[Top 15] Stardew Valley Best Co-op Mods That Are Fun

Best Stardew Valley Co-op Mods
Stardew Valley's Beautiful Display

Today, my dear players, we will be counting down the top 15 Stardew Valley co-op mods that are fun! One of the most enjoyable aspects of all farming adventures is cooperative play. I’ve spent hours upon hours perfectly crafting farm after farm with friends across the globe, but at some point it starts to feel like something is missing. If you’re looking for that little extra bit of spice for you and your friends' co-op adventures, this list starts off with a bang!

15. Always On Server Mod

Always On Server

The ever so astounding Always On Server mod!

For all of you farmers who have desired the 24/7 server of your dreams, this is just the mod for you! With this simple mod, you as the host will now be able to stay online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, creating the perfect concoction for multiplayer madness. With a mod only needing to be downloaded by the host themselves, this is the perfect add-on to any and all co-op runs of multiplayer goodness!

What’s Great About Always On Server?

Always Online: Allows your server to run even when you’re not online.

Only host: Only must be downloaded by the host.

Built in bot: Automates hosts activities when not online.

Download Link 

14. Safe Reading Mod

Safe Reading Mod

Worrying about  pause time is now a thing of the past!

It's always better to be safe than sorry when dungeon crawling with your friends. If you’re someone who constantly worries about the damage you may all receive while one may be busy, this is quite the fix. A simple mod, with simple plans, makes a simple game even simpler!.

This mod enacts a very easy task. If you or any other players are otherwise occupied in combat areas, such as opening a menu or engaging in dialogue, the horrors of the minesgame will no longert inflict damage. A simple fix for a simple problem, one you should be sure to tell all your co-op buddies about.

What’s Great About Safe Reading?

Damage control: Avoid damage in multiplayer while in the menu.

Multiplayer exclusive: Only available in multiplayer, exclusive for co-op!

Download selective: Only players who want to use this feature need the mod installed.

Download Link

13. Date Night Mod

Date Night Mod

Enjoy a night on the town with you and your friends.

This next one is a fun one. Have you ever missed the opportunity to go on a lovely date with the candidate of your dreams? Do you wish you and your co-op buddies could spend the night in town with your partners in crime? Well, look no further, dear player, for the date night mod is here!

This mod allows the simple mechanic of giving you, the player, the opportunity to go on dates with your in-game spouse. The best news of all is that it is completely compatible with multiplayer! If you find your midnight run of Stardew co-op lacking a bit of fun, why not hit the town on the world's best double date with you and all your pals?

What’s Great About Date Night?

Fun dates: Go on unique dates with your in-game spouse for co-op double date nights.

Fully compatible: Compatible with other mods for added perks in your co-op game.

Variety: Variety of dates to choose from on your co-op servers.

Download Link

12. Extended Minecart Mod

Extended Mine Cart

Travels never been so easy!

This next one is more of a quality of life mod than anything else, yet still it remains just as important and great for all of your co-op escapades. This simple mod allows you and your players more destinations for minecart travel, making fast travel a breeze for everyone on your server! It's smart, it's simple, and it's bound to add some extra fun to any co-op speedrun. Gaming has simply never been so easy!

What’s Great About Extended Minecart?

Extra locations: Adds extra minecart destinations in-game, quick travel will be a breeze for you and your friends.

Variety: Works in single-player and multiplayer for all your co-op needs.

Added mechanics: Chances to re-fuel minecarts with coal for a little added co-op challenge.

Download Link

11. Convenient Inventory Mod

Convenient Inventory Mod

Organize your trips better than ever!

What if you and your friends could have your inventory at the snap of a finger? Well, it would make the game much easier, that's for sure. Stressful dungeon crawling and late-night run-ts throughs of Stardew are a thing of the past for you and your co-op team with this mod, allowing you the chance to do what should have been done in the first place.

With the new ability to access everything you own in seconds, store it away, categorize it, and set favorites for all your items, so much is now possible. You and your friends will never have to worry again about cutting a mining run short, as inventory constraints are now a thing of the past. If you're a fan of staying up past your bedtime on your co-op server, this one is a necessity.

What’s Great About Convenient Inventory?

Quick access: Access your chests anywhere for quick storage, make co-op mining a breeze.

Added mechanics: Quick stack to all nearby chests

Favorites list: Favorite items in your inventory.

Download Link

10. Rush Orders Mod

Rush Orders Mod

Wait time? We don't know her.

