[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spots

Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spot
Fishing is fun.


10. The Calico Desert

This is a special location that is unlocked once you complete the Vault bundle in the community center. There is a small oasis that you can fish in outside of The Desert Mines. You can catch Sandish and Scorpion Carp.


9. The Secret Woods

The Secret Woods becomes available after upgrading your axe to iron quality. This will allow you to chop up the stump blocking the entrance. The pond is located south of the statute of Master Cannoli, at the left end of the woods. In the pond in the Secret Woods, you can fish for Woodskips, Catfish and Carp.  

8.  The Mines

The Mines are a unique area to go fishing in. On floor 20, you can catch the Stonefish. On floors 20 and 60, you can find Ghostfish. On floor 60, you can also catch Ice Pips. On floor 100, you can catch the Lava Eel.

7. The River outside of Leah’s house

 This is a convenient spot if you are waiting for shops to open or the Night Market. In the river, you can catch breams, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, salmon, walleye, perch, catfish and sunfish.

6. The lake when it is raining

You can acquire Walleye from the lake when it is raining, and this fish is needed to complete the Lake Fish bundle for the Community center. Rain is also prime weather to fish, as the fish will bite faster than on a non-rainy day and the quality will be higher.

5. The ocean at night

Fishing in the ocean at night gives you the opportunity to fish up profitable eel and squid.

4. The lake to the right of Robin and Demetrius’ house

This is a convenient spot if you are waiting for Robin’s shop to open, or if you have energy to spare after traversing the mines. You also have a small chance of catching the Legend.


3. The middle of the lake

This spot is essential for those going for the Master Angler achievement: this is the best spot where you can catch the Legend.

2. The Ocean, long pier accessed by crossing over the bridge you build

First, you will need to spend 300 wood to build a bridge by Elliot’s house to access this area. This is a handy spot: most fish will be gold-level quality and you have a chance to catch the legendary Crimsonfish.


1. The Ocean, far right pier next to the grey rock

This is the best spot for players just starting out: all of the fish caught here are guaranteed to be gold-level quality which will equal an easy way to get your gold up during the early game.

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