groups of mobs to really put those slippery slimes and unrelenting mummies in their place. The Galaxy Hammer can keep up with the weapon speed of Sword Weapons while putting out big boy damage numbers.

  • 70-90 Weapon Damage
  • +2 Weapon Speed
  • +5 Weight
  • Considered a Level 12 Weapon


How to get the Galaxy Hammer: The Galaxy Hammer is technically an easier weapon to gain later on, if only for the fact that you don’t need to rely solely on drop rates. After you’ve obtained the Galaxy Sword (by taking your first prismatic shard to the spot between the three pillars in the desert), your old pal Marlin at the Adventurer’s Guild will be selling this hot new item for a whopping 75,000g.

This may seem like a lot of gold for someone who scoffed at the price of the Lava Katana, but this hammer can get you through much more of the combat side of Stardew and is our eventual endgame weapon.

3) Dwarf Hammer

“It emits a very faint whirring sound.” We’re still not sure what the faint sound made by this hammer is, but if you can hear it over your repeated slam attacks, you’re using it wrong.


The Dwarf Hammer doesn’t necessarily out-damage the Galaxy Hammer, but it made its way to number three on our list with a tighter spread of damage, giving you more reliable, high damage with a bit of added defense to negate some of that front-line damage you’ll inevitably take.

This hammer doesn’t have a speed bonus, so we’re back to kiting our enemies a bit more for more thorough weapon swings, but we still have the same added knockback as the Galaxy Hammer to aid us in keeping those annoying hordes of slimes at bay.

As per usual, I give you the obligatory, “never stop slamming.”

  • 75-85 Damage
  • +2 Defense
  • +5 Weight
  • Considered a Level 13 Weapon

How to get the Dwarf Hammer: The good news is the Dwarf Hammer only has one spawn location. The bad news is you may have to spend a few days checking that location if you’re after this particular hammer. Yep, the grind never stops.

The Dwarf Hammer can be found in the Volcano Dungeon Chest, which can only be found on floor nine of Volcano Dungeon. A number of items can exclusively be found in this chest, but only one item can be gained from it per day, and you’ll have to fight through floors 1-9 each time you want to loot this chest, so be sure to come prepared.

2) Dragontooth Club

“This club was crafted from a magical tooth.” If you haven't bothered to figure out what kind of tooth this hammer was crafted from, you’re in the right place, barbarian. Questions are for thinkers; hammers are for warriors.


The Dragontooth Club, like most Dragontooth weapons, plays with crit power. This is one of only two hammers with a crit power buff, and this one is far from negligible. Not quite that sexy knockback power of our last two entries, but it’s still enough to aid you wherever the fight takes you.

It’s important to note that the hammer’s weapon ability can never produce a critical hit, so although you’ll still be slamming, your huge damage numbers are going to be occurring on a weapon swing. For this weapon, you’ll be kiting a little more than our last two entries, but with the chance of one-shotting mobs you hadn’t been able to before.

  • 80-100 Weapon Damage
  • +50 Crit. Power
  • +3 Weight

How to get the Dragontooth Club: This hammer can be gained the same way as the Dwarf Hammer: in the Volcano Dungeon Chest. It may be a bit grueling to get to this chest multiple times, but you were originally headed down there for the forge, anyways.

There's always a chance of gaining the Dragontooth Club before obtaining our last entry, or even on your first trip, so good luck and godspeed!

1) Infinity Gavel

“The true form of the Galaxy Hammer.” This is what we’ve all been waiting for; the true endgame hammer to rule them all. The Infinity Gavel will allow you to properly pass judgment on all dangerous mobs this game has to offer.


We’ve got our speed boost back from earlier to help us keep up with the weapon speed of the Sword weapons. The knockback is as good as ever to keep your enemies further away with a little added defense that wasn’t there with the Galaxy Hammer. This is the highest damaging hammer in the game, and you’ve got the slams to prove it.

This is the same fighting style we had with the Galaxy Hammer beforehand, but with improved damage and an added defensive layer to keep you going in the fight.

  • 100-120 Weapon Damage
  • +2 Speed
  • +1 Defense
  • +5 Weight


How to get the Infinity Gavel: Remember the Volcano Dungeon Chest from earlier? You’ll need to get past this late game dungeon in order to unlock the Forge beneath the Volcano Dungeon. This is where you can forge your very own Infinity Gavel!

The Galaxy Hammer you got earlier on will need to be upgraded into this absolute beast of a hammer. This requires upgrading your Galaxy Hammer three times with three Galaxy Souls and sixty Cinder Shards, each time upgrading it with one Galaxy Soul and twenty Cinder Shards.

Collecting the Cinder Shards shouldn’t be too difficult, as they’re gained in the Volcano Dungeon which you’ve been through at least once or twice. The Galaxy Souls required for this will be a bitch to obtain, however, as you only gain access to this rare item through one of a few quests, including during Mr. Qi’s Skull Cavern invasion.

After completing Mr. Qi’s “Danger in the Deep” quest and unlocking the “Dangerous” Mines, you may find a couple Galaxy Souls inside large slimes, so keep your eyes open! Galaxy Soulsmay also be purchased from Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room for forty Qi gems, or purchased from the island trader with ten radioactive bars on the last day of any season after killing 50 Dangerous Monsters.

This weapon can be almost absurd to forge, so keep in mind this is an endgame weapon and try for those Galaxy Souls on your best-of-luck days.

Good luck and happy smashing!

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