Are the time constraints of upgraded weapons taking a toll on you and your co-op pals? Well, this may just be the mod for you! The rush orders mod eliminates the needless and time-consuming wait time for upgrading your tools by including the ability to rush order.

This one is seriously a necessity for all your server needs. No longer must you wait in vain through those days of doing nothing before your tools become ready, steadily leaving everyone else on the server to do your deeds. Save you and your friends a great deal of time and energy with this beast of a mod.

What’s Great About Rush Orders?

Faster processing: Spend more gold to make upgrades faster, no longer rely on your friends to do your chores.

More options: Applies to Robin’s building construction as well to hurry along your co-op speedruns.

Compatible: Compatible with both single-player and multiplayer for all your co-op needs.

Download Link

9. Health And Stamina Regeneration Mod

Heath And Stamina Regeneration Mod

No longer carry the extra burden of  carrying  food with you everywhere.

A simple mod for a simple, yet much less stressful, co-op run. This one is pretty self-explanatory; that being said, it packs a punch for any and all of your co-op runs. Go ahead, make you and your friends' lives so much easier with this simple quality of life mod.

With this mod, you (finally) have the ability to regenerate health and stamina in-game for you and your friends. At last, no more wasting away on those group mining trips! These struggles are a thing of the past; now it's time for you and your friends to go on your own regenerating journeys!

What’s Great About Health and Stamina Regeneration?

Health and stamina regeneration: For when you're running low on your co-op mining hunts.

Cooldown: Cooldown periods after receiving damage or losing stamina for ample co-op adventures.

Compatible: Works in single-player and multiplayer for all your co-op runs.

Download Link

8. FarmhandFinder Mod

Farmhandfinder Mod

Your friends will be easier to find than ever!

This next one is about to make all your co-op games a breeze. Introducing the Farmhand Finder! “What does it do?” you may ask. Well, just what the title says, of course! This mod adds a simple yet friendly compass to all your multiplayer escapades, showing a little icon that lets you track where your friends are. 

For whether you're in the mines searching through the dark or on your ridiculously large farm trying to find out where everyone went. This is a fun one for those of you looking for a little more ease in gameplay, and it's a must-have for all your co-op adventures. Check it out!

What’s Great About FarmhandFinder?

Compass: Compass for better location of friends. In co-op.

Exclusive: Multiplayer exclusive for all your friendly fun.

Customization: Compass changes per player for a good look at your co-op friends.

Download Link

7. Farm Extended Mod

Farm Extended Mod

Boring, plain farms will now remain a thing of the past.

I know that, at least for me, one of the biggest problems I have in co-op is the lack of size and range on my farm. This mod aims to change just that. For you and all your co-op friends, if you're missing the spice and fun that Stardew had to offer in its early days, this may just be the game changer for you.

With this, it aims to extend all aspects of your farm. Whether it’s giving more space to farming or creating dedicated areas for foraging, this expansion has it all. No longer will you and your co-op team worry about what to do next or where to plant the next field, as this mod has you covered! If you're looking for a little extra fun on your server, this may just be a good one to check out.

What’s Great About Farm Extended?

Expansion: Increased farm size for ample co-op profit.

Added spots: Dedicated foraging and mining areas for a multitude of co-op adventures.

Compatible: Single-player and multiplayer compatible for all your co-op runs.

Download Link

6. NoClip Mode Mod

NoClip Mode Mod

Trolling has never been so much fun.

For all your co-op, game-breaking mayhem, this is going to be a fun one. Introducing the simple yet effective Noclip mod! If you’ve always been a rebel looking to break the boundaries of all your in-game fun, look no further. This mod allows you and your friends to clip through walls, rooms, and all out-of-bounds spaces. Create chaos, wreck havoc, and go ham with all of you and your friends on a thrilling Noclip adventure.

What’s Great About NoClip Mode?

Out of bounds: Clip through anything in-game for co-op hilarity.

Compatible: Compatible in single-player and multiplayer for all your co-op runs.

Options: Can be enabled in cutscenes to add a dash of excitement for you and your friends.

Download Link

5. Quality Of Life Mod

Quality Of Life Mod

All the swell changes at such a simple cost.

This is a fun one if you’re looking for some small new additions to your already cozy life. When life gets boring on your co-op adventure, maybe it's time for you all to settle down? The beautifully cozy quality of life mod is now available.

While originally a part of a bigger mod, this one does not require that one to work. This mod introduces lots of fun things for you and your friends to do in-game. From adding extra realism to the game with fruit trees not growing in winter, increasing bee house and tapper quality with age, and the addition of foraging experience with acquiring the above items, you simply can’t miss out. It's a simple yet effective mod, sure to add a little variety to your next co-op game.

What’s Great About Quality Of Life?

Improvements: Improve the quality of tappers and honey with age making farming even more immersive for all your friends.

New chances: New foraging opportunities for a more prosperous co-op farm.

Issues fixed: Balancing issues fixed for a smooth co-op run.

Download Link

4. Waterfall Forest Farms Mod

Waterfall Forest Farms Mod

Out with the old, in with the new.

If you and your fellow farm hands are looking for a complete map change, this one is a doozy. With so much variety, a full retexture, and added expansion, waterfall forest farms are sure to please. There's also no need to be concerned because it's multiplayer compatible.

This mod gives you all the changes you could ever dream of. With the addition of a new additional farm type, an optional linked cave, and bigger and better maps, this is the perfect addition to your co-op runs! Change things up, build a better farm than ever, and invest your time into a world-changing addition for you and your friends.

What’s Great About Waterfall Forest Farms?

Variety: Two selectable maps for you and your friends to choose from.

Added spots: A new cave option for midnight co-op cave dwelling adventures.

Mod compatible: SVE compatible for more added adventure in your co-op server.

Download Link

3. Stardew Aquarium

Stardew Aquarium

Friend dates have never been more thrilling.

One of my favorite parts of games such as these, mainly games that involve co-op features, are the little friend dates you can go on to the aquarium. I've always been saddened by the fact that such a feature does not exist in one of my favorite games, but this is a worry I carry no more! This, my friends, is the Stardew Aquarium mod.

For all of you Animal Crossing lovers, this mechanic will be very familiar to you. All your co-op fun will now be even more expansive with the ability to tour Stardew's local aquarium together. Donate fish, tour the sights, and bring friends, family, and cohorts alike. This mod is a necessity for anyone looking to add a little extra fun to their co-op game.

What’s Great About the Stardew Aquarium?

New building: New additional aquarium added for fun co-op hangouts!

New choices: You and your friends have a new exciting location to donate fish!

Compatible: Compatible in both single-player and multiplayer for all co-op needs.

Download Link

2. Walk Of Life Mod

Walk Of Life Mod

Add some balance to an already wonderful game.

The infamous companion piece to our number five spot! Much like our previous addition, this one has quite a bit to offer for all your co-op playthroughs. Explore and farm the valley like never before with this beautifully enchanting mod.

With new immersive professions that balance and make your choices unique, this mod is a sure-fire way to play the game like never before. With new objectives, the ability to change your mind, and multiplayer compatibility, you won't want to miss out. Add a little extra something for you and your friends with this stunningly immersive mod!

What’s Great About Walk Of Life?

Professions: Unique, immersive professions for you and your friends to choose from.

Compatible: Compatible with many mods to pick and choose from on your multiplayer farm.

Fixed issues: Added balance to game mechanics thatll make co-op a breeze.

Download Link

1. Stardew Valley Roguelike Mod

Stardew Valley Rouguelike Mod

For those looking for the thrills and kills of rouge goodness.

Rogue-like games will forever and always be some of the best games I have played, a mix of fun and challenging adventures that leave me wanting to play for hours on end. I’ve always wished that Stardew had something similar to offer, something more challenging than what we typically have and available to play with friends. Thankfully, my wish has been granted, and I highly recommend you all see it.

The Roguelike mod adds a new challenge to all of your co-op games with some cave diving goodness. added boss battles, an online leaderboard, custom perks, and much more. With the ability for multiplayer support, you are guaranteed to spend all your time grinding away at this dazzling addition with all your friends. If you miss the complexity of roguelike games, this is one you and your friends should seriously consider.

What’s Great About Roguelike?

Bosses: Added bosses for more challengeschallenge in your co-op runs!

Level severity: Unique challenges added for you and your friends to defeat!

Online action: Online leaderboard to make co-op competition a blast.

Download Link

Despite the lack of co-op-specific mods, there are still numerous opportunities for co-op modded fun. From map changes, to complete reworking, to simple quality of life help. There is truly so much the Stardew Valley modding community has to offer, and for that I am so very grateful. 

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